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Packing for a trip <open>

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Packing for a trip <open>

Post by Inion on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:25 am

Inion was packing the last of the bags, she had sent Juliet down to the stables to make sure the horses would be ready when they were. They weren't leaving the inn for long just a little camping trip, Inion needed to be outdoors and it seemed a good time to teach Juliet about the plants here. She really didn't tell anyone they were going on this trip it was kind of a last moment plan. Dia went around and sniffed at each bag as if double checking them while Croga just laid on the couch shaking his head at the dog.

Moments later Juliet returned smiling brightly "they said everything is ready when we are. I haven't been on a horse, please tell me i am not riding the big black one they readied?"

Inion turned and gave her a smile "don't worry that one is mine, I purchased you a nice gentle mare." She turned to the man that appeared at the door and spoke with him about which bags went. Grabbing a few last things her and her group went out into the hall and she locked the door. Inion walked down the hall and slipped a note under Aiden's door:

Dearest Aiden
I just needed some fresh air and a small adventure. We are camping nearby so please join us if you wish.
Luv Inion

They all started down the stairs making thier way to the stables.

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