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Gunna have to stay the night ... Er, rest of the morning?

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Gunna have to stay the night ... Er, rest of the morning?

Post by Catrina "Cat" Masterson on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:06 am

Cat capped the bottle and smiled at the remainder of the contents.  "Well, there ya go Archer.  I didn't polish it off after all.  Spoken, clearly, to herself as no one else was there.  She left some coin on the bar as a tip for the bar keeper that had put up with them for the night.  Then she took the bottle and slid off the bar stool.  She headed, on wobbly legs, out to the front desk. 

She looked around for a little dingy bell thingy so she could ding for service.  Was there a bell?  Would someone just figure out that she was there?  Should she just grab a key from behind the desk and go sleep in whatever room she had picked up the key for?  So many questions running around in her drunken mind.
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Re: Gunna have to stay the night ... Er, rest of the morning?

Post by Telguest on Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:00 am

There was a bell, sure, but the front desk was still equipped with a ward - that was put up a long time ago - to alert whomever was working it, that someone was there. When Cat got to it, it was late, and Oliver was a kid and therefore holed up in his corner of a room doing who-knows-what.  But a light flashed in the corner of his room to alert him to what was going on.  " Ugh.. Really?   Now?  Don't they know it's late? "  The boy put down ...  he just put it down and tugged on some pants (he didn't want to be seen in his boxers)  and headed out.  "Coming!"  He yelled form down the hall.

Cat heard someone yell from off in the distance, she scratched her head with the hand not holding the bottle. "Um, ok. Thanks?"  She didn't see anyone, but obviously someone was coming to help her.

He rounded the corner and saw the lady at the desk.   The boy waved and picked up the pace as he got to his place.  Dressed in oversized pants and a loose top, he ruffled up his sandy brown hair and fixed a sloppy smile on his face. "Hi."

Cat looked at the young man and smiled brightly.  Empty hand rose with a single finger in the air. "I ..." She cleared her throat.  "Am drunk.  Which is why I need a room for a night." She began to fish in her pockets. "I do have the coin to pay." Coin produced. She opened her hand to show him. "I just need a bed, and a shower, and maybe some laundry service if that's a thing here?"  She was hoping someone could wash her clothes while she slept and maybe even get Archer's jacket cleaned?

The boy blinked at her a moment.  " Um..  Uh..."  laundry service? That's right, people use to get their clothes cleaned. but since people haven't been around, he didn't know if it was still a thing.   He cleaned his own clothes.  " I reckon you can always stand in the shower with your clothes on.  Two things in one, you know? "  He took out the book and flipped the pages.   it was here somewhere.  His eyes  felt hot and they stung as he tired to read the pages.   So he was simply looking for a blank spot.

Cat blinked at him and scratched her head. "Um, I don't know if that would work."  She furrowed her brows.  "I can wear these again I guess."  She hadn't messed them up with a returned drink or anything.  So she could put them back on in the morning and wear them home.  But she definitely couldn’t wear them into the shower.  She was too drunk to shower tonight.  She was going to shower in the morning.

He saw an empty spot to room 104 and pulled out a pencil and sat it in the book.  " Why not?  I shower'n'clean with my things on a lot of times.   Saves me time when I have to run up and do something."  He pushed the book over and spun it.  " Here."

Cat looked at the book. "I don't wanna drunk shower and hurt myself."  She picked up the pencil and put the lead to the paper. She concentrated on what she was doing as she moved the pencil. C A T R I N A  M A S T E R S O N  was scribbled slowly onto the page next to the number 104.  She set the pencil down, quite proud of herself.  "There we go.  You want I should pay in the morning?" She thought that might be better than trying to drunk pay.

He was pretty sure that their showers were not drunk, then again, maybe the ones that didn't work were drunk ? He looked at where she signed her name and he tried to sort the letters out.  Oliver stared at it hard,  "!  Cat?"   he frowned and looked at her, trying to see why she called herself a cat.  " There should be a box on the small nightstand.  Drop the coin in there.

Cat nodded a big, overly dramatic, nod.  "Yes, Cat.  Cat is my name.  I am called Cat, my sister is Ali and my sister is a cat. It's very funny.  Ali, Cat, and the cat."  She started laughing very hard and doubled over, slapping her knee.      

When she recovered from her laughing fit she looked at the young man again. "Coin in box.  You got it dude." She started laughing again.  She was finding all kinds of things funny now that all the booze was really setting in.

This lady was really really strange!   She was laughing like a loon if you were to ask him. And he should know!  One of his best friends use to be a loon.  Oliver dug around and tossed her a key letting it land in front of the cat lady.

Cat took the key from where it landed.  She looked at the young man and smiled. "Thank you."  And with a grin she headed for the stairs so she could go find her bed.


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