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A tour of the area

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A tour of the area

Post by Emilia on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:25 pm

(posted with Mun permision)
Emilia was in her roon fresh out of the shower and already dressed she was sitting down brushing her hair.

And there was a rap on the door, it wasnt with his fist though, he knocked on the door with the end of his walking stick, which he then leaned into once again.

"It's open Don." She didn't get up from her chair. Yes she knew it was him JonLouis was gone and Don was the only other man in the Inn that she had ever seen with a walking stick.

- well he wasnt expecting that at all, and was a bit suprised when she asked him to open the door, and he did, turning the knob and pushing it open- how'd you know it was me? am I that obvious?

"Ur was the walking stick, only one other in the inn carries one on ocassion and he is abscent right now."

oh, well here i was thinking I had a unique schtick here... how're you doing there miss Emm?-leaning against the door frame, bringing his walking stick into his feild of vision before lowing it once again-'

She smiled. "Oh yours is unique, I haven't seen one like it but I knew it wasen't a hand knocking on the door."

"oh, well there we go, doesnt answer my question though..." still leaning where he was, glancing about her room chakcing out the decor-

"I am doing well Don." Her room was feminine it had lots of blues and purples. She hid away her toys well they were only brought out when needed for play.

" well thats good, I was just about to explore the area, so as not to get lost anymore. would you mind playing tour guide? or should i let you finish with your hair? I'm in no real hurry, weekend off.

She smiled and took a couple more minutes to finish btushing her hair and then reached for a bottle of perfume from her desk and sprayed it on the preasure points at the neck, wrists and back of the knees, it had pheremones in it.

Donald was well protected from mind dulling things like pheromones and mind control, The God watching over Donald himself thought well to keep the human protected, couldnt have him attacked and unable to summon the thunder." rock and roll, where is a good starting point?"

She stood and he would see that she was wearing a short skirt that rode her hips and a tanktop they showed her stomach off niecley she had perfecr muscle tone. "Depends do you want to see the Inn, New Haven or the surounding woods?"

Doctor blake was wearing a pair of jeans, his hiking boots and a t-shirt over an open flannel" smiling big and bright he pointed down the hall." I dunno, I've seen most of the inn, so somewhere new.. whats new haven?"

"The city if we are going there we need to take horses or a carriage, can you ride?"

oh, well I can, but I was loooking forward to a nice jaunt, streatch the knee cartledge out, so it doesnt stiffen up, makes it hurt, sounds like the woods would be a better bet.

"Then lets go" She took his arm and locked the door as they left the key was on a neckless today since she didn't have pockets.

- he didnt have anything worth stealing just a medecine roll with his herbs and stuff he'd gotten from his friend up at the phoenix inne. and his clothes.-

She laughed and it was musical sounding. "Lets go." And down the stairs then went out through the lounge and into the garden.

oh, nice garden.- looking about the garden, once agian using his walking stick, it was easier to walk this way, less of a noticable limp in his step-." who runs this place?

"Two elves, an angel, and a lycan."

The garden had an asian theam and there was a small lake with a bridge going over it. There were benched all around in different places.

oh an angel and a Lycan? Lycus Cainus. werewolves? I met one once, he wasnt easy to get along with, I hope the one here is a little more easy going... then again Mark didnt have very control over himself when he was transformed.

"Lets see if I remember right there are three warewolves and one warepanther."

"facinating..." mental note, schedual a night shift at the clinic during full moons. but then another subject." its a very nice place the Inn here, whats lots of wildlife here abouts?

"I have not been out in the woods much but I know there are wolves out there."

I think we're safe. if not well, I can give them a right thwap. should be able to help out

She laughed. "From what I understand they are well fed and used as protectors of the forest."

well thats nice for them... glad to know that the local wildlife is well cared for.... I spent alot fo time in a big city, nothing in new york but pigeons and rats

"I hear the rats there can be as big as small dogs." She had traveled a lot and knew much about earth.

poh yeah, true story, I was doing a shift as an EMY out near the hudson. and we stop at this call, a homless person had been stabbed, and this huge sewer rat crawls out of a storm drain and waltzes right up to us... my partner flipped out big as my leg this rat-

She smiled and shook her head. "Big as your leg I would have been jumpy too."

yeah, it went away though she threw her stethascope at it and it scampered off... still odd though they tend to leave humans alone, scared of em

She smiled."I will remember that for later." They walked through the gardens and in to the forest.

well I dont think they have many rats out in the forest, thend to flock to urban population centers.... squrills ... you'd see out here,- said with a bob of his head, eyes wandering about the forect.

"Cute and fuzzy." She continued walking. "There are waterfalls near here do you like them?"

I dont dislike them... tremendous drowning hazzard. but nice to look , well I suppose its not too bad for most people, me I'm not the greatest swimmer. so i cant really enjoy the cliff diving experience

She nodded. "Caves and open plains are close as well."

oh... friend of mine would just love open plains, they're his favorite.. I'll keep those in mind. I'm not going to turn down at least looking at a waterfall because i cant jump off of it.

She nodded as they neared a fork in the road. "Left it is."

"Then to the left we go- which is what he did" nice weather about here too, especially for late janurary wouldnt usually be able to pull off an outfit like that out in new york

They walked on for about another mile before he heard the water from the falls.

Well there went that subject. suppose the weather wasnt everyones cup of tea, that was cool though didnt have to be, they where getting closer to the waterfalls. and at least the silence let the doctors mind wander." wouldnt it be awesome if girls in new york where able to wear such outfits back in new york' a silent thought in hishead.

Emilia smiled as they reached the water."Peaceful here is it not."

"well, aside from the roar of the waterfall it really is peaceful yeah, " smiling up at the water fall, taking a rock and parking his keister on it." I could imagine chillingout here for a while on a nice sunny day

She laughed as she sat down next to him. "If I was out here on a sunny day I would not be sitting here I would be skinny dipping."

"well thats certainly a nice past time, but dont you worry about those tiny bacteria that can get into... you know; places and lay eggs and stuff?" he watched alot of the discovery channel when he was working on case dictations.

She shook her head. "Half goddess here I don't worry about things like that much. I could go swiming now if I wanted to cold dosen't bother me."

oh well thats lucky... I unfortunately am affected by those little things...- he fiddled with his walking stick which now stood perched between his feet, and he rocked it form one hand to the other" but dont let me stop you if you want to take a dive."

"Well if you are sure I won't offend you."

I'm a doctor Em, its nothing i havent seen before, if you want to swim, please by all means." motioning back to the water, his own eyes glancing down at it and then back up t her-

She nodded and stripped down to her bra and panties, not that they covered much and dove in.

-And when she dove in he turned to face the water, though he didnt stare at her, he looked around. up at the top of the water fall and then the surrounding forest area-

She smiled as she stuck her head up from the water. "refreshing"

- and then he looked down at her eyes- I can imagine, that water has to be what fourty degrees... fourty five tops?

"Like I said the cold dosen't bother me." She got out of the water and sat down on a rock about five feet away from him.

you did say that yes, now is it like a numbness to temperature, or is it selective?, you choose when or when not to be sensative to the temperatures?

"I choose it I can feel cold if I want to." She smiled as she looked over at him. "Do you swim at all?"

I do, it is theraputic., helps to build cartledge in my knee. its a resistance workout.- he didnt take a look well an overt one, maybe he caught a glance in passing but no, he was all on her eyes now. he was a gentleman-

She laughed as she saw him leaving his eyes on hers and not looking at her body. "You know that looking at me is ok but I can put my clothes back on if you are uncomfortable."

oh I know, I was you know just being poilite.. not at all uncomfortable, in fact, I almost chose oncology as my speciality, wasnt really fit for it though. always told I have a surgeons hands, had to go with that,

She smiled as she moved over to him and took one of his hands in hers and looked at it. "Yes strong but soft hands nice fingers. You have not done maual labor in a very long time if ever."

hey! thats not really fair- looking down at his hands as well." I was raised on a farm, I've done my fair share of labor. I just havent really since I went into med school though... but I'm a member of doctors without boarders. thats how Iput my labor in now."

"I said it could have been a long time." She smiled and released his hand.

well yeah, about sixteen years since i left home. so yeah, yeah a while. I went back though and when i go i help around the house and all that too. its still fun. to get a good sweat built up form honest work."

She smiled. "When I sweat it is normaly a lot more pleasurable."

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