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A favor for Manny

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A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:48 am

Emilia had thought it strange that Manny had come to call on her till he told her what it was that he wanted. She had smiled at him and nodded. He had given her a letter to allow her access to his room in Venis' castle at the keep. What may you ask was he sending her there for? A gift for her mother, a music box that was in his room there. It was apparently very special to him.

Emilia was now back in her own room a smile on her face as she packed a small overnight bag. She told her mother she was going to visit a friend. She was not really lying to her mother Derick, Bo, and Jorge were there at the keep. She could say hello to then while she was there. She just didn't want her mother asking to may questions about what she was going to do for a couple hours.

She headed into the woods and envisioned the directions Manny had given her. She opened a portal to the gates of the keep and stepped through. She went up to the gates and knocked on the little wooden side door. She showed the letter to the guard that opened it and was let through. She took the letter back and headed for the castle.

Well the place was unique she would say that much. The castle was ancient stone and very much in need of updates. She was stopped at the door by a large burly man. She handed him the letter. The man smiled at her and led her right to Manny's room. He opened the door to let her in.

Manny had said it was above the fireplace. Once she was alone she walked over and picked it up. The box was beautiful. Is had a garden scene on it with a gazebo that looked over a stream with small waterfalls. The coloring was breath taking.

She placed the box carefully in her bag and then left Manny's room.

She asked the burly guard for directions to see the employee's that she knew. Having gotten them she left and went in search of Derek's house first.

Emilia was walking along when she saw Kyra, why was she here of all places. Yes Emilia knew of Kyra's hatred of her grandmother. Well it appeared that she didn't mind the blood coursing through her when it allowed her to teleport inside Venis' keep. Kyra looked extremely upset. She was about to go on when a brick came flying through a window and almost hit her.


She waited till the noise from him destroying things had stopped and then she went inside. She heard water running and followed the sound to the bathroom. What she saw made her extremely angry. She walked over to the shower and turned the water warm. She then got in there with Isha clothes and all.

"Let me see your hands Isha."

Her voice was soft and if he looked he would see concern in her eyes.

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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:39 am

Isah was sitting in the tub in a huddled mass of blood and tears when Emilia found him. He had no idea that he had thrown the brick so far that it had gone anywhere near the road. But at least he hadn't hit her. He should have locked the door behind Kyra, but then again, he didn't really care. What would someone have stolen anyway? His fifteen inch black and white television? He could afford better, but he worked too much to care. When Emilia found him he was crumpled up in the floor of the tub, his knees pulled up to his chest. He had his arms wrapped around his legs with his bleeding hands pointed up. His tear streaked face was buried in his knees. It must have been an odd sight to see such a big man in such a way. He wouldn't be surprised if Emilia laughed at him. But she turned on the hot water to make it warm, and climbed into the tub with him.

Emilia looked at him and took his head in her hands and brought his face up to look at her.

"Love I need to see your hands."

She would wait till he looked at her. She smiled softly at him and then let go of his face and picked up his hands.

"You should try to his something softer next time."

She was feeling them and trying to find the extent of the damage.

He did look at her, with his tears streaming down his face. He looked at his hands and then put his head back down when she let go of it. She took his hands and at first he didn't care. But as she started touching them he he lifted his head and yelled out in pain. His baritone voice hitting volumes he had never hit before. It echoed through the bathroom and shut him up when he heard it. Her put his head back down then.

As she continued, he drew in sharp breaths from the pain. He had no desire to talk at the moment, so he was glad she was making his fists a priority. After all, he had broken the knuckles at the base of all four fingers on his right hand. And on his left he had broken those same knuckles plus the first finger bone in his index and middle fingers and the bone in his hand that went from his middle finger to the wrist.

She frowned deeply when she saw his hands. She wanted to hurt whoever had made him want to do this. Her eyes closed and she winced as he cried out. Isha had a gentle soul and for him to have inflicted this much pain on himself.

"Isha close your eyes; it will get very bright here for a while. "

She then closed her own eyes and the air around them would grow still. You could feel the energy she was drawing to heal him. A white light surrounded her as she she took the fingers of his right hand and held it between hers.

"Raisair os aes Ai tar ol o sai caer ti tael si shylaer eil cor si thaer."(Spirit of earth I call on you to help me mend the bones and knit the flesh.)

The glow from her body became brighter and it could be seen transferring to his hand as the boned began to mend and the flesh heal. She released his hand and then took the left one between her hands.

"Raisair os sharaes Ai tar ol o sai caer ti tael si shylaer eil cor si thaer." (Spirit of water I call on you to help me mend the bones and knit the flesh.)

The glow became even brighter as she drew upon the help of the element she controlled the best to heal the damage to his left hand. When that was done she released the power and wrapped her arms around him drawing him close. She held him. and whispered to him softly in elvish.

"Air shor shi ol ber vaelas eil jhaer air eir kai." (It will be ok just relax and let it all go.)

She would take down the barriers she kept around herself and let feelings of calm and relaxation wash over him.

As she finished mending his hands he opened and closed them. They felt fine now. But he was not ready to talk. He was feeling a little calmer now. But he just leaned into her and cried. He didn't know what else to do. He was still very much in a state of shock.

She just held him and sat there with him adjusting the water to keep it warm as it grew cold. When there was no hot water left she stood drawing him with her and took him to his room she got him out of his wet clothes and made him lay down in his bed and covered him with blankets. She then took her bag and changed her own clothing and lay down next to him holding him close.

He wrapped his arms around her like she was a giant bear or pillow or something. Then he placed his head on her just below her chest on her stomach. There was nothing meant by this other than he needed to be held, and needed to hug to something or someone tightly. She was still sobbing, but not crying anymore. He was so out of it that he had not even protested her undressing him or even noticed her changing her clothes.

She just held him and let him cry it out. It was getting late and they both fell asleep.

Isah woke up about three hours later. He looked at Emilia and sighed. He didn't even remember her getting there. He slowly removed his arms from around her and moved to get out of bed. He noticed that she had not redressed him. He knew nothing had happened because she was still dressed. He climbed out of bed anyway and made his way to the bathroom. As he was standing in the bathroom he saw the damage to the wall in the shower. He looked down at his hand, there was no damage save for a hint of scaring. He looked up at the other hand. Same as the first. He arched an eyebrow as he tried to remember what had happened. When he came out of the bathroom he saw the living room. He saw the snow globe on the mantle. He walked over, stepping carefully for the broken glass everywhere.

He picked up the snow globe off of the mantle and shook it softly. He carried it with him back to the bedroom. He set it on his dresser with a sigh. He tried to be very quiet as he pulled out the top drawer of his dresser to get out some boxers. Sliding them on he looked over to see if he had awoken Emilia.

Emilia was sleeping soundly. She had not awakened as he got out of the bed. She had actually been dreaming. She had a smile on her face. What she was dreaming of well who knew, she looked peaceful. Her hair was fanned out over the pillow behind her. She rolled over in the bad and whispered something in her sleep. She had not seen the destruction of the house when she came in the night before. She would help him clean up if he wanted to when she woke.

He smiled as she moved and mumbled in his bed. That was one place he did not skimp on when it came to replacing furniture that his ex had taken with her. If you didn't have a good bed, it could mess up your back. He was glad she found the mattress as comfortable as he did. He headed from the bedroom to the kitchen. He tried to be as quiet as he could as he got out a couple of skillets. He placed them on the stove. He went to the fridge and got out bacon and eggs. No toast for this man though, he was rather fond of English muffins. he food was cooked, the muffins toasted, there was extra butter and some slices of cheese on a plate. He added the breakfast plates and two glasses of apple juice to the tray and carried it into the bedroom. "Emmy, babe, breakfast is ready." He sat the tray down on the night stand then brushed back her hair from her face where it fell when she rolled over.

Emilia stirred in the bed as he touched her hair. She slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Isha and smiled softly. Her voice a whisper as she spoke.

"Good morning, I hope you are feeling a little better."

She smelled the food and sat up in the bed. She turned her head to the night stand and smiled.

"You didn't have to make breakfast for me."

She was not going to ask him what happened yet that could come after they had eaten.

"It smells wonderful."

He chuckled as he grabbed up the tray and carried it with him around to the other side of the bed. He very carefully got sat down on the bed and then set the tray between them. "I never have to do anything. I do things because I want to. And how could I wake up wrapped around a Goddess and not make her breakfast?" He put some of the eggs on a muffin, added bacon and some cheese. Then he put the other half of the muffin on top for a sandwich.

She watched him as he moved around to the other side of the bed and got into it. The words he spoke made her smile.

"Well, thank you, I am hungry, it always happens when I draw on that much magic at once."

She began to make her own sandwich out of the fixings on the tray and took a large bight. She was never one that was afraid to eat in front of a man like some women. She chewed and swallowed and then took a drink of the juice.

"It is delicious."

Isah, being the gentleman that he was, had waited for her to take a bite of her food before he ate his own. So before he took that first bite. "Thank you, I'm glad you like it." A bite taken, chewed, swallowed. Then a sip of juice to wash it down. "Magic?" She had used magic? Then he looked at his hands. He thought about the living room and the wall in the tub. "Oh God's, Emilia ..." He left it there, how much did she know, did she see?

She watched his reaction and thought of her words carefully, she wanted him to remain calm. She would make sure that he was looking at her and then let a smile form on her lips.

"I healed your hands last night. I hope you don't mind the use of magic, I figured with Venis and all that you were used to it; besides I am not sure they would have healed properly had they not been healed magically."

Isah had a look of terror on his face, but it wasn't for the reason she may have thought. "No, no, no, the magic is fine. Thank you very much. How did you know to come here though?" He honestly did not remember much from the night before, how much had she seen and of what?

She looked at him and reached over the tray and took his hand, she had never replaced the barriers that she kept in place most of the time. She again would radiate feeling of relaxation and calm towards him as she spoke.

"Manny asked me to come, he wanted a music box from his room in the castle. He said it was very special to him and that he wanted to give it to my mother."

She smiled.

"They are dating now."

She then let the smile fade.

"I was going to go see Derek, but I saw Kyra, she was opening a portal and leaving. I saw the brick come flying through the window and somehow knew it was you and that you might need some company."

She left out that the brick had almost hit her.

"I waited till the noise had stopped and then came in to see if I could help."

His facial expression changed from one of confusion to one of anger. "She opened a portal within the walls of the Keep? Her Grandmothers blood definitely flows through her veins doesn't it?" He stopped there. He ate some more of his sandwich, he didn't want to loose his temper again. So he did what he could to keep calm.

She looked at him and nodded.

"I thought the same thing when I saw her. "

She finished her sandwich and her juice.

"Isha, what happened?"

She had put it off as long as she could, it was ask now or not ask at all.

Oh the thoughts that ran through his mind when she asked that question. He could have said some things that gentlemen didn't say, and Emilia would have heard them before. But he bit his tongue. "She came by to ... break up with me for lack of a better term."

"What? Did she say why?"

That was all she could say, she couldn't believe it.

"Isha, I'm sorry."

He shook his head as he sighed. "She said she had met someone. Said nothing has come of it, but it could. Like it couldn't with us. I mean look at how much I devoted to her, how much I put up with her running away, all that bull ..." He shut up, he was loosing his temper.

She just listened to him. When he said those words she knew instantly who the someone was, she had seen them together in the bar. She tried to keep the knowing look off her face. She was growing upset as well. How could she throw Isha away like that.

He took another drink of his juice to calm down. "It just feels like she cheated on me." He knew they were not in a relationship, but that was still how it felt.


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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:37 pm

She looked at him and sighed.

"Isha, I know the feeling of betrayal but I have never experienced what it feels like to have someone cheat on me. All I can do is try to be a friend and lend an ear."

He nodded. "I know we weren't like officially together, but still." He was still having a hard time dealing with this.

"She acted like you two were together and just because she didn't ask you out doesn't mean that you didn't feel it."

He sighed and hung his head. "Yea, it did feel like it. Especially when ..." He lowered his head and shook it gently.

She moved the tray from between them and placed it on the nightstand and then moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"I hope it gets better with time."

He curled up in her arms and cried again. He didn't know what else to do. He was hurting so badly.

She sat there and held her hand moving to the back of his head. She was not ever going to tell anyone about this or think badly about him. She never thought that a man crying was a sign of weekness.

Real men had real emotions. Isah always believed that. He was not ashamed of crying. He had to get it out, and he was going to. He was glad that Emilia was there for him.

She began to sing softly. The song was in elvish it was actually a nursery rhyme sung to small children but is was soft and soothing. She would sing as long as he wanted her to.

Her singing was somewhat soothing. His crying was calming down. After a few minutes more, it had completely stopped. But he stayed curled up in her arms in silence.

She was content to just sit there and hold him. She smiled as his crying stopped. She continued her song. She wrapped her arms around him tighter.

"I'm going to help you clean this place up, then it will be my turn to cook for you."

She was not going to take no for an answer, but she would also sit here holding him till he was ready to move.

He sighed and nodded. He wasn't in the mood to argue with her. That would take more energy than he figured he had at the moment.

She smiled at him she didn't care if she had to do most of the work. At least he would be doing something and that would keep his mind off things. She would wait for his que that he was ready to start moving.

He wouldn't make her do most of the work, if he could get away with it she would not do any of the work.

She smiled at him.

"Are you ready love?"

She moved so that she was looking into his eyes.

"Or do you want to stay here a bit longer?"

He sat up from laying against her and shook his head. "Better get it done and over with." He sighed. "I need a new board for a table." He made a half hearted attempt at a smile as he moved to get off the bed.

She smiled at him.

"That's the spirit."

She stood from the bed as well after releasing him and moved around to the other side and kissed his cheek.

"Why don't you go get a board and I will start sweeping."

He sighed and nodded as he went to the dresser to get some shorts to put on. "I'll be back shortly." As he pulled the shorts on. He headed out of the bedroom, through the kitchen and out the back door. His friend a few houses down had some spare boards from a shed he had built.

She went to the kitchen and found the broom. When he came back he would find her in the living room with her hair in a bun sweeping. She had also retrieved an ipod from her bag and had it turned on singing.

He came back through the back door with a board in one hand and a cinder block in the other. He figured the one he through out the window was broken. If not, well then he had a spare. He saw her and even heard her. So he stopped long enough to lean against the doorway and watch her for a bit. She was rather lovely.

She had not heard him come in and had her back to the door. She bent down to pick up a piece of a vase that was to big to sweep.

"Here's a little diddy about Jack and Dianne."

She went on singing as a new song came on. She was in a world all her own. She could have had the whole room cleaned in a mater of moments with magic; but that would defeat the whole reason she was doing it by hand.

His momentary pause at the doorway was short lived as he headed into the living room. She sang the first line of the song just as he came up behind her. He leaned down with his head next to hers. "Two American kids growing up in the heartland." He stepped back just in case he startled her bad enough to make her swing on him.

She was not startled at all she turned and looked at him.

"I have speakers in the bag for this thing if you want to hear too."

She had pulled out one of the small ear buds. She was really glad that she had come when she did. She was here for a friend that needed her.

He chuckled, it could have been music to her ears given his current state. "Or you could just plug it in over there and play it on my surround sound." Somehow, that had managed to remain unscathed.

It was music to her ears. She was surprised she had not seen the surround sound before. Well not really, it was sitting on a shelf that was almost out of her reach. She walked over to the system and stretched her arms up. Doing that lifted her shirt some showing her midsection. She plugged in the ipod and turned the music up loud.

He grinned as he set the cinder blocks into place and laid the board across them. He had a coffee table again. Then he started picking up glass.

She continued sweeping and singing. She even pretended to dance with the broom a few times. would stop every once in a while to pick up the bigger pieces of glass. The living room would be finished soon enough.

He picked up his parents picture and took it from the frame careful not to tear it on the broken glass. He set it up on the mantle. His mothers jewelry box had managed to survive with just a broken hing. He could fix that. There wasn't a lot to save, Yup they were almost done.

She went and got the trash can bringing it and the dustpan into the living room and began sweeping up the pile in middle of the floor. The sound of the glass crashing into the trash can made her want to cringe. She held that in though. When the glass was swept up she looked at him.

"Ok sexy, what is next?"

He gathered up the remnants of the shattered chair and added them to the can. "Guess that's it. Thanks for the help." He looked around the room.

She smiled at him.

"You are welcome, I can stay as long as you want me here. So if all the cleaning is done what would you like to do?"

She wasn't hungry yet, the living room had only taken a couple hours to clean.

He went over ad sat down on the couch. "I kinda want to get out of here for a bit. Will you go somewhere with me?" He had an idea.

She moved over to sit next to him as she took her hair out of the bun and shook it out.

"If that is what you want to do, than yes I will go somewhere with you."

He placed his hand on her thigh and kissed her cheek. "Good, just let me get dressed." He patted her leg as he rose from the seat and headed to his room.

She would smile up at him. She was wearing jeans and a tank top.

"I have other clothes I can change into if it is needed."

She watched him as he headed into his room.

He heard her and called out from the bedroom. "Naa, your good, unless you think you need to." They weren't going anywhere fancy, he just needed to get out.

"No I am fine just let me get my shoes on."

She went to the bag and pulled them out. She was putting them on and heading to the bathroom as he came out of the bedroom. She brushed her teeth washed her face and then brushed out her hair.

He joined her in the bathroom to brush his teeth as well. He was very comfortable with her there. He figured that a distraction would do him some good.

She just smiled up at him when she was finished.

"Now where is it that you wanted to go?"

She slipped her hand into his. She was still leaving most of her barriers down, he would feel the relaxation coming from her. She did replace a few since they were leaving his home.

He grinned. "It's a surprise." He took her hand and they headed from the cottage. They walked for a while and ended up back at the castle. They headed into the castle. Up the stairs to the right of the throne room all the way to the third floor. "Wait here." He smiled at her and disappeared into a door.

She laughed.

"I like surprises."

She squeezed his hand lightly as they walked back to the castle. She followed him through past the throne room and up to the third floor. She looked at him with a half smile on her face and waited for him to come back.

He came out of the room moments later with a bucket of popcorn and two huge soda's. He handed her a soda and grinned. "This way." Down the hall a ways was another door. He opened it for her to walk in. There were several rows of seats and the room was dark and empty. And at the front of the room ... A huge white screen.

She took the soda and took a drink of it Dr Pepper her favorite. She looked at the pop corn in his hand.

"What do you have up your sleeve?"

That was when he opened the other door. Her eyes lit up. It was so rare that she got to see a movie in a theater.

"Back row center?"

She asked him with a grin. It didn't mater what the movie was this was going to be fun.

He chuckled. "Anywhere you want to sit is fine by me." He flipped a switch on the wall that was behind the seating so that the movie would start.

She sat in the middle in the back and placed her soda in the whole of the arm. The arm between them she lifted up so the popcorn could be set between them.

"What movie are we seeing today?"

He grinned. "You shall see." And that was when Nicole Kidman's voice could be heard as a penguin danced across the screne.

She looked and her eyes lit up. She would not have admitted it but she did love children's movies. Probably because of not having much of a childhood herself. She settled back into the chair to watch.

He saw the joy on her face and saw how she settled in to watch the movie. He put his Dr. Pepper in the cup holder and put his arm over her shoulders as he settled back to watch as well. This was one of his favorite movies.

She laid her head against his shoulder and put her hand in the popcorn and picked up a couple pieces. She popped them into her mouth and laughed. The movie had a few sexual innuendos but it was funny and cute.

He was able to look past the innuendos, after all, it was a children's movie. But it was nice to be sharing it with a friend.

When the movie was over she looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you, I enjoyed that."

She picked her cup up so they could throw it away she had almost completely emptied it.

He picked up his cup and the popcorn bucket and moved to the isle stepping back to let her out. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." He flipped the switch on his way out. The trash can was just across the hall from the door. He threw the trash away and smiled. "Let me reset the movie so that the next person doesn't have to clean up after us." He headed back into the first room for a bit.

She moved past him and threw her cup in the trash can; then she waited for him to come back out of the other room. She knew just what she was going to do for Isha. She would have it for him the next time she saw him.

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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:37 pm

When he came back out of offered her a crooked arm. he was in a bit of a better mood now that he had seen a good movie. He was still in pain, but he was calmer and it was nice to have a friend to keep him companty.

She took his arm and smiled up at him.

"Now what else would you like to do today before I cook dinner for you?"

He chuckled. "Well, there's not a lot at the cottage, perhaps we should go the the market on the square. They have fresh fruits and vegetables, meats too." They had some other things as well, it wasn't just groceries. It would be a nice way to spend some time.

She smiled and nodded.

"That sounds perfect."

She let him lead her to the market. She was surprised by just how much was there maybe she would find what she had in mind. They looked through the stalls and she smiled and nodded at everyone. That was when she saw it.

"Isha why don't you go get us a couple of steaks, I want to look at these dresses over here."

He smiled. "Sure sweety." He kissed her cheek and headed off to find some good steaks.

She smiled and went to a stall that was selling stuffed animals. She picked out and paid for a penguin. She put it in her bag and then went to the dress stall that was near. Isha would find her there looking a a beautiful but simple blue dress.

He returned with the steaks and some Jack Daniels steak sauce. Hickory mesquite flavor. "Find something you like?" He was looking over her shoulder to see the dress.

She tuned her head to look up at him.

"Actually I did."

She held the powder blue dress against her. It was a very soft cotton wrap dress. It would fall to just her below her knees when she put it on.

"I am actually going to buy it."

He smiled at her."I'm glad you found something. You know, my mother had a pair of earrings that would go good with that dress." When they got back to the cottage, he would give them to her, if he could remember where he put them.

She smiled as she purchased the dress.

"Your mother must have been a wonderful woman to have raised a son like you."

She let the woman she purchased the dress from wrap it in a box and carried it.

"Lets get some potatoes and thing to make a salad."

He blushed. "I had wonderful parents. My father was a great man." He grinned when she mentioned potatoes and salad.

She took his hand and wondered around the vegtables.

"Do you have things like dressing, butter, sour cream, and cheese?"

He thought about it. "I am out of sour cream, and butter. They don't have long shelf lives." Everything else he had.

She smiled.

"Well than that we will need to get too."

She would let him lead her around the market as they collected the rest of the items they would need for dinner. Once they had everything they went back to his cottage.

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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:06 pm

He opened the door and let her in. He carried the groceries into the kitchen and started putting things away so they wouldn't go bad before they were cooked or served. He got out a pan to cook the steaks on and some foil for the potatoes. He knew she had volunteered to cook, but she had to kick him out of his own kitchen to get away with it.

She followed him into the kitchen and looked at him.

"Your not going to let me cook are you?"

He chuckled. "Is that your way of kicking me out of my kitchen?" He would get out if she asked, he was in no mood to argue. He could find things to do anyway..

She smiled.

"How about a compromise. I'll cut up the things for a salad and put the potatoes in the oven. You can cook the steaks."

She moved over to the counter and took the potatoes and began to rinse them.

He watched her. "Hmm, ok. But you might want to use the white brush hanging on the inside of the cabinet door under the sink on those potatoes, they are naturally fertilized and not washed yet." He chuckled as he began to get things ready to put the steaks in the broiler.

She laughed and opened the cabinet and pulled out the brush. She began scrub them till they were clean.

"Thanks for the warning."

She lightly salted the skin and wrapped the potatoes in the foil. She placed them in the oven to cook. She than picked up the salad fixings and began to was them. She cut up the lettuce, tomatoes, She pealed cucumber then cut it up and tossed them all into a large bowl. She covered the bowl with plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge.

"There salad is ready and potatoes are cooking."

He was seasoning the meat and placing it in the broiler. "There might be some shredded carrots in the crisper if you want to add those to the salad." He reached up and opened a cabinet door and pulled down a jar of sunflower seeds, and a jar of bacon bits. For the salad of course.

She smiled as she looked in the crisper. Sure enough there was a bag of shredded carrots. She opened the bag and lifted the plastic off the bowl she added the carrots and placed everything back where it belonged.

"Mind if I shower?"

He shook his head. "Go for it sweety, there's soaps and shampoos in the linen closet just outside the bathroom door. Pretty stuff. It's what was left behind." He was going to look for a pair of earrings.

She smiled as she picked up her bag.

"Thanks sexy, but I have my own."

She held up her bag and went onto the bath room. She looked at it. The broken tiles were not going to do. She didn't want him so see them and become upset again. She closed her eyes and chanted softly in elvish. The broken pieces went back together like a puzzle. There were still cracks but it looked much better. She cleaned out the tub and then got into the shower. She turned on the water and just stood there for a while.

While she was in the shower, he went over to the pile of baubles that had fallen from the jewelry box that had been upon the mantle. He dug around and found the earrings he had been looking for.

She took her time, reaching into her bag when she had to. She had shaved and used her soaps and shampoo. She got out and wrapped a towel around her hair and then dried her body before using lotion.

He checked on the meat and turned it over. He didn't want to burn it. The smell of the food, mixed with the smell of her was rather aromatic and it filled his house. For a moment he closed his eyes and flashed back to his past.

She looked at her bag and smiled as she saw the stuffed animal that she had bought him. She left it in the bag she would pull it out later. She put on the new dress she had just brought and left her feet bare. She then removed the towel from her hair and brushed it back out. She hung up the towels and made sure all her stuff was back in her bag. She came out of the bathroom and went back to the kitchen.

He came back to reality when he heard the bathroom door. He turned and looked at her. "It looks so lovely on you. Here, to go with the dress." He handed her the earrings. And then went to check on the stakes again.

She looked at what he had handed her and smiled.

"Thank you Isha, they are perfect."

She put the earrings in her ears and than looked up at him.

"Well, what do you think?"

He looked over at her and smiled. "Very lovely, they are a perfect match, and they bring out your eyes." The steaks were almost done. He checked the potatoes to see if they were soft yet.

They should have been.

"Do you need help setting the table?"

She was already moving to the fridge for the salad and dressing.

He looked over at her as he was pulling the potatoes. "Um, if you want to. It's those cabinets over there." He jerked his head in the direction of the cabinets that held plates, bowls and cups, silverware were in the drawer below,and maybe even some candlesticks if she wanted them.

She smiled.

"Let me finish up and you can go clean up if you want to."

She began getting the dishes out and setting them on the table.

He nodded and headed to get washed up for dinner.

She smiled as she watched him walk off. She had seen a table cloth in the linen closet and went to get it now. She placed it on the table and then she set it. plates and cups silverware and wine glasses for the bottle of wine. She then put the food onto the table and arranged the fixings in the middle. She brought the candles out to and lit them on the table. Last thing she did was put the little penguin stuffed animals in his chair. It was actually a pair of penguins, they were cuddled together with a blue scarf tied around them both. They looked like penguins from Happy Feet. She waited for him to come back out.

He used the restroom and washed his hands and face. He came out of the bathroom and saw the table. "How lovely." He walked over and held her chair for her. Then he walked over to his chair. He pulled it out and saw the penguins. "Emilia, what is this?" He held up the cute little fury pair. They were so soft and cuddly. "Thank you. One moment." He went into his room and laid them on a pillow on his bed. Then he came back out to sit down to dinner, but first he had to give her a kiss to say thank you. It was a chaste kiss, but it was meant as a thanks. He sat down and opened his potato to start fixing it. "You really did not have to do that."

"As you told me this morning, I know I didn't have to."

She sat in the chair he had pulled out for her and returned the kiss he gave her when he sat back down. She was putting bacon bits seeds and dressing on her salad. She took a few bites and than fixed her potato up. Butter, sour cream, and cheese.

"The steaks smell wonderful."

The thought that he had placed her gift on his bed made her smile even more.

He chuckled as he added butter, cheese, bacon bits, and sour creme to his potato. Then he added cheese, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, and ranch dressing on his salad. The finishing touch, Jack Daniel's steak sauce on his steak. "I'm glad you think so." Because she said it smelled good. He cut a piece of his steak and took a bite. It was perfect.

She sat there with him and ate her dinner. She was trying to keep him smiling making small talk and a couple jokes. She poured them wine as well the cups held ice water. She was here just to keep him company. She really hoped she was doing a good job. When they were both done she began helping him clear and wash the dishes.

She made a good distraction. She even got him to laugh a bit here and there. But she was going to have to go back to the Inn soon, then he would have to face life again. While they were washing dishes he figured he'd ask her a question. "Hey Em, when you get back to the Inn, can you tell Venis I need some time before I come back?" He wasn't ready to go back to that Inn yet.

She was drying the dishes and putting them away. She was in a good mood. He needed the company right now.

"Sure I will tell her when I get back. I was going to be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Do you need me to tell her anything else?"

He shook his head. "No, just that. Thanks." He figured everything else was private right now, he didn't feel like broadcasting.

She smiled at him as she poured them both another glass of wine.

"Do you want me to stay here with you tonight or do you want me to find other accomodations?"

He shook his head. "You are welcome if you wish to stay." He smiled at the offered wine and took a sip.

She took a drink of her wine and took his hand leading him to the living room. She sat down on the couch pulling him down next to her.

"I'll stay here I think that you could still use the company."

He sat down with her and sighed. "You don't have to stay Em. I will survive." He had survived worse.

"I know I don't have to, I want to. Believe it or not Isha I do enjoy your company."

She laid her head against his shoulder.

He chuckled. "I am sure I am not the best of company right now." He laid his head on hers and closed his eyes.

"Isha, you have been wonderful today. You took me to a movie, you gave me earrings. We had dinner. How could you think you are not good company?"

He chuckled. "Because I am in misery."

She kissed his cheek.

"Isha that is one of the things that makes you so special and really makes her stupid. Even though you are not in the best of moods you still tried to push that aside. When you find the right woman, and I have no doubt you will she will be very lucky."

He half chuckled and shook his head. "Heh, nope, I'm done."

"Isha you are to passionate a man to stay alone."

She knew she spoke the truth.

"You also have to much to give, I know it will take time but don't shut your self off from the possibility that you might find her."

He just shook his head and sipped from his wine.

She sipped her wine as well and looked up at him.

"Isha, don't shut your self off love."

She set her glass down and took his face in her hands and turned it to look at her. She smiled softly at him.

"It will be a shame to see you loose that spark."

He sighed as he took his head from her hands and leaned back against the back of the couch. "Honey, that spark is dead." He swallowed down the last of the wine in his glass.

She let his face go and picked her glass up and drained it. She sighed.

"I don't believe it is; I believe it is hiding."

She leaned back against the couch as well.

"I saw some of it today."

He shook his head slowly. "No, you saw me trying to keep you from being bored with me." He hoped she had not been bored.

She had not been bored at all.

"Well it worked.I actually had fun today, you got you place back in order and you have something for your bed so you will never have to sleep alone again."

He smiled. "Yes, there is that." He sighed. He looked out the broken window to see how late it was getting to be.

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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:06 pm

She looked as well. The sun was just starting to set and it looked beautiful out there. She stood from the couch and moved over to the broken window and stood looking out. The last rays of the sun reflecting of her silky hair. She was glad that he had smiled.

He watched her got to the window and peer out. She was truly lovely. But it was lost on him at the moment.

She looked back at him. He was heart broken and it pissed her off to no end. She held her hand out to him.

"Isha come watch the sun set with me."

He shook his head. "Naa, not up to looking at a sunset right now. Thanks though." He scooted over to lean on the arm of the couch.

She smiled as she watched it for a while longer the sky was beautiful shades of pinks and purples. Sunsets always made her feel calm. She soon made her way back over to the couch and sat down beside her. She put her hand on his thigh. She wouldn't say anything just sit there and be there for him. He would talk if he wanted to.

He placed his hand on hers and gave it a little squeeze as he sat there staring off into space. He was definitely depressed.

She looked at him she hated seeing him this way there was one thing that she was really good at that would really distract him but that might just make things worse.

"Does the TV get cable?"

It was really to early to go to bed and he didn't seam to want to talk.

He shook his head. "Sorry, just rabbit ears, but Venis said that there was this trick with foil, make it stronger. I can't figure it out, but she made it work, maybe it takes a woman's touch, or it was some divine magic." If she wanted to try it, he wouldn't oibject.

She smiled as she went into the kitchen and got some foil. Coming back into the living room she tore some off and rolled it carefully. She turned on the TV and found a sit com called Everybody Loves Raymond. It was a bit snowy but viewable. She placed the foil over the rabbit ears so that it formed a half circle. The picture cleared perfectly. She moved back to the couch and sat down leaning against Isha as they watched.

He chuckled. "See, takes a woman. Oh cool, this is a funny show." He wrapped is arm around her as she came back to sit with him and snuggled close with her.

She curled her legs up onto the couch when he wrapped his arm around her and snuggled in close to him.

"I guess it does; because I promise there was no divine intervention."

She started laughing at the show. They must have been running a marathon because there were four episodes of it on back to back.

Isah was one of the few people who resided within the keep who could find humor in this particular show. He laughed and laughed. And after the four episodes of Raymond were over, Still Standing came on. He figured they had missed the King of Queens.

She was glad to see him laughing and enjoying himself. She was laughing too. The show had it's charm. She really liked the mother on the show. After the show Still Standing was over she looked at him.

"Are you ready for bed now?"

He nodded. "Yea, I kinda am. I can take the couch if it would make you more comfortable." He didn't want to assume anything.

"Isha we are both adults, we shared the bed last night and I do not see any reason to make you sleep on the couch tonight."

She moved her legs onto the floor and picked up her bag.

"I'm going to brush my teeth and then we can get ready for bed."

She squeezed his thigh as she stood up.

He nodded as he got up. "Ok, if you're sure." He followed along behind her, he would wait until she was done in the bathroom though before going in himself.

She went to the sink and retrieved her toothbrush from the bag and brushed her teeth. She rinsed her mouth and then put her tooth brush back in the bag. She looked back at him.

"I have no PJ's with me because I normally sleep in the buff. It doesn't bother me any but if it bothers you I will ask for a t shirt."

As tall as Isha was one of his shirts would be like a dress on her.

He shook his head. "Doesn't matter to me. I'm an adult, I can handle it." He headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and use the facilities. He came out in his boxers, that was how he was going to sleep.

She smiled at him and nodded as she took her clothes off. She folded them neatly and laid them on the nightstand. She looked over at him.

"Good I'm glad that the sight of me naked doesn't offend you."

She let out a small laugh. Yes she was making a joke.

He laughed the first genuine laugh he had managed since the cursed event. That was literally the funniest thing he had ever heard. "If you being naked offended me, I would have never ..." He let it trail off there as he motioned to the bed for her to pick a side.

She looked up at him and just smiled. He was laughing and it was a full laugh. She moved the covers back on the side of the bed that she had been standing at and slid in between the cool sheets.

"Well since it is settled that my being naked doesn't offend you."

She patted the bed next to her. She picked up the penguins and moved them to the nightstand and set them on top of her clothes.

"We wouldn't want them falling on the floor."

He chuckled as he climbed into bed. "Not by a long shot." He climbed under the covers and got comfortable.

She turned onto her side and faced him.

"Thank you Isha for the wonderful day."

She leaned her head closer to him and kissed him softly.

"I really did have fun."

He returned her kiss. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for the company." He smiled as he closed his eyes.

She curled herself up against him and closed her eyes as well.

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Re: A favor for Manny

Post by Emilia on Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:12 pm

Emilia woke very early in the morning; she was up before the sunrise. She smiled at Isha, he looked so peaceful. She kissed his lips softly. She placed the penguins on the pillow beside him. She put the dress back on and then wrote him a note.

Thanks again for the fun day yesterday, I will deliver the message to Venis. I'll come see you in a couple weeks.

She left his cottage and then the keep. She opened a portal and appered in her room. She kissed her daughter on the cheek and then went to Manny's door and knocked.She smiled as she delivered the box. She said sorry for taking so long but that Isha had needed a friend.

Her last stop was to see Venis and deliver the message that Isha needed more time off. Emilia told nither person why Isha had needed a friend or wanted the extra time. She went back to her room and sat down in a chair.

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Re: A favor for Manny

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