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meditation, and healing

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meditation, and healing

Post by Madeline Cauthon on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:25 am

Madeline was trying to resolve everything that had happened. She wanted to do something for those who had helped her out, and to do something to try to help her sister. She pulled out a chest she had in her closetn that had a bunch of stones, and different type of metals she used to make different charms why she was on the Holy Isle. She began on everone's different personalities, and how she could compliment them with a charm.

She started first with Venis. Venis was after all the Godess of protection, and had been a big influence in her life. so for her she crafted a red jasper heart shaped necklace. she had been tought that red jasper brought relaxation to those who wore it, and Venis seemed never had time to relax, so maybe this would help.

The next one she made was for Tasha. For Tasha she made a dolomite pendant. Dolomite was used to cure loninless. Maddie had visions of Garrteh's death, and she remembered just how much Tasha had loved him, and probably still missed him, ecspecially every time she heard a piano.

JonLouis would be a different story. What do you make for the head of the Vampire council. Since JonLouis was a new friend of hers, she made him a aventurine mans necklace.

Dre was also a tough one to figure out. She knew Dre always had alot on his mind, and constantly worried about everyone and every body around him. So for Dre she made a huge beaded necklace made out of lodestone.

Emilia was also a dear friend who had helped her. She knew that Emilia had adopted a new little girl, so she made her a Citrine Solitaire Pendant in 14K White Gold. Citrine was used as a symbol for faily, and to keep families happy and healthy for a long time.

Armandeus was there too. Not necessarily to help her, but to help her sister. That in its self meant the world to her. So she made him a watch out of steling silver and blue quartz. Blue quartz was suppose to always give you happiness, and she hoped that he would always have that with De'Ryanna.

Then there was Airtia. She had been a friend and mentor of hers for years, and now she was more or less the closest thing she had to a mother since she married her father. The onething she always wanted for both of them was to be safe. So for her, she made a gorgeous sterling silver and serpentine pendant.

and then she came to her father Gawain, who she loved more than anything else in this world. So idealy for him she wanted him to have protection from evil. She had only a few glimpses of Gawain all those years in avalon, usually of him being in some kind of trouble, and her senses told her it would always follow him. So for her Daddy she made a black tourmaline ring, which would provide protection from evil.

De'Rayanna was her sister, and more than anything in this world she wanted to protect her as much as she could. she didn't do a very good job the last time, she had tried to help, so maybe this can make up for it. So for her dear sister she crafted a ring out of silver which would provide spirtual protection. The silver ring was enlaid with rubies and turquoise. Thr rubies provided psychic protection, and the tuequoise provides physical protection.

Last but not least there was her dear Jono. she found a peice of rhodocrosite that she would put under his put under his pillow, to show her uncondtiona love for him, and a wish that they would meet again in the next life.

Satisfied with her work, she wrapped all the gifts up, and sat back for a few minutes, before she started delivering them.
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