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Moran: Brennos [closed]

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Moran: Brennos [closed]

Post by Gypzee on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:25 am

Brennos Ignacious Moran was 2 years old when Gypzee Rhiannon MacCarthaigh was born and they were betrothed. They grew up together … school, birthdays, family gatherings, Clan events. From the time they were both old enough to understand, they knew that one day they would marry. That time came a few months after Gypzee turned. 17. Now Brennos had a family again, having lost his parents a few years before due to the sickness. It had taken quite a few of their Clansmen.

For the most part, their village of Carrick was self sufficient. There were some things that had to be bought from a town about a half days ride to the South. The families would take turns each month making the trip to get whatever was needed. This month was their turn.

She thought it a dirty town with vile people. They had gathered all the supplies, but it was quite late; so they decided to stay for something to eat and find a bed for the night. The only place with room was in an even less pleasant part of town. It was hard to imagine there could be such there. They checked in and settled down for the night.

A short while later there was a knock at the door and the inn keeper told him there was a problem with the livestock. Brennos went to check on it. She bolted the door behind him and sat by the fire to wait. A short while later, there was another knock: the innkeeper again, he said. Thinking something was wrong, she opened the door.

Only it was not the innkeeper, but a strange man they had seen earlier in the square.  She tried to swing the door shut, but he stuck his foot in. She tried to scream, but he covered her mouth and barged his way into the room. He backhanded her, knocking her to the floor, then fell on top of her. Her dagger was on the table, definitely out of reach. She fought; he laughed, and then punched her. It was all that merciful God let her remember, until Brennos walked into the room finding her unconscious.

Brennos became enraged as he realized what had happened. When told  who it was, he stormed out of the room. Brennos found him and gutted him like a pig. Everything was loaded up then and there, leaving immediately. Once outside of town, they stopped and talked. She had been so ashamed. He held her and told her none that happened was any fault of hers. They agreed to never speak of it again, nor to anyone, especially the Clan, as her honor had already been avenged.

True to their vow, they never spoke of it. Having no one to talk to, no one to share with, she turned it all inward. She withdrew to some extent ... from Brennos; from the Clan, her family, too. She never refused him though, and she could not understand how he could take a mistress.

She was so angry when she found out! She confronted him and he admitted it, blaming her for it all since she could not satisfy him. "I ne'er refused ye!" she yelled at him.

"Aye, bu’ ye made I’ impossible tae enjoy wit’ yer 'avin' nay desire for me. So I found one who does!"

"Then I 'ope she whores 'erself well!"

She retreated further within herself: eating less, not drinking much; she did not train or speak; and if she slept at all, it was fitfully, waking in a cold sweat from some nightmare. Emerald gaze moved about the room, ending at the empty bed beside her. She would sob deeply and try to go back to sleep.

Finally Brennos came to her and swore it was ended. He would see the woman no more, for he loved her not. He had banished her and forbade any contact with him. It was Gyp he loved and wanted to make things right with. She looked up at him and touched his face. A faint smile found her lips, then was gone. A tear rolled down her cheek.

He began to pamper her, showing her more and more attention. He would take her for rides in the country and had picnics. He would bring her flowers or pretty stones he found. He would hold her hands, kiss her forehead ... but never anything more. He returned to their bed, but never did he try to make love to her. Slowly she began to respond with smiles, sometimes a chuckle; she ate a bit more and began to add some weight to her thin frame.

One day as Brennos bent to kiss her cheek, she turned her head so that he kissed her lips. He drew back and looked at her. She pulled him back for another kiss, then another, until there, in their special place, he tenderly made love to her.

She cried and he thought he had done wrong, tried too soon, or hurt her. She reassured him he had not. She cried for her stubbornness, for what time they had lost because of it, and she vowed to herself to never let anything stand in the way of love. The next six months were wonderful.

But the country was at war. Though none of it was a threat to Carrick, some of the Clansmen decided to join to hopefully keep it from spreading this far. Brennos was one who felt it his duty. For the entire first month he was away, she prayed she was with child; but alas, was not. When one year later the news of his death came, it hit her hard that she was now alone … not even the sweet laughter of children to keep her happy.

Since Brennos was the last of his kin with no direct heir, a period of five years was required before she could inherit what had been theirs. As long as no fault could be found in either of them during that time, and no one challenged her right, then it would all come to her. However, if anything was discovered, and proven, the head of the Clan would determine what she would be entitled to, if anything at all; and would determine what would happen to all they had owned. The only exception is what had been her dowry.

It was not something most of the Clan agreed with, but it had been put in place by the head of the Clan – James Douglas. She spat every time she said his name; sometimes when even just thinking about him. He was the largest landowner and so was the head of the Clan, like it or not. But as long as there were no challengers to her right to inherit at the end of that time, she would be entitled to it all.

It was in the fourth year of this madness that she began to feel the weight of always being under a microscope. She had gone for supplies a few times with William, having found another more cheerful, and safe, town. So when it was the family’s turn again, she volunteered to go and pled her case to do so alone. She let them know she would stay a night, perhaps two, to have some time away from prying eyes.

Grandfather relented, but no more than two nights, or they would send out a search party for her. Agreeing, she set out just before dawn the next morning.


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Moran: Brennos

Post by Gypzee Today at 8:27 pm

Having procured all that had been on the list, it was loaded in the wagon to be ready for heading out early the next morning. She had checked into the Inne, and was now moving in and out of the stores for her own personal shopping, She was relaxed and more herself than she had been in four years … until she spied a face in the crowd ... one she had hoped never to see again. It was her! Brennos' whore! and with her a small boy who appeared to be around four years.

The boy was not known to her but seemed familiar. Those features, that red hair -- he had to be Brennos' child! She turned quickly before being spotted, but bumped into a merchant causing him to spill his goods. She stopped to help, of course drawing more attention to herself. She quickly pulled up her hood and darted off. She rushed into her room, clearly shaken, and clearly angry!

She threw her things down and began to pace the floor, swinging her arms about, ranting aloud to the air. "ow could ye do this tae me Brennos? Betray me with another and now she 'as yer child and I 'ave naugh’?!" There was a knock at the door. She flung it open. "Wha’?!" she yelled. A frightened young man stood there with her things. "Pu’ them over there,” pointing. "Bring me a bottle of cognac -- quick, and donnae bother wit' a glass." He returned and sat the bottle down and turned to go. "Wai’. Build up the fire before ye leave." He did as he was told. She tossed him a small sac of coins. He looked at her. "Wha’? ‘Tis no' enough?"

"'Tis no' tha’ M'lady ... tis tae much,” he managed, wide-eyed.

"Nay ... tis no' yer faul’ tha’ I am angry, ye’ I took I’ ou’ on ye. If ye would brin' me some bread and cheese then I shall be done. And see tae i’ I am no' disturbed." When he returned, she had already emptied half the bottle. She bade him a good eve. Some of the food was eaten just to keep from being sick. Sitting in the chair, she pulled long on the bottle. She fingered the locket at her throat, thinking of flinging it into the fire. But she would not because she had made a vow.

Staring into the dancing flames, she recalled how Brennos had made it all up to her in those months. They had so wanted a child. She believed him when he said he never saw her again; and she did not believe he ever knew he had a son. He would have brought the child into their home, and the mother would have come along as a servant. No, she knew in her heart Brennos had gone to his death never knowing about the boy..

She drew long on the bottle again. So what did the woman want now? Had she come to make a claim on Brennos' wealth? Did she not know what disaster such news could cause? She let the bottle slip to the floor. She needed sleep tonight. Tomorrow she would find her and demand answers.


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Moran: Bruce

Post by Gypzee Today at 8:32 pm

The next morning she woke unwillingly as the sun streamed into the room. She rose and moaned, then slumped back down into the covers. She felt awful this morning. 'Tis what ye get fer drinkin' on an empty stomach. The bread and cheese had only kept it all down, and for that she was grateful. She finally forced herself to sit on the side of the bed, spying the almost empty bottle on the floor. She walked over and picked it up. "'Tae the 'air of the dog tha’ bi’ me." She turned up the bottle and finished it. "And cursed be the one tha’ pu’ me 'ere."

She stoked the fire and placed a pot of water on to heat. Walking barefooted to the window her gaze focused on the street below. Had she really seen her yesterday? Aye, she supposed she had. She walked to the door and called for the lad who attended her last eve. Instructions given, she sent him on his way. Removing the water, she washed herself and dressed. A knock at the door and the lad brought in some muffins and milk. He picked up her things and carried them downstairs. She paced the floor as if waiting ... and then another knock at the door. She took a deep breath and opened it.

A frail woman in the hallway curtsied. "Ye summoned me m'lady?"

"Aye, I did. Come in." Gypzee stood aside for her to enter. She did not look as she remembered. Perhaps the years had taken their toll on her. She stiffened. No sympathy til ye know wha’ she wants. "Si' and warm yerself. Would ye care for somethin' tae eat?" The woman nodded. "'elp yerself."

While the woman devoured a blueberry muffin, Gypzee walked to the chair across from her, observing. She looked pale, and undernourished. She could tell from the way she ate she had not eaten well in sometime; yet the lad looked fine and not wanting for anything. She surmised she must be a good mother if she was doing without to provide for her son. Still, it must be hard to survive in this man's world without one, and a child to raise. She relaxed just a bit, but still on her guard. She sat and waited for her to finish. The woman looked up at her and flushed, swallowing the last bite, waiting for her to speak.

"I believe we each know who the other is ..." She had known what she was going to say. She was going to curse this woman for sleeping with her Brennos, for bearing his child, for making things so difficult for them that year of their life. But now ... the words would not come. The woman looked at the floor. "Bu’ I believe the question is, wha’ do ye wan’ now after all these years?"

She looked up at her with tired eyes. She spoke in a low voice so that Gypzee had to lean forward slightly to hear her. "I didnae come tae ask for innythin’ from ye or yer family. I came tae find me own people. I am no' well and need 'elp wit’ ... the child. I' is 'im I worry for, no' for myself."

The child … She restrained herself. "Where is yer man?"

She looked at the floor again. "There is no man, m'lady. No one would take a woman ne'er married and wit’ a child. I donnae even know if me own people will 'elp me." Her body shook slightly.

With much reserve, she asked, almost a whisper, "Where is the child's father?" The woman sat, still looking at the floor, just shaking her head. "An answer Madam ... please."

"Tis yerself tha’ would know the answer tae tha’ more than inny."

Barely maintain the last of her restraint, she said, "Who .. is .. 'is .. father? .... Say it woman!"

She looked at her with a tear stained face. "'Tis yer 'usband, m'lady, the lord Brennos." She hung her head again and sobbed.

Gypzee took in a deep breath and leaned back into the chair, releasing it out slowly, composing herself. She had known the answer in her heart, but hearing the words out loud from this woman hit her like a ton of bricks. She sat there a few moments that felt like an eternity. She looked to the woman. "Do no' cry. When I saw ye yesterday I knew the child was Brennos'. "Wha’ is 'is name?"

The woman looked at her. "Bruce Ignacious Buckley."

Gypzee looked at her, eyes wide. "And who, madam, gave ye permission tae name yer child such?"

"No one did, m'lady; bu’ I knew 'e could ne'er 'ave the las’ name of Moran. I wanted 'im tae a' leas’ be named for 'is father. ‘Tis tha’ so wrong?"

"Nay ‘tis no’ wrong but t’would no' take a great mind tae figure these thin’s ou’ if ye are in this area long. Do ye know wha’ kind of shame and destruction ye could brin’ if innyone were tae know Brennos 'ad a child wi' a woman 'e was no' married tae?!"

"Aye, m'lady, I do. I ... I only came because I am no' well. I only came for the child."

Gypzee got up and paced the floor, muttering to herself. "This will no' do. This is tae dangerous. Somethin' needs tae be done." Stopping, she looked at her. "'ave ye found yer people yet?"

"Nay, I am no' even sure they are still 'ere."

"Then this is wha’ ye will do. Go and pack yer thin’s and brin’ the boy. Ye are goin' wit’ me."

"Bu’ m'lady ..."

"Do no’ argue wit’ me!" she hissed at her. "This is life and death we are talkin' abou’. Do i’ now!"

The woman immediately got up. She couldn't help herself and looked to the plate of muffins. "Take them. I imagine the boy is 'ungry this mornin’ as well. Just be quick abou’ returnin’. And should ye get inny ideas about no' doin' so, I would pu’ them ou’ of yer mind." She looked at her and nodded. She grabbed the muffins and headed out the door.

When she returned to the inne, Gypzee was already outside with the wagon. She caught her breath as she caught sight of the boy. So much like Brennos! "Climb up, quickly!" She helped them up, then urging the team out of town at a quick pace. She had no idea what she was going to do, but she had to get them out of town before anyone began to question who they were.


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Moran: Bruce

Post by Gypzee Today at 8:41 pm

About three hours ride, they stopped to rest the horses and themselves. The woman sat leaning against a tree, coughing now and then. Gypzee took her some water, and dug out some food from the wagon. They sat and ate in silence. The child ate and played, oblivious to what was going on between the two women, and she wanted it to stay that way.

"M'lady?" Her remarks interupted her thoughts.

"Aye?" looking at her.

"M'lady ... wh-wha’ are ye going tae do tae me?" Gypzee looked at her with a frown on her face. "I mean I did after all ... I mean, I-I was wit’ yer 'usband ..." She looked away. "And I did 'ave 'is child."

She had thought about nothing else since discovering she was back. "I donnae know wha’ it is I am goin' tae do; but I am nay goin' tae do innythin’ tae ye." She stood and walked a few steps to check on the child. "There are many thin’s I am entitled tae do ABOU’ ye ... bu’ none tha’ are good for the child ... or for myself in the lon’ run of thin’s."

She sat again, but where she could keep an eye on the boy. "So I shall 'ave tae thin’ of somethin' else. Somethin' tae benefit us all." Gyp looked at her. "Do ye feel rested enough tae go on? There is a town no' too far ahead. We kin stay there for the nigh’. 'Tis far enough away no one will be the wiser."

The woman nodded and called to the child. They climbed up in the wagon and started again, arriving in town as darkness settled. Good. Less pryin' eyes. They took two rooms at the inn and had supper brought to them. She could hear them talking, but unable to make out what they were saying. She could hear the child laugh, and she smiled. So much like 'is father. She imagined it had been a while since they had seen such food. She sat down and picked at hers. She was too busy thinking to eat.

Suddenly she snapped her fingers! Grabbing her sagi. she headed out. She pulled the hood over her head and walked through the winding roads of the town, looking at the houses. Which one was it? Ah yes, there it was. She knocked on the door. Silence. She knocked again. Where was he? she huffed.

She moved further down the street to the tavern. She perused the faces until she found the one she was looking for. She stood straight and took a deep breath. Good thing I dressed in britches taeday. She drew little attention when she entered, and made her way over to a table near the back.

A man was slumped in a chair tilted back against the wall, snoring slightly. She kicked his chair as she sat next to him. He woke with a grunt and a snort, blinking and looking around. "Wh-wha’s tha’? Time tae go 'ome?"  The chair lowered to the floor with a soft thud.

"Ssshhh ye old fool! ‘Tis me!" she hissed quietly.

He looked at her, eyes growing wide, then looks around. In a low voice he asks, "Wha’are ye doing 'ere? Tis no place for a ....."

"Quie’ or someone will 'ear ye. Le’s go back tae yer place."

They walked out and up the lane to his place. Closing the door, he pulled all the shades, and then lit the lantern. Apparently, her presence had sobered him. "M'lady! Wha’ are ye doin' 'ere? Is everythin’ alrigh’ a’ 'ome?"

"Aye, at 'ome everythin’ is fine. Bu’ I found a problem on the way I need 'elp wit’."

"Innythin’ M'lady. I owe ye and the lord so much."

"Well, Clancy, this will make the debt paid." He his eyes opening wide. "Aye, 'tis tha’ much tha’ I ask of ye tha’ t’will pay yer debt."

"Innythin’ m'lady. Innythin’."

They talked awhile and then she stood to go. "I've got tae get back tae the inn. We'll meet ye in the mornin’. And Clancy," she turns and takes his hands. "I kinnae thank ye enough for wha' ye do."

Squeezing  her hands gently, "Nay, m'lady, ‘tis me who should be thankin' ye for yer trus’."

They smiled at each other and she left to make her way back to the inn. A light still shone under their door, so she stopped and knocked gently in case the child was asleep. The woman answered the door. Gypzee motioned for her to come to her room. Once inside with the door shut, she began to tell her of the plan. She had to give the woman credit, she agreed with everything she laid out, no questions, no objections.

The next morning, before dawn, they loaded up in the wagon and drove slowly out of town; but in another direction than she would have originally headed. About 10 miles, they came to a rather wooded area with a narrow winding path leading into it. They turned the horses down it and shortly came upon a small house. Clancy was already there and unloading a large wagon of furniture. He stopped when he heard them pull up.

"Greetin’s m'lady. Thin’s are almost finished, jus’ as ye asked." He went to the wagon to help them down.

"Aye, tha's good, Clancy." She surveyed the place. "I’ does need some work as ye said, bu’ is in pretty good shape. Ye'll take care of tha’?" looking at him.

He nods. "Jus’ as we agreed."

She turned to the woman and introduced them. When she needed to go to town, she was to find Clancy to accompany her and the boy. If anyone were to ask, she was his cousin from where ever, but she was MRS. Buckley. Gypzee would send money to Clancy for their keep. He would keep her informed as to how things were going, and quickly in the case of any trouble; but none was expected this far from Carrick.


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Re: Moran: Brennos [closed]

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