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The Simple Wanderings of the Elf in White(Open)

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The Simple Wanderings of the Elf in White(Open)

Post by Gwendolan on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:34 am

Gwen had only seen the front desk when she had come in a couple days ago. She had caught glimpses of the other rooms off the main one. She was drawn to the lounge first. It must have been all the blue in the room.

There were so many things in here that she had never seen before. She let Hopper down when he began to squirm. She walked from the air hockey table to the TV, she was letting her fingers of the now free hand touch the surface of these two things.

"Manny, what are these? This table is so smooth it is almost like ice but not cold. And this, I don't even know what to say about this. It gives a refection but it is black like night. Is it a huge scrying mirror?"

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Re: The Simple Wanderings of the Elf in White(Open)

Post by Gwendolan on Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:39 pm

Manny smiled, but he didn't chuckle, he understood. After all, he hung out with Epiphany too. She was a techno-virgin same as Gwendolan. "This ..." He touched the air hockey table. "Is called an Air Hockey table. It can be exciting, but it can get boring once you get too good at it. And this ..." He pointed at the TV. "Is a television. You turn it on with buttons on it or with this." He picked up the remote and hit the power button. When the TV came on there was an info-mercial on. Cindy Crawford was talking about this French skin care stuff made from cantaloups grown in one place only, in France. "This is an info-mercial. It's a thirty minute program telling people about a product.

Evidently, this TV picks up Earth Channels." he laughed then and handed her the remote. He pointed out how to change the channel and the volume.
Gwen jumped when the TV came on. She was startled. It was crystal clear the people could have been in the same room. It was like looking through a window. She tried to look behind it but it was attached to the wall. She touched it and the color moved out in a ripple around her finger like she had just touched water but it was hard like glass.

"What kind of magic is this?"

She watched as he showed her how to turn the channels. She took the remote from him and pushed the button and found Cinimax, This late at night it was playing not so decent movies. Gwen turned bright red and quickly paused the button again. HBO was showing a Die Hard movie and there was a very big very loud explosion. Gwen dropped the remote and put her hands over her ears.

"it's kinda hard to explain." Then a big grin spread over Manny's face, until she changed the channel and found 'skinamax'. he turned beat red. But she quickly changed the channel again. Just in time to see a huge explosion from the movie that was on. When she dropped the remote manny bent over to pick it up. He quickly hit the power button. He waited for a moment to let her ears readjust to the silence. "Let's work on the whole TV thing some other time. Come on, I'll show you some more of the Inn." He offered her his arm again so he could lead her from the room.

After her ears stopped ringing she nodded.

"I am not sure I will like the whole TV thing."

She was really glad he had turned off the magic box. It was scary. She took his arm when he offered it. "Come on Hopper." The little cub moved to follow them.

"What else does the magic box show?"

"Hundreds of things. Some of them are a whole lot more pleasant to watch." he lead her from the Lounge to the meeting hall. Not much to show in there, yet. Then they moved on to the battle gym. He didn't know how much she would want to explore in there, but he was going to give her a chance.

She looked at the meeting hall and then followed him down to the gym. She knew it for what it was a training area. Though it might not look like it Gwen knew how to fight rather well most elves did, she just chose to not use violence unless someone else life was threaded.

"Can we go outside now?"

She was excited to see the gardens and the forest beyond it.

Manny chuckled. "Of course, because there's nothing else to see here inside." he walked her to the door of the gardens. He let her stepout first. He wanted to see her reaction so he didn't hesitate to follow her out.

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