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A holiday note

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A holiday note

Post by Epiphany on Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:40 pm

There's a special time, once a year, where the hearts of many people are turned to giving and looking out for those that are less fortunate. Strangers are greeted with a smile, courtesy is displayed for those needing a hand, and small differences are cast aside or forgotten in favor of peace.

During this season of goodwill and joy, take the time to do something nice for someone else; and do so without expecting anything in return.

Spreading joy cost nothing, and takes so little time. Why not spread some today?


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Re: A holiday note

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:10 pm

Andrew headed down to the cork board. He saw Epiphany's note and figured he'd post theirs right under it.

Attention guests:

Santa Clause is coming to town

Come to the Meeting Hall and help wrap gifts for the children of the orphanage and then return to see the big man himself pass out those gifts as well as collect the gifts he has for you.

There will be at least one gift for every person in the Inn as well as gifts for the kids.

Hot cocoa, egg nog, cookies, and pie will be available as well.

He hoped no one would recognize the picture as anyone other than Santa.


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