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Down in the basement, a super nova!

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Down in the basement, a super nova!

Post by Epiphany on Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:28 pm

The cellar - or basement - wasn't an area of the Inn that was frequented by much of anyone besides the staff. True that the gym was in a portion of the basement, and the indoor pool was at another part of the basement (they had an indoor pool? Sure!) , but this was the bottom of the basement where they kept things in storage, and this is where Epiphany was headed. She had just signed for a delivery of checkered colored walnuts and they had to go to storage. Box in her hand, what did she see but a large telephone booth in the middle of the floor. "Wha?" How very curious. The only person she knew who had a booth like this was...."The Doctor? He'" Shows how much she reads the ledgers! Putting down her box she went to the booth and pushed at the door.

The Doctor could currently be found with his legs sticking out from underneath the large central console of the TARDIS. and when the door opened, the doctor smiled, smiled so big and loud Epiphany could probably tell." there she is, I was wondering when I was going to catch you stopping by..." he knew it was epiphany, but the doctor being the doctor he assumed that she knew that he knew it was her. though that may have not been the case for her.

Ha! At least the door had opened, that was a plus, even if the opening of it caught her slightly off guard and she had to catch herself from falling in. "Hi...Doctor." He was cheery and she was confused and in a happy state, she even chuckled. "When did you get here? What are you doing here? It's good to see you!" See what happens when she gets confused. Epiphany stepped in and looked around. "You know I've.. seen a lot of things over the past year, but I wasn't expecting to see the Booth in the Basement."

"well I'm here because my beautiful wife says that the TARDIS needs a place that it goes so she can have like a mailing address... so I said, well why not get a PO Box and then the TARDIS can just g anywhere and we don’t have to park it somewhere... but she wouldn’t have any of that. and then it was a day when there was a blue coded alert and she and killian where swimming nearby. soooo! we're here.. and have been for a few days now. as for why the TARDIS is down here, well that’s because no one really comes down here and the last thing i want in the shifty looking giant wolf to waltz into my ship and scare the pants off of poor Lumie." now he pushed out from underneath the console and sat up to give her a proper smile." how about you Epiphany? How've you been, still grasping at oranges?"

Blink. Shifty looking giant wolf? She really needed to spend more time at the Inn. She knew of some of the large animals that were around the Inn, so maybe that's what he meant. Still. Grinning Epiphany scratched the back of her neck and spun around on her heel before looking over one of the walls - this machine of the Doctors was always so interesting with it's flashing lights and buttons. "I'm proud to say that I'm good and settled with my fruit." Course she looked at him when she started talking. "Even if he's not presently here, I don't have a taste for anything else. I've learned the lesson the hard way."

The doctor then stood and dusted off his suit, brown with blue pinstripes he effin loved it to tie today, just a t-shirt underneath the jacket-" I'm glad you've settled on one type of fruit, and you've moved out here to this, really quite brilliant inn. kudos on it, really! come on have a sit." and a few running steps and the doctor dove into the console chair which spun around the console on its rail before settling in front of Epiphany.

“You know I rarely ever get a chance to say this," Open chair! She took it and tried to copy the doctors earlier position by stretching her legs out - she was wearing jeans today so it didn't matter too much how she sat. "I had an epiphany when I moved out here." She got to use her name for what it meant! "Sure there are some responsibilities here like, oh, make sure the roof doesn't cave in and that there's food for people to eat, but it's nothing like at the old place and that finally allowed me to just be me and get back to the things I love to do. I'm finally starting to explore feelings and opinions, free from the need to be proper and set the good example, be diplomatic and 'the whole world is watching you' thing." She chuckled, looking and being very much at ease.

”Oh yeah, I can imagine, especially for such a free spirit to be chained up so much..." when she stretched out and got comfy the doctor did too, reaching forth and pressing a button which caused a whirring and brought the console screen to in front of them., a few hundred maybe thousand numbers whizzing by at a millions miles a minute covered the screen and the doctor read for a moment and then beamed brightly- well now that that’s taken care of... sorry about the random, y'know thing... the Chameleon circuit almost got tagged by the self repair systems... and I had to put a stop to it.”

All the whizzing and numbers and bunch of moving everything certainly got her attention. Of course she tried to read it, catch any of it, but it all moved so fast that she thought she was going to get dizzy by staring at it. During the whole while she didn't blink - might have missed something, even though she didn't know what she was looking at. "The...ah, Chameleon circuit?"

“Yes, its the device that disguises the TARDIS in a nondescript manner so it blends in with the surrounding... a few hundred years ago, I landed in 1964 London and it took this shape" a tap of a button and the polite box popped up." short circuited and got stuck that way, been there ever since, I actually rather like it you know.”

"Oh. Well. Certainly." Did she know what she was saying? Not yet, but she could always attempt. "Sometimes we get use to things, ya know? What use to be an eyesore at first we grow fond of and even miss it if its not around." 1964. "I can guess that its very needed to fit in, some people or times wouldn't know what to make of this box." The TARDIS. 'Been anywhere interesting? I remember that tine you took me back in time..."

“Well most people just don’t notice it... has a perception filter about it, , means people see it, but dismiss it just the same, like a street lamp or something. Another nod before his shoulder rose and fell in a shrug, looking back in thought." well... hm, I've been to a super nova recently those are always interesting. Oh! I do too, what was brilliant... London right? Middle of the eighteenth century?"

"Yeah . . ." She said with a reminiscent sigh. "That time period can be very inspirational in terms of clothing. Oh I know that most of it is considered stuffy, my sister would love it, but it was great for costume design and ideas for plays and stories. Take a lil bit of it and add my own twist. Fascinating that was. Very fascinating. Though I've never been to Super Nova. Where's that?" Thinking that it was a place.

“I can imagine, some of my previous incarnations drew heavily from that style of clothing.- smiling still and giving a nod, leaning forward and tapping at a few things on the screen before a giant picture of a beautiful gleaming mass of light and gas. "That is a super nova, its when a star builds up so much energy within itself that it simply, explodes... gigantic explosion, billions of times larger then the earth... even the solar system... I didn’t know you had a sister.”

Epiphany, who had never seen something so bright like that before, leaned forward in her seat to look at it. "Wow." That was a star? The closest she ever got to a star was looking at them from the ground. Even when she spread her wings to soar upwards she still couldn't reach them and they continued to look far away. "That's amazing. Huh?" He said something? "Sister?" She leaned back into her seat and scooted down. 'Yeah. Foster sister really. Not blood related. Though I do have a brother who's around here, he's blood. Half-brother, and he's half Vampire. My Foster sisters a Were like Foster Dad."

“Hm, that sounds like a rather interesting family tree" still smiling bright , eyes watching her fascination with the super nova." would you like to go watch one? we can watch the same one I watched a few days ago. I think you'd really like it."

"It's very weird and it doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm not Vampire at all yet I seem to be surrounded by them. Especially here....." trailing off on that one. She had a strange family tree. But at hearing the suggestion that they could go see the star she perked up. "Really? we can go? That would be great. I'd love to. "

”Absolutely! alon zi!” - jumping from the chair the doctor started to move around the console, flipping switched and turning knobs and pressing buttons. before he pointed at a large purple button right in front of her, “Will you push that one for me, and hold it in. thanks" and he was back to setting a course.

He was asking her to push the button? The moment of her life - one of them anyway - has finally arrived. the day she go to push a large shiney button. Epiphany flexed her fingers and looked around at all the other bright lights before she reached out and pressed the button!

- And he flipped a switch and the ship went rockets, bouncing and shaking like crazy, jumping about and almost knocking the doctor off his feet before it stopped, the engine thrumming with a good little beat- OHYES! yes, oh yeah was one word, and he announced it with great excitement reaching up and patting the green tube in the middle of the TARDIS." good girl... good girl... well then, after you." motioning for the door." open it carefully.." and when she did she would be greeted with the vastness of space, stars and galaxies and nebulas as far as the eye could see. In front of them a brightly glowing white star.

Huzzah! It was all so exciting and very interesting. New experiences, something she loved. The motion shook her back in her seat and she really should have been strapped in with a seatbelt - she didn't know any better. The bouncing around only got her to laugh as she settled and got back to her feet. Now all she had to do was open the door. She looked around and approached it. Carefully. "" that was about all she could say about it. It was amazing. Very few things made this girl speechless, but this was one of them.

”Wow indeed... this is the beta cluster, lots of stuff going on here and about...interesting fact, the things we're seeing now happened about three years ago... " Everything was so massive, and yet they where over three lightyears away. says something doesn’t it? "And in about three minutes that big star in front of us is going to explode.”

Lightyears? "Light ages? Well.. I suppose it does when you.. think about it. Everything ages in some way, even if it's immortal they get older in terms of how long they've been immortal.... " That was something to think over. Maybe she could have a talk with light. "It's amazing that all this happened three years ago. I.. I can't even believe that Im in space!" What would happen if she stepped outside of the door and did she want to test it? She leaned more into the door, but she didn't exit.

The door was now like a pane of glass, one would simply be unable to walk through it, not to mention that the moment Epiphany thought about walking through the barrier, she changed her mind on doing so "Yup, in space, deep space... in fact, if you look off out that way, and stare for about six hundred thousand years, you can see the inn... really far away." and rather suddenly the star before them exploded. Filling their entire field of vision with a nearly blinding white light. the TARDIS dimmed the scene a great deal so their eyes weren’t hurt.


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