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Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

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Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Fri May 08, 2009 4:50 pm

Emilia listened to him as he spoke about the leather work he did. Perhaps she knew of some people that would be able to make use of his services.

She smiled as she took the driver's hand and stepped up into the coach. She seated herself on the bench facing the front of the coach.

She looked at him as he sat down and shook her head.

"No trouble at all, I made a couple of calls and even had the suit and dress delivered."

She thought it was sweet that he worried like that.

"Derick, I made a promise and I am going to keep it. I am also giving you a glimpse into the other side of my life. Remember I told you I am a model. I get somethings just by asking for them, reservations at this restaurant are one of them."

She smiled at him and put her hand over his.

"You deserve to get out, so I am getting you out, as for fancy? This is nothing."

The ride continued on for about twenty minutes. The carriage stopped in front of the restaurant that she had chosen, it was one of her favorite. The driver came around and waited for Derick to step down before offering his hand to Emilia.

Emmy took his offered hand and stepped down from the carriage. She placed her hand at Derick's elbow and they headed inside.

The matradee looked up at them as they entered and a smile broke across his face as he came around the podium.

"Miss Emilia, you have arrived just in time. You table is being prepared now."

He kissed her on both cheeks and held his hand out to Derick.

"I look forward to the experience as always."

"Sir, I do hope that you enjoy your evening with us."

He would shake Derick's hand.

"This way please."

He would lead them down a set of stairs to the dining area. Emilia looked at Derick to see his reaction as they were seated. The table was beside a large wall of glass that had a view into a lagoon filled with all kinds of beautiful ocean life.


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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Derick Silverleaf on Mon May 11, 2009 5:58 pm

As they rode his eyes would wonder, looking to where they were going, looking to her with a warm smile over lips, and generally enjoying the trip. This was quite out of the norm from his usual days. It was nice. A change in scenery. A change in mood. A change from the silence that he had grown accustomed too.

Once they reached the restaurant, he would pop open the coach's door and climb down, turning to watch the driver help her down, he smiled. But then as soon as her hand come to elbow he would flush a bit. Was this a date? The thought never even occurred to him until just now. Was this not just a dinner for friends? Yet one more thing that would be on his mind all night. As they were taken to their table, those blues would travel around the place until being locked by the view of the water. A wide smile growing over lips. But he was being quiet for now. He was very much out of his comfort zone. He had no defenses to rely on at the moment.

"This place is amazing."
Derick Silverleaf

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Mon May 11, 2009 6:23 pm

A date? Not in the way he was thinking. Besides, taking his arm was the polite thing to do. As far as dinner this was two friends out to eat. Emilia was smiling at his reaction as he saw the table she had reserved for them.

She spoke softly to the waiter and smiled as she took the menus from him and placed one in front of Derick.

"Yes it is amazing, it is my favorite place to come out to eat."

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Derick Silverleaf on Wed May 13, 2009 3:28 pm

Well, that astonished smile was still there as he would stare up at the glass some more. But then finally he would look to her. And yes, as soon as they were comfortably sitting, a hand would come up to fidget at that tie. A pouty smirk being sent her way before the menu would be opened and crystals started to search.

"Um.....Emilia......I sure hope you know what most of this stuff is. I can hardly understand a word that is in this thing. They couldn't add in some pictures?"

And that smirk continued as he tried to make out what was on the menu.
Derick Silverleaf

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Wed May 13, 2009 4:57 pm

Emilia looked at her menu and smiled.

"It seems I have the one written in common."

She handed him the menu.

Appetizers & Soups

Boston Clam Chowder or Soup of the Day

Garlic Bread
Sourdough French Bread with garlic parmesan butter

Fresh chopped tomatoes & basil on grilled sourdough bread

4 Cheese Ravioli
Tossed in a light pesto sauce

Fried Monterey Calamari

Bay Shrimp Cocktail

Fresh Oysters (6)

Steamed Mussels Tarantino
With white wine, garlic & tomatoes

Crab Cakes, Grilled

Prawns & Calamari, Deep Fried

Prawn Cocktail (large shrimp)

Crab Cocktail

Dungeness Crab (cracked)
Half Crab or Whole Crab


House Salad
Romaine and Sonoma baby greens with a Dijon vinaigrette.
with Bay Shrimp

Mixed Baby Greens
Tossed with walnuts, goat cheese & a maple vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

Blue Cheese, Pear & Caramelized Walnut Salad
With a citrus vinaigrette

Bay Shrimp & Avacado Salad
With mixed greens and a Dijon vinaigrette

Shrimp Louis

Dungeness Crab Louis

Seafood Combination Salad
With Gulf prawns, crabmeat, Bay shrimp and smoked salmon.



Pan Fried Petrale
With a parmesan crust & a lemon caper beurre blanc

Pan Roasted Petrale
Topped with Bay Shrimp & Dungeness crab


Grilled Blue Nose Seabass
Served with a fresh mango salsa

Blue Nose Seabass Sauté
With white wine, Roma tomatoes, garlic & mushrooms


Pacific Rockfish (Snapper)
Baked, blackened or sauteed

Rainbow Trout
Whole grilled fish with mango salsa


Grilled Salmon Filet
Served with a fresh mango salsa

Pecan Crusted Salmon
With Cajun Spiced Bay Shrimp


Grilled or Blackened

Mahi-Mahi Sauté
In a sauce of sundried tomatoes, fresh basil & garlic


Grilled Sandabs
A local favorite. We bone them for you.


Calamari Steak
Breaded & pan fried, lemon caper beurre blanc

Calamari Sauté
With white wine, Roma tomatoes, garlic & mushrooms


Hanger Steak
With sauteed mushrooms and parmesan mashed potatoes

Chicken Breast Saute Sec
With white wine & mushrooms

Chicken Breast Parmigiana
With Jack cheese & marinara sauce



Steamed Clams Bordelaise
Heaping bowl of fresh clams with white wine, garlic & butter

Steamed Mussels Tarantino
With white wine, roma tomatoes, and garlic served on a bed of Angel Hair pasta

Whole Cracked Crab
Served cold or steamed with drawn butter.

Maine Lobster Tails (2)

Surf & Turf
Maine Lobster Tail (6oz)
& Hanger Steak


Pan seared scallops
With roasted garlic and shiitake mushrooms.

Deep Fried Scallops
With two sauces.


Sauteed Prawns, Scampi Style
With garlic, wine and lemon butter.

Deep Fried Prawns
With two sauces.


Fish & Chips
With two sauces

Dungeness crab, Gulf prawns, scallops, local fresh fish,
clams, mussels & Bay shrimp in a simmering bowl of our marinara sauce with garlic sourdough toast.

Crab Cakes (3)
Grilled, with a remoulade sauce

Sopa di Pesce
Steaming bowl of clams, salmon and Bay shrimp
on a bed of angel hair pasta in a rich marinara sauce

Seafood platter
Deep fried prawns, scallops, rockfish and calamari.With two sauces.

Combo saute
Prawns and scallops sauteed with garlic, white wine and lemon butter.

Mixed Seafood Grill
Fresh grilled salmon, halibut, mahi-mahi & two shrimp w/parmesan mashed potatoes


Bay Shrimp, Scallops & Clams with Angel Hair Pasta
Garlic, sundried tomato and beurre blanc

Gulf Prawns, Manila Clams,
Prince Edward Island Mussels & Linguine
Sauteed with garlic, saffron, white wine & butter

Tarantino's Vegetarian Linguine
Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, Shiitake mushrooms,
fresh basil, roasted garlic & olive oil

Penne Chicken Breast Contadina
Marinated chicken breast, olive oil,
sundried tomato, fresh basil and garlic.

Seafood Fettuccine Tarantino
Scallops and prawns in a sauce of garlic, herbs, cream
and freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Ravioli - Made especially for Tarantino's
Beef Ravioli
Four cheese Ravioli


Jefferson St. Hamburger
With cheese
Half-pound of freshly ground chuck on a sourdough roll

Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich
With Jack cheese and marinara sauce on Italian country bread

Dungeness Crab Sandwich
On Italian country bread

Wine Selections by the Glass & Bottle

Estancia - 2005 - Monterey -
Acacia (Half Bottle) - 2004 - Carneros
Chalone (Half Bottle) - 2004 - Monterey
Papapietro Perry (Half Bottle) 2003 - 'Lera Vineyard' - 2003 - Russian River
Dutton Goldfield 'Dutton Ranch' - 2004 - Russian River Valley
Brogan - 2004 - Russian River Valley

Beringer - 2004 - California
Dynamite Vineyards (Half Bottle) - 2002 - North Coast
Beaulieu Vineyards (B.V.) - 2003 - Napa
Jordan - 2002 - Sonoma
Groth - 2001 - Oakville
Silver Oak - 2000 - Alexander Valley
Hewitt - 2002 - Ritherford
Far Niente - 2002 - Oakville

Pahlmeyer - 2000 - Napa
Pahlmeyer - 2001 - Napa
Opus One (Half Bottle) - 1999 - Napa
Opus One - 1999 - Napa
Opus One (Half Bottle) - 2000 - Napa
Opus One - 2000 - Napa

Wente Merlot - 2004 - Central Coast
Chateau Souverain Merlot - 2002 - Alexander Valley
Rancho Zabaco Zinfandel - 2005 - Loni
Pezzi King 'Old Vines' Zinfandel - 2003 - Dry Creek Valley
Brown Zinfandel - 2002 - Napa

Chalone - 2005 - Monterey
Beringer - 2004 - Napa
Sonoma Cutrer (Half Bottle) - 2004 - 'Russian River Ranches'
Acacia (Half Bottle) - 2004 - Carneros
Kendall-Jackson - 2005 - California
Franciscan 'Oakville Estate' - 2005 - Napa
Jordan - 2004 - Sonoma
Ferrari-Carano - 2004 - Alexander Valley
Chalk Hill - 2002 - Sonoma
Far Niente - 2004
Kistler - 2003 - 'Les Noisetiers'

Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc - 2005 - Sonoma
Murphy Goode Fume Blanc (Half Bottle) - 2003 - Sonoma
Groth Sauvignon Blanc - 2005 - Napa
Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc - 2004 - Sonoma
Mirassou Riesling - 2005 - Monterey
Beringer White Zinfandel - 2005 - California
Campanile Pinot Grigio - 2005 - Italy

Kenwood Brut - California
Gloria Ferrer blanc de Noir - Napa
'J' Brut Russian River - Sonoma

Anchor Steam - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - Guinness
Hefeweizen by Sudwerk - Stella Artois
Corona - Heineken - Sam Adams Lager - Bear Republic 'Racer 5' I.P.A.
Anchor Porter - St. Pauli (non-alcoholic)
Budweiser - Michelob Ultra
Bud Light - Coors Light - Miller Lite

Pannam Still (ltr)
Pelligrino Sparkling (ltr)
Calistoga (10 oz.)



New York Style Cheesecake

Florida Key Lime Pie

Classic Carrot Cake

Warm Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake

Hot Fudge Sundae

Ice Cream





Café Latte

Café Mocha

Café Con Panna

Cafe Au Lait

Café Macchiato

Vsgé Americano

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Derick Silverleaf on Wed May 13, 2009 5:34 pm

"Thank you."

And now that he could understand what he would be eating, his eyes started to scan over the menu, trying to decide what he wanted.

"So how often do you come here. The guy up front seemed to recognize you right away."

After a few minutes, once the waiter arrived, he would simply look from him to Emilia, letting her speak first.
Derick Silverleaf

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Wed May 13, 2009 6:33 pm

"You are welcome hun."

She looked at her own menu.

"I have been coming here about once a month for the last couple years. It all started when one of the photographers doing a shoot for me sugested we all go out after. This place was just opening. The food was great and I kept brining in other people who brought in others."

She looked at the waiter.

"I would like more time; but we can start with the deep fried prawns and calamri, also water and a bottle of Chateau Souverain Merlot."

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:28 am

-He too would look up to the waiter. A light smile coming over lips after she placed her order. Once he was gone, attention would be brought back to her. Hands putting the menu down to grip fingers together.- Well it is a great place so far. Though, I don't think I would ever be able to afford this sort of place without saving up several months. That is once I find some sort of income.

She looked at him with a smile. "You know love, if there is not an option for you at the forge, I am sure there are more then a few people that would be very interested to find out that you do leather work, and your drawing, that sketch was beautiful." She thought a moment, "There are many options that are open, I always thought the moment I saw you that you could model, you have a great build for it, and seeing you in the suit.... I know I was right."

-Now that would bring a bright blush to those cheeks. He was not the sort to think himself a looker. Never even entered his mind. And....never really was told otherwise. Those hues would look down. Hand coming up to fidget with tie for a moment.- Well th..thank you. Um....anyways...I hope I can find a place soon. I am desperately in need of some things. -Oh yes, he would skip right over that modeling thing. In fact, he would skip over any sort of self praise.-

She looked at him with a smile. "Hun get used to it. You are a very handsome man." She let it drop from there she was not out to embarrass the man. She looked back at him. "How are you with clothing when it comes to leather?"

-He would start to talk quite easily now. This was his cup of tea- Alright I guess. Not that hard once you know the basics. I made all of the leather pants I wear. I have also done some vests and bodices in the past. I guess a corset wouldn't be much different. Pretty much if I get an idea or picture, I can create it. Call it a gift.

She looked at him with a wicked grin. "Would you let me give you a loan to buy the items you need to start working leather again? I know a few women who would be very interested in having leather clothing made for them, and some stuff they probably need repaired."

-Brow would be lifted in curiosity as head tilted to the side. Hues looked across the table to her. A soft smile came over lips. Some how he knew he was in trouble. But it sounded like the best way to get back on his feet.- Um...well....I suppose. But I wouldn't allow too much. What kind of clothing are you thinking?

"You remember Tasha and Venis? Well they have a fetish for leather clothing, corsets, pants, bodices, skirts. You name it. I even ware leather from time to time." She let it sink in. "If it would make you feel better I can have papers drawn up with terms. I'll buy whatever you need to get started in leather work, and you will have to start repaying me in monthly payments after the third month. Interest if you feel the need to pay it back will just be a flat ten percent of the total loan."

We don't need to go that far, but if that's what you wish, I have no problems with that. Um, but yes, those would not be a problem. I would just need some of their cloths to know their measurements. Those things need to be custom made. -Eyes would move tot he restaurant, looking around a bit more. Even looking for their waiter.-

She smiled as she looked at him. "I trust you." She laughed softly. "I know you are not the type of person that would try to skip out on loan." The waiter came back to the table with the bottle of wine and the water. He poured the wine into the glasses and then set the bottle on the table. He left and returned a few minutes later with the fried prawns and calamari. Emilia looked at him. "I'll have the grilled salmon fillet, with wild rice and whatever fresh veggies you have." She handed him the menu.

Well I would hope you trust me by now. -He would smirk and even send a quick wink to her. but that would quickly bring out a blush over cheeks. Then the waiter came. Perfect timing!- Um....I will have the lobster salad. No croutons please. -Once order was placed, menu was handed to the waiter and eyes set back on her.- So when would you like me to get started?

She looked at him and smiled. She picked up a prawn and took a bite out of it after the waiter left. "I could get you started as early as tomorrow. We can come back into town and pick up thin things you need when I take my daughter to school."

-In turn he would move fingers over to snatch up a few pieces of calamari, tossing them into his mouth. Fingers then would drop to pull on that tie. It would be loosened a little, sending her a playful glare as he smirked.- Alright. i can go with that. I know exactly where we can go to get pretty much everything. i will just have to know what sort of leather to get for the first batch.

She took a drink of her wine and smiled. "I will ask Venis and Tasha before I go to sleep tonight." She saw the excitement that was building in him, it made her happy to see him smile like that. It was a real smile. He didn't have them often and it lit his eyes.

-Yes, he actually was looking forward to it. It gave him something to do other than staring at the blank walls of his room. Though that would go unsaid. And other things would be bringing excitement to him as well, but those too would go unsaid.- Very good. I just hope I haven't lost my touch. it has been several years since I did a serious project. I may have to do some practicing first. I would hate to hand over shoddy work.

She smiled. She knew what this would mean to him, it gave him a way to get back on his feet without feeling like he was having it handed to him. She watched him and listened. "If you have the gift it shouldn't take long to get back into it."

-He would nod. Taking a small sip of the wine.- We'll see. I'll make me some new pants first. Get my hands back into practice, you know. But yes, I should be able to get some things put out in no time.

She smiled. "Then it is settled, how about I make this easy, after you make your pants you can make me a leather vest. That should be easy enough, then when you have that down, we can get orders from the other girls."

-He would let a wide smile roll over lips. Oh yes, he actually looked as if he was excited about something. As the waiter came back with their food, he would smile up to him.- Thank you. -Eyes looking over their food.- Wow. This looks amazing.

When her plate was set down in front of her she smiled."Thank you." The waiter nodded his head to them both and walked away. She smiled as he looked at the food. "It tastes better love." She took another drink of her wine and then picked up her fork and took a bite of her fish, it was perfect.

-Hand would reach over to take up the pepper grinder. Shaving some over his salad, he would then toss it a bit with fork before digging in.- does. Thank you again for taking me here. The place is great.

She smiled. "You are most welcome, I love this place. It is relaxing, I came her myself just last month and got lost in thought for an hour just staring out the window." She took another bite of her food.

It is. -Eyes would then look over to the window, looking over all of the life that was there. Then, eyes went back to her as he continued to eat.- So what else do you do with yourself during the day? You can't be modeling all of the time.

"No I don't, in the years I have been doing it I have been able to start picking and choosing my jobs. I work when I want to." She thought about it a moment. "I read sometimes, spend time with my daughter. Do other activities." She winked at him.

-He would smirk, a blush returning to cheeks as he tried to keep thoughts from over taking his mind. The last few pieces of his salad being claimed. Napkin being brought to lips.- Well that's great. Must be nice to be in that sort of situation.
"Sometimes yes but sometimes no, I worked hard taking every job I could get for twenty years before I was able to just pick and choose. I guess that is an advantage I have over mortals, I age so much more slowly." she finished off her dinner and then reached for another prawn.

-His eyes went a little wide at her words.- Wow. Um.....I didn't realize you were older then that? I mean, that sounded bad. Um. You just look very good for older then that. I mean... Um..... -And at that point he just shuts up, popping in a few more pieces of calamari.-

She looked at him and laughed. "Derick thank you for the compliment, I just turned one hundred and fifty in March." She really hadn't thought about her age she was still very young for an elf, let alone a god

-He would nod, reaching for his wine and finishing off the glass.- Oh, wow. I didn't;t realize. Um...then yes, you look very good for over a hundred. -How odd that sounded to him. But now he was his nervous self again. And by now that tie was plenty loose. Luckily she wasn't hounding him for it.-

No she wouldn't hound him for the tie. "If it makes you feel better in elf terms I am about the same age as you." She did not mean to make him nervous. She finished her wine and poured them both another glass.

Oh I think I remember that. It's just been a while since I've been around elves. Guess I forgot exactly how much more slowly you age. -He would chuckle now- Guess you don't mind much younger men.

"I don't mind them at all. In a lot of ways we are at the same maturity level too. In elf standards I am barely an adult."

Well, I guess that's a god thing, yes? -and glass would quickly be drunk at that.- Um...are you wanting desert as well?

"Not really a god thing more of an elf thing, in god terms I am still an infant." She smiled."Do you want desert? They have a few really good ones." She drank her wine as well.

I think I am alright. That was a pretty large salad. But please don't let me stop you from getting some yourself. -Leaning back in his chair with glass in hand, he would simply look over to her with a soft smile over lips.-

She smiled and ordered a slice of key lime pie from the waiter when he came to clear the table. "I love the key lime pie, it tastes so good, the best I have ever tasted." She looked back out the window and watched the sea life. "It is beautiful is it not?" She smiled as she felt a presence brush her mind, she let hers brush his in return. She turned back to Derick and smiled.

I agree. It is. Do they ever have the handlers in there? Feeding them or something. -The final few pieces of calamari were placed past lips before wine was sipped again.-

She nodded. "Yes they do on Saturdays. It is fun to watch." She took a sip of her wine. "You know if you want to see it I can arrange it, we don't have to eat dinner we can have coffee and desert."

-Looking over to her, he would smile and nod.- I would like that. Though......could we dress down a bit for that one? I love the suit and all. Just....give me time to settle into it.

She laughed. "You can lose the tie, they will still make you ware a jacket."

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

Post by Emilia on Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:21 am

-He would shake his head lightly. Great.....more fancy dress. Oh well. Tis the price. Eyes would shift from the glass back to her.- I guess I can deal with that. But it better be worth the show. -Smirked a bit at that.-

She laughed. "You can deal with it, and I promise it will be worth the show." She waved the waiter over and asked for the bill.

-Hand stretched out to take up his wine glass. Bringing it to lips, the last few sips of wine would be taken up. And with the evening winding down, that very top button would be undone as well. Those eyes started to look around, making sure there wasn't some clothing patrol walking around the place.- So I hope the driver didn't get bored and take off. It's a long trip back.

She smiled as he undid the top button of his shirt. She finished her wine and paid the bill. As she stood from her chair she looked at Derick. "I doubt that; but if he did I'll just have to teleport us back."

-Taking the cue from her, he would stand. Hands moved to straighten out his cloths and to dust off any crumbs. Then, steps would be made towards her, offering out his arm all gentleman like.- Ah yes, that wonderful magic thing. Keep forgetting about that.

She took his arm and they headed towards the stairs. "Yes that magic thing." She laughed. She was again stopped by the matride who kissed her on both cheeks. "It has been lovely having you again Miss Emilia." She returned the kisses to the cheeks. "It has been a pleasure as always." With that they would walk out the door.

-He would smile and nod to the gentleman as he bids them farewell, a nod of his own sent. Walking outside, blue started to look around for that carriage. He would also look up into the night's clear sky.- Wow....beautiful night.

"Yes it is, would you like to take a walk before we go back?" She was looking up at the stars. It really was a beautiful night. The weather was perfect.

-Looking around a bit more, seeing the restaurant too was starting to filter out for the evening, he would smile back to her. Hand coming up to hold to her arm.- Sure. Not exactly familiar with the area yet, so would be interesting.

She smiled as he held on to her arm and headed off to the park. It was really nice and had a trail winding through some trees. The trees were not so large yet that they blocked the view of the stars though.

So....I hope I was decent company tonight. I honestly can't remember the last time I was on a date. Not used to being around people for long periods of time still. -He would shiver a little, but only momentarily. Eyes watching where they were going, taking in the beauty that was the area, and the company.-

"You were wonderful company, I have enjoyed the evening so far." She leaned her head against him as they walked. She was used to people looking at her so that people glanced as they walked past didn't bother her.

-Smiling, a light blush would come to those cheeks. With her leaning closer, his arm would let hers loose, then going to wrap her upper back.- Well I am glad. Hate to think I would bore you. I know I bore myself sometimes.

She continued walking with him the path looped around and would being them right back to the entrance. "No you don't bore me love."

-Hand over her shoulder would lightly run up and down. He was truly enjoying her company- I must admit, this is a definite treat for me. I never leave the grounds, much less my room. Thank you, Emilia.

"You are welcome Derick. I have enjoyed myself, I am glad you decided to come with me." The carriage was drawing up beside them. "Looks like it is time to head back to the Inn."

Yeah, it looks like. -Letting the carriage come to a stop, he would quickly move to open the door and assist her up. Sending a smirk to the driver, taking away his duty. After she was in, he would follow, sitting on the bench next to her.- So...what time would you like to go shopping tomorrow?

She smiled as he helped her up into the carriage and laughed at the smirk he gave the driver. She leaned against him as he sat down next to her.. "Early, we can drop my daughter off at school and then go shopping."

-Door would be closed behind them. And they were off back towards the inn. Derick would lean back into the bench they were on, relaxing after a very filling meal.- That will work. I am always up early anyway. It's the best time to go for a run. Most peaceful too, in my opinion.

She smiled as she listened to him talk. "I agree with you, the shop merchants are in less of a mood to haggle but it is better than dealing with the afternoon crowds."

I wouldn't want to try to haggle anyway. It's usually pointless until they get to know you first. You need to line their pockets enough first. -Oh yes, he knew business. Once upon a time anyways.-

She smiled. "Remember love I do know most of them." She knew business too. "We need to be out of here by eight am."

-Nodding, he smiled over to her. Taking in a deep breath, he let it out in a pleasant sigh. Crystal blues looking out of the carriage to the woods not to far off.- Oh that's not a problem. I am usually back in around 7 or so. Early riser and all.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I wasn't before I adopted my daughter. You make adjustments when you have children though."

Yeah, I hear ya there. Certain family members can change the way you see things. That I have learned. -Looking to her- How old is she?

"You are right about that, she changed a lot but it was for the best." She looked back at him. "She is six."

Well that's good! I am happy for you. I am glad you have someone to care for and look after. That's.....important. -With that, hues would turn back to the road they were traveling. Head tilting back to look up at the stars. The sky was brilliant tonight.-

She nodded. "It is very important, I love her to death." She too looked up at the stars. "They are beautiful are they not?"

-Looking up at the night's clear sky, he started seeking out those easy constellations. They always were the only ones he could ever see.- Mhmm. They are. Quite a beautiful night. -Turning head to look to her, blue hues would seek hers- The perfect night to be taken out.

She smiled as she too looked at the constellations. She found herself becoming lost in the history behind the stories of some of them when he spoke. She looked from the sky to him. "Yes it was perfect."

-He would smirk, looking back up to the sky- So do you treat all of your dates this well, or should I consider myself special?

She looked back up at the sky as well. "I don't go out on many dates, so I treat them all good, but you are the first official date I have taken to my favorite restaurant."

Oh? Then special it is. -Chuckling, he would send a quick wink her way- Well I can't thank you enough. It is a great place. That tank is amazing. And the lobster.....fantastic.

She smiled and winked back. "You are most welcome. I was glad to share it with you; and you are right the lobster is great"

-The carriage would be coming up to the inn, stopping at the entrance.- Home sweet home. -Again, he would be quick to step up, opening the door. Turning around, outstretched hand would be offered up to Emilia.-

She took his hand and let him help her down from the carriage. "Yes home sweet home." She let him lead them to the Inn leaving the driver to handle the carriage. "Do you want company for the rest of the night?" She looked at him.

-She said that so plainly. Well, no matter how she would say it, a bright blush would come to those cheeks. Ah he took her hand, he wouldn't let it go. Those hues meeting hers. That shy smile coming to lips.- Well....a couple evening drinks couldn't hurt. I have some brandy and vodka in the room.

She smiled at him. "Let me just go check on my daughter, it will only take a few minutes. I know she is sleeping; but I want to let my mother know I am back at the Inn."

Oh, alright. I'll walk with you. -With that, arm would wrap around hers once more as he led her inside.-

She smiled as she led him up to her room. She opened the door and let him in. Her mother and Manny where sitting on the couch talking. She smiled and hugged her mother and kissed Manny on the cheek. She checked her daughter and then came back. "I'll be back before she wakes up." She then headed out with Derick and went back to his room for a night cap.

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Re: Keeping a promise (open to Derick)

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