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º| Between Brother & Sister |º a log

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º| Between Brother & Sister |º a log

Post by Telguest on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:24 pm

{brother} It was going to rain. Armandeus had been watching the clouds gather in the sky for a few hours now but they were starting to take a darker turn and he could smell the promise of rain in the air that wafted through the open window. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, grimacing at how that small amount of movement made his injuries ache. He sighed again and looked around the empty bedroom; needing an escape he had stolen into one of the empty inn rooms to enjoy the silence.

{sister} Since coming to this land Eleniel was finding it a bit had to adjust.  She didn't know anyone but the ones she came back with, and everything was foreign. Not to mention the flashes she still had of being in prison. She tired to keep herself busy, but she didn't know much of what to do.  The staff here had tried to be helpful.. They let her clean the rooms.  That was good. It kept her busy and she didn't have to interact much with others.  Not yet.  So it was that she entered into the room where her brother was now in.  A fold of new sheets in her arms.  "Oh.  Brother.  What.. are you doing here? "

{brother} Eleniel wasn't the only one having a hard time adjusting to things; Armandeus was finding it hard himself. Maybe it was foolish but he hadn't expected to come back to find nearly everyone he knew gone from the inn beyond a few of the younger staff. It made him feel restless in ways the elf couldn't really define and it wasn't helping that he felt constantly exhausted--a side effect of the bond and the fact that Elessar still hadn't woken yet--on top of it. As such he was trying to enjoy his solitude in the empty bedroom when it was interrupted by his sister. Turning, he graced her a small smile. "Hello Eleniel. I was enjoying the fresh air." A hand wave towards the open window.

{sister} Held the sheets close to her and stepped more into the room.  His smile was returned with one of her own.  "There's a barn.   You would be sure to get a lot of fresh air out there."  She paused to took a deep breath.  "Oliver cleans it well.   Doesn't smell like animals or .. or anything."  She hadn't noticed the ill smells of the barn at first. There wasn't much clean in the prisoner she came from.  "How are you feeling?"

{brother} "I'm sure Oliver would appreciate my leave from the barn." Ar let out a rueful laugh at that because he certainly hadn't forgotten the last time he'd been in the barn he'd ended up passing out but he wasn't going to share the details of that if he didn't have to. "Oliver is a good worker." That much Ar knew was true even if he couldn't recall how clean the barn was off the top of his head. "I am doing well." His eyes flickered up to meet hers. "How are you doing?"

{sister} Eleniel went to the bed and set the sheet down upon the dresser  before she started pulling on the sheets currently there.  It gave her time to think and gave her fingers something to do.  "I like to stay busy.  In the prison there was nothing to do but wait for the next….  torture."   Food..  anything.  She didn't have that problem here but when she was still for too long it let her thoughts drift.

{brother} Armandeus watched her for a moment before turning his attention back out the window again, guilt and grief warring on his face as he thought of what to say. They hadn't spoken much on it because what was there to say to someone you left rot away? Sorry didn't even begin to cover it in Ar's opinion. "I was that way." He finally said at last. "I used to work in the kitchen here. I was quite good at it.”

{sister} Didn't look back at him as she worked to change the sheets on the bed.  "Are you not going to work there again? Then she cast a sideways glance over at him quickly.  "Once your wounds heal, that is."  She wore long covered clothing that kept areas of her body from being exposed.  Long sleeve shirt and a skirt that went all the way to her feet.  It was loose clothing, but that's all she needed. "I guess….  Oliver told me about an incident in the kitchen a  few weeks ago."

{brother} "I had not thought about it honestly." Which was true. They hadn't been back all that long and all of Armandeus' efforts so far had went towards healing or sleeping. It was pretty much all he was up for lately, his trip to raid Oliver's candy stand notwithstanding. "An incident?" That caught his interest and he turned again, one eyebrow raised a bit in curiosity. "What kind of incident?”

{sister} She was going rather quickly now since she was feeling a bit nervous.  Maybe she had said too much, or maybe too little. "I.. I don't know. But.  …"   She rolled the sheets up in her arms, the ones that needed to be cleaned.  "But a room is being kept for her.  Here."  she shuffled her feet and stood close to him  but not too close.   " I think you should go back to the kitchen."  

{brother} "A room? Here?" Too little seemed to be the winner out of the options because Ar was hopelessly lost! "Are you speaking about Cocina? Surely she already has a room here, I left her in charge of the kitchen after all." He couldn't imagine who else his sister could possibly be talking about, though he was privately relieved to hear that nobody had destroyed the kitchen. That was his job after all! “You want me to go back to the kitchen?”

{sister} Eleniel would come back to this room to dust later. when he wasn't here to enjoy fresh air, as he had stated earlier  But she stiffed her back now and looked away from her brother.  Her voice grew stronger as she made her statement. "Yes.  You should. Less you make a habit of leaving female elves alone."  For that she was talking about Cocina. True, she was more than slightly bitter when certain topics arose. "Would it matter if the incident were about Cocina? Would you check on her then?” She left him with that thought.

{brother} There had to be something said for the fact that after being reunited again after hundreds of years Armandeus' siblings had the uncanny ability to talk him into doing things he really didn't want to do in the first place. Granted, there was a huge world of difference between being talked into going on what had basically amounted to a suicide rescue mission and going into a room he had been actively avoiding like the plague but still, it was the principal of the thing.

Case in point was Armandeus himself grumbling as he slowly wobbled his way down the inn steps in pursuit of the kitchen solely on his sisters say-so. After their little talk upstairs he hadn't headed to the kitchen right away--thanks to the infernal exhaustion that clung to him like a shroud through his bond with Elessar Armandeus had ended up falling asleep first. Eleniel was likely to see it as avoidance on his part but it wasn't like Ar could actively help it. The doctor monitoring Elessar had insisted that sleep would do him well considering the amount of pain he'd been in during the few short moments he'd been awake. It was a call that Armandeus was slightly ashamed to admit that he was selfishly grateful for considering as long as Elessar slept he wouldn't get the residue feedback of the pain. As it was the exhaustion was already taking its toll, leaving Ar wandering and wobbling like some kind of sleep deprived zombie.


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Re: º| Between Brother & Sister |º a log

Post by Armandeus on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:24 pm

Still, eventually, Armandeus made it behind the bar and from there he eyed the closed door to the kitchen warily. It was rather stupid to be afraid of a room, especially when one considered all that he had been through already in his long life, but here he was, clearly hesitant to enter the place that had been a haven for him so long ago. What kind of elf are you? He berated himself mentally, cringing over the fact that the voice in his head suspiciously sounded a lot like Alyan's. Great. That was just what he needed--to be hearing his dead brother's voice in his head as if he didn't feel crazy enough--and before he knew what he was doing Ar found his head resting smack dab on the wood of the door. It swung in a bit under the pressure of his weight and before Armandeus knew it he was tumbling forward into the kitchen!


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