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After the party ...

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After the party ...

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:05 pm

He goes upstairs, going to his room, and unlocks the door, opening it for her. "There you go milady."

She steps into the room. "Thank you dear."

"You are very welcome." He closes the door behind him and locks the door. He walks behind her and puts his hands on her hips and pulls her close.

She stops walking and leans back against him. A smile spreads across her face. "Did you have fun tonight baby?"

He kisses her on the neck. "Yes I did. Very much so."

She tilts her head. "Mmm, I'm glad. Sorry I kept you out on the dance floor all night. I love to dance."

He chuckles. "Yes, I can see that very much." He whispers into her ear. "So when will you dance for me?"

A devilish grin spread across her lips. "Is that a request my dear?"

He smiles as he nips at her neck. "That is up to you hun."

She chuckled. "Well, with the right song ... I might just become inspired."

"I might have the right song for my speakers."

"Oh really dear?"

He laughed. "Take your pick."

"Hmmm." Starts thinking of the perfect strip tease song

He opens up a dresser drawer and it had all kinds of CD's in it. "There, you take your pick."

She starts flipping through them looking for the song that's in her head and she cannot remember title, lyrics, or artist for.

"How about this one honey?" Picks up a Vanity 6 CD, points to Nasty Girl.

He looks at the CD and nods. "That is fine sweety."

She grins. "Start it up baby. I want out of this costume."

He smiles as he goes over to the CD player and puts in the CD. He presses play and gets a chair from the table and sits down as the music starts to play.

As the music starts she walks over to him crossing one leg over the other very dramatically to the beat of the music.

Once she was in front of him she steps to either side of his lap. Leaning over him she puts one hand on the back of his chair and with the other hand she places the string from her costume between his teeth.

He laughs as he takes the string into his teeth, biting down, and starts to pull on it.

She backs away slowly watching the string get longer and longer as it unlaces from her bodice and the bodice falls to the floor.

He puts his hands behind his back making it so that he does not touch her while she is doing her dance.

She turns as she bends over to pick up the bodice making it a full turn but while she was fully bent over her back was to him. She tosses the bodice into his lap as she walks over to him again.

She stratles his lap as she dips and rolls her hips while removing the wig. She places it on his head as she turns her back to him and unfastens the skirt.

She makes her butt juggle as the skirt falls from around her waist revealing the g-string and garter belt she wore for this night only.

He moans a little wanting to touch her, but that would be a bad thing right now.

She sits in his lap and brings her leg up so that she could unfasten her stockings in front of his face. Then she throws her leg over his head to turns and face him before she turns again throwing the other leg up over his head so she could unfasten the other stocking as well.

He smiles at her. "Tease."

Then she completes her circle in his lap by turning her back to him and bending over to straighten her legs lifting herself from his lap. While bent over she slowly pulls down the g-string and lets it fall to her ankles. She steps out of the panties and smiles at him. "Am I?"

"Yes you are."

She crossed her arms in front of her and grabbed at the bottom of the blouse. Her legs were spread apart and on either side of his lap. With the slightest bending of her knees she swiveled and grinded to the music as she ever so slowly lifted the shirt, not quiet revealing as much as her torn t-shirt had showed

Then in one rapid movement the blouse was off and she held it in one hand letting it fly around behind his head and grabbing it with her other hand. She gave it a slight tug before letting it fall to around his neck

He smiles again. "Yep, definitely a tease."


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Re: After the party ...

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:06 pm

She spent the remainder of the song swiveling and grinding in front of him in nothing but her heels, stockings and garter belt. When the song ended she finished her downward spiral to sit in his lap. She placed her hands on his shoulder and buried her face into his chest and shoulder area. "So, did you enjoy that my dear?"

"Yes I did, very much so." He moves her face up to his and kisses her.

She returns his kiss, any embarrassment or shame for what she had done being wiped away with that one passionate kiss.

He smiles again as he slowly moves his arms around her.

She wraps her arms around him as well, resting her head against his warm body. "I'm glad you liked it. I've never done that for anyone before."

He chuckles. "Oh really?"

She nodded. "Yes, I was ... inspired."

He laughs at that. "Oh really? What inspired you?"

She chuckled. "Well, you see, I have this incredibly hot and sexy boyfriend, and he just makes my body ache longingly for his touch."

He laughs again. "I would like to meet this boyfriend of yours."

She laughed. "You're cute, yea, that was funny."

He smiles "I thought as much."

She reaches up and grabs him by the back of his head making a fist in his hair and pulling him to her for a very deep and passionate kiss.

His eyes widen as she kisses him. He slowly moves hands to her butt lightly grabbing each cheek.

She deepens the kiss her mouth devouring his and her tongue caressing his tongue slowly yet wildly with the slightest bit of tooth and fang touching the surface of his tongue as she tightens her grip on his hair and pushes her body closer to him

He moans into the kiss and starts to shift a little bit because his hardness was getting even harder.

Her legs spread wider and she begins to slowly grind against him through his pants, not breaking the kiss while her other hand runs up his arm to his shoulder and she grips it tightly to use his own body as leverage to grind against him harder

He moans again as he slowly moves his hands from her rear starts to move them up her front. He gets a smirk as he kisses her while his body goes from hot to cold.

She felt the temperature lowering and broke the kiss. Placing her forehead against his she asks with labored breath. "What's wrong honey? Did I hurt you or something?"

"Oh, no, no, no. I just feel like trying something new."

Worried for a moment she smiles. "I thought I had hurt you, it scared me." She began kissing him again, more careful this time.

He smiles as he kisses her again, again she can feel his temperature go down. It goes down to even below her temperature.

She starts to get a chill, but she doesn't break the kiss this time. She catches her breath within the kiss from the temperature drop.

He smiles and as he breaks the kiss. He breaths and the fog of air is released. "I see that some parts are reacting to the cold." He leans down to her neck and lightly kisses it before letting his tongue touch her neck. He was ice cold.

She got a chill and it sent shivers down her spine, her whole body became covered in goose bumps. "I think a lot of parts are dear."

He smiles again. He uses his hands and massages her as he kisses her. "I wonder what parts I can warm up."

She smiled. "I bet you could warm up a few parts."

He slowly moves a hand down between her legs he slowly cups her so that she could could get accustomed to the cold.

Her muscles reacted by tightening and she caught her breath yet again. "Hon, that's very, very cold you know."

He smiles. "And you point?" He blows on her neck letting her feel the coldness of of his breath.

She chuckled. "My point, my dear, is right between your legs." Yep, she went there, she was definitely staking her territory.

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Re: After the party ...

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:51 am

Seleen was throwing on something to wear so she could go to her room and get some clothes. "Honey, I'm headed over to my room." She toweled off her wet hair and sighed, wishing she could cut it. She walked over to Shuda and wrapped her arms around him to kiss him goodbye before leaving. Even though she was only going to be gone a moment.

Just as her lips touched his she heard Tasha of all people in her head. Tasha was calling her to their room, and she sounded panicked. She broke the kiss prematurely and looked at him with worry on her face. "Honey, some thing's wrong. Hurry up and get dressed. We need to get to my room now."

She closed her eyes and searched for Tasha. They didn't use mental links back on Earth, so she wasn't as honed in as everyone else in their group was. She found her, and others talking to her as well. She waited for a silent moment. ~Tasha, Shuda and I will be there in a moment. We are but across the hall.~ She waited for him to get dressed so they could go.


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Re: After the party ...

Post by Shuda Darkite on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:54 am

He was kissing her before she broke it off and told him to follow her. "Honey whats wrong?" She told him to get dressed so he did he got some pants on, some boots a shirt.
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Re: After the party ...

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