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Shall we dance?

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Shall we dance?

Post by Guest on Tue May 19, 2009 7:31 am

Venis got dressed to get some work done. She put on a pair of low rise jeans, a green halter top that fit her form, and her favorite boots. She went next door and got the two men who were on the 'on call' shift for the day and they headed down to the battle gym. It was time to get set up for the spars that had been requested on her 'Dance Card'. She was getting a touch antsy and she figured others were as well.

They headed into the Battle gym and started to get things set up for the spars. They went to the sparring area and set up two tables that would later be filled with food for the food fight. The tables would also come in handy for the water gun fight to use as shields. That was the next thing that was placed for the spars. The water guns. A whole lot of water guns that were already pre-filled. There were two piles of them, with about five very big ones leaning against the wall. Including one that held one hundred and sixty-two ounces of water.

Once those were filled and placed, Venis and her two employees put out a large pile of feather pillows. They were off against the wall away from anywhere they could get soaked or get food on them. They would be useless if they got wet. There were also three Nerf bats put out. They were for the spar with Krys and Maddie when they returned to the Inn. There was a sign placed on them so people would know to leave them alone. She didn't want them messed with before the spar. They brought in a table that had two handles sticking up on the sides and four cushions on the sides. It was an arm wrestling table.

They put out a stack of targets for Inion to choose from, different styles and shapes. And Venis put out her archery equipment. She figured Inion might have her own, so that it was set to her height and strength and such. But there were spares just in case. They also put out two large bags of water balloons. There were over two hundred balloons per bag. After all, the Princess had wanted to play in the water too. After that, all that was left to do was to put plastic sheets where the seats were so that people could cover themselves and stay clean and dry. After all, if they wanted to participate, they would have signed up. So out came the clear plastic to be put over the seats. They had already constructed a set of stacked bench seats, like bleachers, earlier in the week.

Now that Venis and her employees had the place set up she headed back to her room to gather her bag of changed of clothes and to change herself. This was going to be fun.


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Re: Shall we dance?

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:15 am

Venis had been thinking about the spars she was to have for some time, she kept putting them off and putting them off. She had no idea why. It wasn't like her to do so. She headed back down to the Battle Gym and went inside.

She walked around looking at all the preparations she had made. Maybe it was the absence of so many of her children, maybe it was the fact that her husband had been so busy, maybe it was the lack of a spar request from her favorite Furball. Or maybe it was just that it was all of the above.

All Venis knew was that this was not the time or the place for her to spar. She made a sweeping motion with her hands and everything was lifted from it's resting place. A portal opened and everything was levitated through the portal. She left the bleacher type seating that her employees had built, as well as the arm wrestling table.

Once everything was through the portal she closed it off and took one more look around. She could say that she had pretty much left the place as she had found it. Satisfied, she turned on her heels and walked out, ripping the sign up sheet off the door as it closed. Then she moved on to other tasks.

((And now this is done too.))


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