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Dinner surprise for Inion <open>

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Dinner surprise for Inion <open>

Post by Inion on Tue May 19, 2009 1:06 am

(just a short bit of OOC -this is the post for the dinner that juliet invites leo too after looking for the white cat. i had the ideas in my head thought it best to get them down before i forget. no hurries on answering the post.)

Inion had spent the afternoon at the open air market. Some of the time was spent just wondering the stalls, a few trinkets and such found thier way into her basket, just those things that she couldn't pass by without purchasing.

The leather braclet on her wrist tingled slightly, making her more aware of its presence. Standing at a stall trying to think of what to make for dinner she had a sudden creaving for Spanish food. Now she wondered the stalls with a purpose, purchasing all the nessasary items, she even found a nice red wine from Spain, how the bottles had found thier way here she was courious about, but didn't spend too much time pondering it. One last sptop at the flower stall for some tulips, she couldn't resist, not only cause they were her favorite flower, but also cause the colors where so bright and beautiful. She had goten the message from Juliet about her out helping someone look for a cat and bringing a friend home for dinner. She made sure she had everything she needed and started heading for home.

Lately she had been feeling a bit blus, Fia was traveling back and forth taking care of somethings at home, Aryanna was off exploring with Shayla and now that Juliet was in school she was busy, especially since finals were close. Of course Kyle and the boys had disappeared again, though she was use to that, she still missed the family dinners. And with Leo still away on business she was really feeling lonely.

Today, though, today the blue cloud was gone, she was in a very good mood. Seemed all her girls would be home tonight for dinner. Once in her rooms she plugged herself into her Ipod, cranked the volume and started on dinner.

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Re: Dinner surprise for Inion <open>

Post by Lil Juliet on Tue May 19, 2009 1:12 am

Juliet and Dia where returning from looking for the cat at top of the stairs she turned and looked speak with Leo, hoping he was behind her. "do you need to stop at your room, if you do we can wait for you so that Inion doesn't hear a knock on the door. I am sure she is home by now, it would be better if we go in together, she still doesn't know its you thats coming for dinner, i am sure she thinks its one of my school friends." she stood there with a bright smile and Dia was wagging her tail so hard that her whole back end was wiggling.
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