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Prequel to the Arrival of Shane

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Prequel to the Arrival of Shane

Post by Aleshanee on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:30 am

She knew she shouldn't of shown up, for when he opened the door to his penthouse, he had that look on his face, the one that made her want to turn around and just not even deal with him. But she wasn't going to just turn and run, besides if she did he would catch her in three steps of his. She would look up at him, before speaking, "Hey Win." She called him by the nickname, which was the normal way she did greet him, though she did not make a move to hug or kiss him, that look he had wasn't to inviting. So she did not make much conversation.

He would move aside as he waited for her to enter, speaking as he did so. "Shane, come on in." He knew his voice sounded his displeasure, but he was not happy with her decision as of late, and he knew it was coming to a head. He had one more chance to stop her, and if he didn't she'd be gone again soon. But as she stepped in, it seemed he couldn't hold in his displeasure. "I don't think that you should be going to this Inn place." He shook his head, "And because it came to you in a dream? Do you realize how that sounds Shane? Your going to make us the laughing stock of all of our friends! You always were a sound thinking woman, what happened?"

She let out a small groan. She had heard this from him a few times before, since told him of the dream. She couldn't explain why she felt the need to go, besides the fact that she felt like the inn held something for her. That she felt like something was missing, which she never noticed until that dream, which the dream she had night after night, when she woke up all that stuck in her head was Tel'Ranaemyn The Wandering Hills Inn. She would look to him, "I thought you wanted to say good bye in person. I didn't come here for you to lecture me about me being crazy and how it was going to look to your friends." She would turn on her heel and head for the door.

He shook his head as he looked at her, reaching out with one hand, gripping her upper arm. He couldn't believe she was just going to walk away, to follow through with this crazy idea of hers, simply because she was told something in a dream. That did not make sense to him, and the fact that she was just going to leave him, wasn't even giving him an option. Oh no, she flat out told him, that he was not welcome to come along. He had had enough of the fighting, of her getting an idea in her head and running full steam ahead not thinking of anyone but herself. "Shane this is crazy! Let's just talk about it."

Perhaps he did not know how hard his grip was upon her upper arm, for he never had hurt her before. But she would indeed wince before she would pull upon a cool face, before looking back at him over her shoulder. Her voice was tight, as she was not in the mood to fight with him at the moment. "There is nothing to talk about, you think I am crazy for wanting to figure out what this dream means. But I am not crazy and this is something I have to do." She would squirm a bit in his grip.

He was not giving up that easily, though he did let go of her arm, but he moved quick, and fingers would move to her hand, grabbing hers and with a tug he would have her facing him. "If your going to do this, at least allow me to go with you. Shane, don't just leave." He wasn't begging he just didn't want her to go without him, he was afraid if she did he would lose her for good this time. Even though he knew when her temper was raging it was not the smartest move to try to hold her back. They hadn't always had happy sailing, but she fit well with his life style. She was attractive, she knew how to make a impression on those people that might be valuable to him in the future.

She would huff, yes just like the big bad wolf, that huff coming up, as she turned chocolate eyes upon him. She was so close to her boiling point. Taking a few deep breathes before any words would escape out of her mouth. "Winston why can't I do this on my own? Why do you think that everything I do you have to be included? Maybe I need some time to myself? Maybe I just want the time to figure things out." She shook her head as she looked at him. "You get like this every time I have to leave town for a shoot, or when I go to a premier of a new movie or art gallery. Your going to smoother me!"

He lifted his hands and ran them through his hair. He was starting to lose his own temper, for she did have a point, but she was his weak spot. Sure he had money, and he could have most anything he wanted, but she didn't come easy. All his life whatever he wanted he had gotten on a silver platter, and now that he had fought and won her, he was not willing to just lay down and let her leave him. Perhaps he had abandonment issues for he wasn't raised by his parents he had nannies and a whole staff at his command at a young age. He was a only child, and he wasn't sure how this give and take in a relationship was suppose to work. "Shane...just stay tonight. You can go in the morning, I won't try to stop you. But...I can not guarantee that I won't come after you in a few days."

She did know his past, and that was probably why she did put up with it. And it wasn't that they had not broken up a time or two, but that didn't mean that there wasn't love there. It meant that they both had tempers that when they both flashed at the same time, words were said in the heat of the moment, they always came back together, after a day or two. She let out a small defeated sigh, for she knew he just didn't want to be left alone. "I am leaving in the morning...I already called my agent and told him I was going out of town and I would contact him when I got back into town."

And it was settled, he would gently take her hand and lead her into the bedroom. Where they would cuddle through out the night, as they did before she or he went on a trip anywhere. He knew he was going to have to change, to give her more space, because he knew he didn't want to smoother her. He would drift off to sleep holding onto her, his mind had quit working and he was out like a baby, not thinking about her leaving in the morning.

She fell asleep rather quickly as well. It had been a long day in front of the lights. People always told her she was lucky to live the life of full of glamour, they did not seem to realize that it wasn't just a piece of cake. She would awaken before him, slipping out of his bed, leaning over and kissing his forehead she would slip away to get to her apartment and get ready to leave on her trip to the Inn.

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