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Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

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Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

Post by Gawain on Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:27 pm


If this is a place for creativity, why is there a need for my wife to have to apologize for adding her own flair to a menu that, by it's very definition, SHOULD be open-ended?! Wolfgang Puck wouldn't put a stopper on his menu, since that would mean he'd never be able to create new dishes, therefore why in the nine hells would it be done here?

Someone needs to grow up, not to mention apologize to my wife.

This can end one of two ways. As the man said, make your choice.

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Re: Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:06 pm

Joey, I love you very much and I mean absolutely no disrespect or malice to you or your wife as I make this reply. I'm just using your analogy to make a case for the Admin's point based on my knowledge of the restaurant industry through Michael who's worked in a number of kitchen at various scales, because I think the analogy is a good one. Wolfgang Puck would absolutely not freeze his menu at any of his restaurants, but as with any head chef he'd have final say in what goes on that menu. Well, not even that. He has to answer to the manager, and the owner. His chefs I'm sure are encouraged to experiment, innovate and make suggestions - and in some cases I bet that's part of their job requirement - but the decision would ultimately rest with him as head chef and the aforementioned manager and owner about whether or not the dish the assistant chef presented should go on the menu.

If you want to take this analogy further, the reason these three positions in the restaurant have the final say over the bevy of chefs in the kitchen is because it's more than just whether or not that single dish tastes good. In fact, if the chef is working in a kitchen of that caliber the dish probably tastes great. But does it go with the rest of the food on the menu, does it fit in with the image the restaurant is known for, do they have to work on the presentation of the dish before serving it? Chances are it's a great fit and Wolfgang will love it, but that doesn't mean the chef should, or is allowed to, bypass Wolfgang's go ahead and assume he has it already.

By the same token those that run this inn are not only responsible for thinking about one detail that a player wants to add to the construct. These facilitators are caring for the overall theme, tone and style of this place to game - as well as making sure too much isn't added at once, that there are overlapping changes to one area, and so on. And I'm sure that's the only reason why they want to be approached regarding additions or changes to the Inn - to make sure that like in any good meal/dining experience all the ingredients fit into place.

I have yet to see anyone say that they felt the drink additions were a bad idea, and have only seen people enjoy the concepts and names. I've only seen a request that like in a kitchen or any community teamwork environment they are allowed to make sure everyone is cared for and the vision/mission of the place has continuity.

[On a side note, I hope my use of your analogy makes sense. I could have been more at home using an analogy that was based in the theatre industry, but I was trying to work with the specific one you gave!]


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Re: Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

Post by The Crimson Wolf on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:44 pm

-Cracks knuckles.- Well well well, the big bad wolf finally gets the urge to make a comment in regards to someone else's post. First off, the idea of a drink based menu is a decent idea, though not exactly original... However, it shows constructive creativity, which I am often unable to actually form into coherent thought by myself. However, if you're going to make a list of drinks, why not ask everyone on the forum, as to their ideas for the list of drinks. There are many characters out there that enjoy many different varieties of drinks in which the person making the menu may not even know about, especially in a fantasy realm or environment. Sure you may have heard of vodka or tequila... But have you ever heard of blood wyne? Dragon's tears? Fairy drops?

Secondly, why stop at simply drinks? I'm sure there's a ton of breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas in which might also make a wonderful addition to the menu... Though that's simply a rough sketch at this point, and therefore may not even present much of an argument... I haven't even looked at any of the menus myself, so it could already be done. Though, even if it was done, I'm absolutely positive that there's more that could be added to the list.

My third point, is that even though you role play here on the forum, the forum is not yours to do as you please... It shows hospitality and courtesy to those that run the forum that you ask their permission in regards to adding anything at all, specifically anything that may change the game play... Come on now, we're all mature enough to be respectful of one another... I mean, personally, if I ran the forum, I wouldn't want to be left in the dark about a new menu being put up in a tavern my character owned, or ran as a host. I'd feel kind of like an idiot if I was role playing and found out the hard way when someone asked for a specific drink in which I haven't heard of before, and come to find out it's been on the menu for several days.

Fourth, if your suggestions or ideas are approved, then great! Go on about your gaming and do as you intended, though if it isn't... then I suppose you may run into a bit of a dilemma.. Respect the authority of those who created and founded the forum, and be polite. Find out why it can't be added, make adjustments, and change what needs to be changed in order to better suit the environment in which you are presenting the suggested idea to.

My last point, to this entire scenario, is that all the administration is asking, is that you ask before putting something up on the forum in which may change the in-character game play and environment. Is that so hard? Just ask... No one's telling you that it can't be there... No one's telling you that it was a bad idea... All that seems to be the problem, is that you didn't actually get permission in order to post the idea or suggested menu in the first place, therefore you went over the administration. By bypassing the administration, in a sense you may have overstepped your boundaries. I'm not an administrator so I wouldn't know, personally.

Chill out. Relax. Calm down. It's role playing, and if you feel the urge to bring out of character drama to the forum, then perhaps this isn't the best place for you to be? Then again, if this is how you behave on a regular basis... I'm not too sure if you'd really be welcome anywhere... No one likes OoC drama. I myself have enough stress and drama in my life. It's actually one of the reasons I choose to submerge myself in such a realm of fantasy, where anything is possible, in order to escape reality. To each their own though... But seriously... is it too much to ask, to simply ask the administration if you plan to make a change which may affect others? I suppose that's all I have to say about this topic, so I guess I'll just crawl back into my den then...
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Re: Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:26 pm

Just for the record it was a random idea that I came up with, and all drinks are real drinks. All I was doing was trying to pay a little homage to the charries in the inn, and bring a little more buisness to the bar.

Oh and for the record all drinks listed are real, and can be found at:
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Re: Just a 'friendly' reminder, and yes, you should read.

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