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~/~ Silvers Story ~/~

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~/~ Silvers Story ~/~

Post by AngelRayne on Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:32 am

( OOC bit - Ever wonder why Angel has a pet wolf that talks? That always seems to be up in her business? Why they fight like brother and sister? Well, here you have it. It's a two maybe three parter. So bare with me while I get it all up there. I will warn you, it's gonna get messy.  Most of you know Angel and her relationship with her father so it won't be a surprise. Just throwing out the warning for those that don't. Alright guys, enjoy! ^_^ <3 )

" One ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ... seven ... eight ... nine ... ten! Ready or not here I come! " She pushed off the tree, turning to let light blues scan the forest. A deep breath was taken, an attempt to catch his scent, but being so young Angel couldn't pinpoint where his scent was coming from. Since his scent wasn't helping her at all, Angel would try to find him using his heartbeat. That was the one skill she had managed to almost control, for being five that wasn't an easy feat.  Those light blues closed as she focused on the sounds, closing out the normal forest sounds, birds chirping, the wind moving through the trees. Head turned to the left and slowly turned to the right. Ah ha! Gotcha! Bare feet started her slowly towards a clump of rocks that was to her right. " Come out, come out where ever you are! " Sing-song voice was used then as she got closer to the rocks, those light blues opening and that Angel smile crossing her lips. Yes even at five she had that smile.

At the rocks she paused, hearing the giggling of Jason behind the rocks. She waited a moment or two, listening to the sounds of her best friend. His giggles, his breathing, his heartbeat. Finally, she stepped around the rocks sneaking up behind him and grabbed his shoulders. " Gotcha!" Said while giggling herself.

Jason about jumped out of his skin, spinning on his heels to turn and set green eyes on her. Red hair was chin length and a bit of a mess from the running and playing in the forest. " Gods Angel, do you have to be so quiet?" Giving her a lopsided grin when he spoke.

" I'm sorry Jason." A little frown formed on her lips, those light blues looking up at his greens. " You know I can't help it. It's part of me."

He laughed and pulled Angel into a hug. " It's fine. I was kidding Angel. Don't take everyone so serious all the time."

Angel leaned into the hug and she let her head lay on his chest for just a moment, listening to his heartbeat. It was a wonderful sound to her, one of her favorite things to listen to. " You know my father ...."

"Angel!!!" Speak of the devil. His voice echoed through the forest, scattering whatever wildlife had been around. Birds took flight from their hiding spots in the trees, families of deer took off running. Even some of the random butterflies flew off in the opposite direction of the sound of his voice.

Angel jumped back when she heard his voice, those light blues going wide and filling with fear. "Jason! You have to go now! " Both arms raised up to give him a gentle push in the direction of his home. " You know he will hurt you if he catches you."

Jason was a stubborn boy, what boys aren't really, but he knew what would happen if he was caught once again playing with Angel. Was he stubborn enough to deal with the consequence, to knowingly allow harm to come to himself or Angel? Not this time, with a silent nod of his head he turned on his heels and started off in the direction of his home. " Sametime tomorrow Angel." And with that he was gone.

"Angel!!" His voice echoed through the forest once again, this time a lot closer then the last. " She better not be with that human boy again. She knows what will happen if I catch them playing again. She knows how I feel about humans."

She took a moment to calm herself before stepping out from behind the rocks and heading towards the sound of his voice. " I'm here Father! " Angel picked up the pace, trying to get as much distance from her play area as she could before meeting up with her father pausing for a moment to pick up a batch of wild lilies that she spotted.  Oh, the hell she would catch if he even caught one whiff of a humans scent on or around her. " Sorry Father, I was exploring. Lost track of the time. " Spoken when she was close enough to her father. " I found these for Mother. " Hand holding the bundle of flowers lifted to wave them at her father. " You know how Mother loves these. "

Dark eyes looked his daughter over, she was hiding something. She was always hiding something this one. She might be his own kin, but she was acting more and more like her brother every day and that worried him. Without a word right hand reached out and grabbed Angel by the neck, lifting her up off the ground by an inch or two. " You better not have been playing with that human. He isn't your friend Angel. He's using you to get to me, your family. He's probably already told them things about the lands, the castle. Things the YOU have told him. "

She knew better then to fight him, she couldn't if she tried. Light blues were wide with fear, her head shaking no the best that it could. " I ... wasn't. He ... wouldn't. Just ... because.. you're .. a monster .. doesn't mean .... everyone " Didn't stop her from being defiant and a smart ass though.

With a flick of his wrist, he tossed Angel into a nearby tree. " You're mother sent me to find you and bring you home safely.  Now you can come home on your own, think of this as a lesson in respect for your father. Maybe the humans or wolves will find you before you make it home. Would be doing me a favor. " Words spoken, he turned and walked off. Leaving Angel a crumpled pile by the tree he tossed her into.

The animals slowly returning to their hiding spots, testing to see if he was still around. Most everything in the forest that surrounded the castle where scared of him. Terrified of what he has done, and what he could still do.  Except one. This little wolf pup, only a month or so old, to young to know any better but not old enough to do much of anything. He hadn't run away when all the other animals did. He stayed and watched from his home in the bushes. When things were said and done he padded over to Angel and curled up next to her as she lay there. Offering the young halfling some comfort, a bit of warmth from the quickly approaching sunset. He would stay there, curled up next to her until she woke up.

It took a few moments for Angel to wake up, the sun had well set and the forest had grown darker. As she woke up and became aware of her surroundings Angel felt something curled up next to her. Light blues slowly opened, body bracing against the headache she knew she would have. Those light blues looked down and saw the wolf pup curled up next to her. " Thank you, little one. " She shifted a bit, attempting to at least get herself to sit up. When she did, her movements caused the wolf pup to wake up. He gave a yawn, silver wolf eyes looking up at her. " I didn't mean to wake you. " Left hand reached out slowly to offer the pup a few quick pets before moving to hold her head. " Ooh my head. I should get home. Who knows what Father told Mother." With the word home, the wolf pup sat up and then stood up. Those silver eyes still watching Angel. " Going to take me home eh?" The wolf yipped and then nodded his head, almost as if he understood what she was saying to him. Angel giggled softly, regretting it quickly afterward. She was sore, nothing broken just sore, the perks to being half vampire. One of the few things Angel did like about it. She got up slowly, grabbing the lilies for her mother as she did and patted her side with her free hand. " Alright then, come on. " The wolf pup padded over to her and the two of them headed off in the direction of the castle.

~ To be continued! ~

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