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Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

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Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

Post by Guest on Wed May 13, 2009 7:25 am

Ok, I went on a bit of a posting spree tonight. No idea why, I just did. So rather than have everyone search each and every post I made to see if it was for them, I'm doing this. It's just easier. Oh, and a couple of others signed on tonight and posted. So I'll throw their tags in here too given that I kinda pushed some of them out of the latest topics box. So here's the list. I even took the time to link them for you guys, so you just have to click and post. And if anyone else wants to do it this way, feel free to add yours. After all, a lot of SL's get lost and forgotten because they get pushed from the latest topics box.

Emilia = From Jimmy Ray, From the employees, From Seleen.

Epiphany, De'Ryanna, Armandeus, or Elessar = From Manny.

Epiphany = From Jason and Juliet {It's been waiting since May 4th.}, From JonLouis.

Cad, Inion and Shuda = From Eugene.

Alaro = From Ailylaeli and Jesse.

Princess Dalia = From Ailylaeli, I also have a message for you to check your YAHOO email.

Priss = From Venis.

Gwendolan = From Manny.

Armandeus = From Seleen and Azlin {Since April 28th.}.

Shuda = From Seleen, From Venis and Seleen.

The Lifeguard = From Venis.

Marquιs del Stry = From Casie and Keven.

Ha'Ruil = From Tasha, From Casie and Tasha.

Derick and the ladies in the thread = Last post was Inion.

Vampires, prey, and other carnivores = From Venis and Seleen.

Pepper = From Venis.


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Re: Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

Post by Sage Ure on Wed May 13, 2009 11:46 am

Personally I found this list to be a tad insulting, especially with the inclusion of dates with some of the posts. I am new to this board, but I believe that after three weeks has passed, as it has with the post for April 28th, perhaps it is time to move on. Obviously the person you are waiting on cannot reply for some reason or another and this list just serves to throw it in their face.

I would also like to say I find it amusing that you appear to have missed me when there are two replies in my current thread waiting upon me.

Sage Ure

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Re: Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

Post by Guest on Wed May 13, 2009 1:20 pm

Well A, I was mostly doing threads I was in, which does not include yours. But other than Eugene, Ailylaeli, Juliet, Azlin, Casie and Jimmy Ray, they are all my charries that the posts are from. B. A couple of them have dates because the mun's aren't around much and sometimes their threads get lost in the shuffle. C. The ones that I posted tags to that weren't mine, were there because I saw them on and saw them post and knew that I had shuffled them out.

And I wouldn't have even bothered with the April 28th one had my last post in there not included questions that were important to my charries upcoming wedding. Perhaps you would be less insulted if I listed every tag on the boards for the last 9 1/2 months? People who ... yea. Have a nice day.


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Re: Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

Post by Lurker on Wed May 13, 2009 6:25 pm

If the the tag that's there from April 28th has important information for your characters wedding, Seleene is it, then why are you playing her in other threads? Seems a bit odd to me that you can play someone, who is missing important information in their story-line, in a 'present' situation.

What if the ending of the April 28th thread changes the whole scenario and the outcome of the wedding? Or even her desire to be married? Wow. I mean.. That's just amazing. Maybe everything is already scripted out? That has to be the case, otherwise it wouldn't make sense.

I happen to agree with Sage, not to mention that the rules say if someone hasn't posted then a logical out would be found (don't quote me, look it up). Might have been better to contact the people directly to see if they were interested in completing threads started weeks ago. If they've posted elsewhere, then I say to be a good sport and let it die.


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Re: Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

Post by Guest on Wed May 13, 2009 11:01 pm

I have several threads involving Seleen's wedding plans and her plans for her Salon as well. Armandeus has not posted in other threads, he has simply been away from the boards, and I did not want his thread to get lost in the shuffle. I was trying to do something nice for others, but the attitudes I keep getting are ridiculous. And that is my opinion, which I have the right to state.

Armandeus agreeing to make the cakes or not will have no effect on the wedding as a whole, because it can just be made by someone else. It will not make her change her mind about marrying Shuda. So her taking care of the other items on her list is not a problem. If it came down to the questions she asked Armandeus being the last two things on her list and there had still been no answer, she would have figured something else out. And still can.

So if all you people who are replying to this thread, with something other than tags, simply want to gripe and complain because someone is nice to others, all I can tell you is build a bridge and get over it. So since my crime seems to be being overly nice, suffer. If you are upset because I had not given you guys tags, guess what, you have one now. If you want another one, how about you get in character and post to one of my open threads. As you can see I have plenty of characters doing plenty of things, so feel free to jump right in.


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Re: Tag Central {Everyone check for your name.}

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