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Settling In

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Settling In

Post by Gypzee on Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:42 am

The suite was warm and inviting as she knew it would be. Upon entering, a gesture of her hand brought the bags from home she had packed before leaving; a snap had them unpacked, leaving ample time for a leisurely bath before her food arrived.

As she soaked in the tub, she reflected on her reasons for this trip. Of course, part of it was to stroll down memory lane and check on holdings; but the underlying reason was to attend a wedding. Bruce was getting married! So why not say so?

There was no blood relation first of all. Secondly, no one knew about Bruce save for Grandfather, Gram, William and Loralei. It was necessary all those years ago, for his protection and safety – as well as hers and her family’s. As time went on, it really didn’t serve a purpose to speak of it.

Truth was she didn’t want to face any questions about who he was, how did she know him, and so on. It wasn’t a particularly good time in her life. She’d married Brennos at barely 17 having been betrothed to him since birth. It wasn’t a loveless marriage because they had grown up together, and the first six months as his wife was wonderful. But then came that trip to town for supplies and seed …

The chilling water kept her in the present. Quickly she washed and rinsed her hair, wrapping it in a towel as she stood in the tub. Stepping out, she dried off quickly, donning her robe and slippers. Drying her hair as much as possible, she then ran a brush through those long strands of golden honey.

Entering the sitting room, she rubbed her hands up and down her arms, feeling a slight chill. Flames sprung up in the two-sided fireplace, one side to the sitting room and the other to the bedroom. Taking a seat on the sofa, she pulled the tray closer. She hadn’t realized she was as hungry as she was, and soon devoured the delicious roast beef sandwich and potato salad, as well as half the pitcher of tea.

Wiping her mouth, she winced slightly. From her pocket she removed a pouch, and from it she removed a small bit of ointment which she gingerly applied to her lips. Lotion was dabbed to her face. Both had finally caved in to the days of sun she’d brought them through.

As she gazed into the flames, a yawn escaped her lips, and arms opened wide as she stretched like some lazy house cat. Moving back the tray, she made her way into the bedroom, and crawled underneath the luxurious linens, settling in for much needed sleep.

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Re: Settling In

Post by Gypzee on Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:28 am

A sliver of sunlight snaked through a part in the curtains, spilling cat-a-corner on her face, causing her to turn over with a slight groan. Perhaps Rhia had the right idea after all. After a few moments she flung the covers back and rolled to a sitting position on the side of the bed away from the sunlight. After a yawn and a luxurious stretch, she rose and, on slippered feet, made her way to the bathroom.

Morning rituals complete, she slipped into a soft cotton skirt of a deep coral color, and topped it off with a white peasant style blouse, its stretchy neckline hugging her shoulders for a strapless look. As she brushed her tangled locks into place, emerald eyes twinkled back at her in the mirror.

Laying the brush atop the dresser's cherry wood surface, she gave one last glance in the mirror. Turning, she headed to the dining room to see what was available, and who might be around.

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