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~*~To finish, or not to finish, that is the question.~*~ (Closed)

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~*~To finish, or not to finish, that is the question.~*~ (Closed)

Post by Catrina "Cat" Masterson on Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:55 am

Well, that had been fun while it lasted. And it had lasted quite a while. Cat looked at her wrist, moving Archer's jacket sleeve back a little while. Ok, so she had drank a lot more than she usually did without her sisters and V around. She couldn't even read the face of her watch. Penelope was going to lecture her for weeks. But, oh well, it's not like the little dragon was her keeper.

Another swallow was taken from her glass. She looked at the bottle. Archer's last comment played back in her head. "Well, yea, it'll keep. But what fun is that?" Spoken to herself as Archer and Angel had left. And maybe if no one else was up and about at this hour, and came into the bar, she might heed his words and just cap the bottle and keep it. She could write the date on it with Archer and Angel so that she would remember the night.

She wanted to remember the night too. She had made some new friends. Friends that she didn't meet because she was with one of her sisters or V. Which was a new thing for her. Though, she was relatively sure that the Angel that she met tonight had been the same Angel that V and her sis had known for, like, forever.

She made a mental note to ask them about Angel later. Maybe Angel would like to hear from her again sometime. That's what friends did, right? They hung out and went and did things together. It had been so long since she had had any human, or humanoid, friends. Other than her employee's at the ranch of course. They were her friends, right? Even though she signed their paychecks?

Her glass was emptied into her mouth and another one poured. If no one else came in, she would do as Archer suggested and close up the bottle in favor of a bed and some sleep. After she finished this newly poured glass of course. But if company arrived, well, like Archer said, it was practically a crime to leave a man drinking alone. Or something to that effect.
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