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V~V Bad Decisions V~V ((A log and a summary))

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V~V Bad Decisions V~V ((A log and a summary))

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:45 am

((Parental Advisory: Contains language, violence, and adult situations that may not be suitable for all audiences. LOL  Seriously, there’s some bad stuff in this log.  Please don’t read it if you can’t handle violence, language, or other adult situations.))

 “I’m just saying, you’re a beautiful woman, why hide such a body in these clothes?  You should change into something that shows you off more.”  The crimson haired vampire continued to walk down the street in the tight blue jeans, green t-shirt, and matching green heels, that she had been wearing when she arrived.  ~I’m fine the way I am.~  She had no desire to change clothes, she liked how she was dressed at the moment and she was comfortable.  And after the encounter she had just had, she was thankful for the comfort.

”Why are you being so stubborn about clothes?  I mean, really, is this just one of those ‘argue with us over everything’ moments?”  She hung her head and sighed to herself.  ~Fine, whatever.~  A shimmer of sparkling lights, micro sized, began to swirl around her from her head down.  The green t-shirt faded away to reveal the top of a black, strapless, dress.  The jeans faded away to reveal that the dress was short, barely past her fingertips.  An emerald hued, sheer, sparkling fabric flowed from the waist of the dress to nearly the ground.  Her shoes faded from one shade of green to another and the toes closed while the strap became a solid back.

”Ahh, yes, this is much sexier.  We should have no problem finding food now.”  Obviously, the darkness knew what it wanted.  Unbeknownst to their host.  ~Seriously? That was what you wanted?  Some damned breakfast?  I could have gotten that in my jeans.  I think you just wanted the rush you get from me using magic.~  She continued her forward momentum, pondering if changing back into her jeans was worth giving the darkness another shot of expresso.  At least, that was what the darkness had compared it to.  Venis wasn’t a coffee drinker, so she had no idea what they were talking about.

Left hand went to the stomach of the Goddess of Protection.  Something was very wrong.  There were some very strong emotions nearby.  Fear.  Overwhelming fear.  And another.  Joy.  Complete and utter bliss in fact.  The further she walked, the more she felt.  Why would there be joy so close to fear? ~Oh Gods! No!~  Feeling nauseous she took to a run.  Jogging to a stop, she turned to look down an alley way.

There was a man at the end of the Alley.  Medium of stature, average of height, nothing significant about him at all. He was Caucasian, medium brown hair, mid-thirties in age.  No one in the world would ever notice him, let alone suspect him of any wrong doings.  Yet, here he was, bent over the lifeless body of a female.  She had long, wavy, blonde hair and lovely blue eyes.  Had they been open for one to see them.  Next to the body of the lifeless female lay a blade.  A machete to be exact.  And even that blade was unspectacular.  A simple hilt of woven fabric, a blade that looked as though it could use a good polishing with a stone.  But it was sharp.  Sharp enough for a man to shave his face with. Appearances could be deceiving.

Venis began to move toward the man and the female with the lifeless body.  ~Don’t get too close.  He’s dangerous.~  Heels falling surprisingly silent on the paved alley street. ”He’s human, you’re a God.  He’s harmless.”  A growl resonated in her head.  ~I’m telling you, he’s dangerous.~  She refused to resign to the whims of the darkness.  She knew what she felt.

As the woman approached, she would notice the movements of the man.  His right hand on her slit throat, covered in her shed blood.  His left hand elsewhere.  ”You see?  You see what you get?”  He was still unaware of the presence of the woman who was approaching.  He was too distracted by his own activities.

Venis paused in her steps as she cringed and took a deep breath.  ~Holy item.  He has a holy item on him.~  But the darkness refused to listen.  And she found herself moving toward the man once more.  This time, even faster.  ”You like sinners, they make you feel justified in feeding from them.  This will be a good meal.”  And she continued to get closer.

His was nearly finished.  That was when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye.  He saw the woman who had been approaching.  He stopped what he was doing and backed up a few steps as he scrambled to his feet.  ”Who are you and what do you want?”  It took a moment for him to focus his vision.  ”Well, aren’t you a sexy one?  You’re what? In your twenties, maybe?  But that’s ok baby, I can do you next.”  He moved his head to pop his neck as he stood with his feet apart and knees bent, the blade in his left hand and his arms held open wide, he was ready to attack if need be.

Venis stopped moving toward the man.  ”Oh, that’s not what we’re here for at all.”  Blood red eyes looked at the man, who had probably not expected the tone of the voice that had spoken.  The voice did not match the face.  Light particles began to shimmer in her right hand, slowly taking shape.  All magics happened slower when the darkness was in control.

Caught off guard by the voice, and then seeing the lights forming a shape in the red-head’s right hand, he lunged toward the woman.  He swung his blade from his left to his right at a slightly downward angle.  His aim was for the stomach of the woman.  He meant to gut her on the first blow.

Venis’ sword hadn’t taken shape in time to ward off the blow.  But it took shape just a split second later, and she used it to slice off the man’s arm part way between his elbow and his wrist.  The hand, and the machete, fell to the ground with a clank. Red eyes bled to blue immediately.  Her eyes widened as she looked at the man.  Her left hand went to her stomach once again and came away with blood.  So much blood.  ”That blade … What?”  Venis was in shock for a moment.

The man screamed out in pain as she sliced his arm off.  ”You fucking bitch.  You cut my arm off.”  He held the stump of his arm against his body and tried to stop the bleeding, with his shirt, using his other hand.  ”I told a priest that I wanted my machete blessed to give me a good harvest.  You bitch.  I need a hospital.  It’s not my fault he thought I meant crops.”  He was stumbling backwards as he was losing blood.  He fell against the wall, barely still standing.

Venis advanced on him quickly.  She didn’t even look at her own body to see how bad the damage was.  She just knew that it was bad.  Grabbing the man’s body, she ripped a piece from him.  She waited for the scream that was bound to occur.  And then she stuffed the piece into the man’s mouth as far as she could.  She wanted him to choke on it.

And scream he did.  Like a woman in a cheap horror movie.  What else could he do, she had just tore a piece of his body from him with her bare hands?  His brown eyes widened as she stuffed his own body part into his mouth.  He was trying to push it out with his tongue as she was shoving it in.

Venis looked into his brown eyes with her own orbs of blue.  ”You disgusting beast.”  And as the man stood there looking in her eyes, she made no effort to calm him. She didn’t want him to be under her spell in any way.  She was too angry about what he had done to that female, and about having to hold her internal organs in.  She shoved her hand into his chest and pulled out his still beating heart.  And before his brain realized that there was no heart anymore, while he could still see and understand, she let her internal fire flare to life and consume his heart.  She burned his heart right before his eyes as he slid to the ground in death.  

Once his heart was charred to a crisp, she dropped it to the ground at her feet.  She reached into the bag she was always carrying these days.  She pulled out an empty gemstone.  An Emerald cut pink Tourmaline, how apropos.  As his body died, his soul left his body and was pulled into the pale pink stone.  The stone turned as black as coal.   Then, she grabbed a handful of his, dirty, brown hair, and dragged his body from the alley to be seen from the main street.  Then she thought about a hospital she had seen on the television once.  With that mental image, she sliced a portal into the air in front of her, and fell through to the other side.  And just like that, she was no longer in Chicago, Illinois.  She had ended up in Miami, Florida.
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Re: V~V Bad Decisions V~V ((A log and a summary))

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:46 am

Venis dropped to her knees in the driveway of the emergency room of Larkin Community Hospital.  Her left arm was holding her internal organs in, her right hand braced her up and kept her from falling on her face.  She would puke if she thought her organs could take it, and if she thought there was anything left in her stomach to puke up.  Her temperature was dropping and her head was starting to hurt.  She was found by a nurse named Mike.  He was a surgical nurse, who also happened to be a werewolf who was hiding what he was.  After all, on Earth, they were still considered mythological creatures.

As much as he hated vampires, he got her into the hospital.  He established a mental link with her so that he could remind her to keep her heart beating.  He got her into surgery, where she pretended to be knocked out by the anesthesia. The machete had cut a small corner of her liver, a small section of her stomach, and both her large and small intestines.  The surgery took hours, and Venis had to pretend to be unconscious through it all, and keep her heart beating.  It was a good thing Mike was there with a mental link, because the pain was worse than anything she had ever felt before, and a few times she almost forgot to play along.

When she got out of surgery, Mike got a picture of her, and Seleen and Shuda’s address in California.  He took it to a buddy of his and got her a California ID card.  That way she could show ID before she left and give them an address to send the bill to.  They passed her fangs off as cosmetic dentistry.  Mike made sure that she got plenty of blood over the three days that she was there, though she had to take it through an IV.  He did manage to get her one bag a day that she could drink.  

The doctors said that she was lucky to be alive.  They had given her a sponge bath every day, and Mike made sure that they kept her curtains closed.  He told them she was photosensitive.  After three days, the doctors said that she could go home.  They gave her a supply of bandages and tape, and a prescription for pain killers and one for antibiotics.  She promised to follow up with her primary care doctor and take her prescriptions.  So, once she signed the paperwork, she was free to go.  And that’s exactly what she did.  After thanking Mike and promising him to never come back.

((TBC in the next log, that’s still in progress and will be posted when completed.))
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