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In Good Cheer (( Open ))

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Re: In Good Cheer (( Open ))

Post by Catrina "Cat" Masterson on Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:15 pm

Cat chuckled at Archer's comments about the effects of him including him.  She was well on her way to sauced, so her words weren't even making sense to her, let alone others.  And everything was funny.  Especially Angel's threat to use other word to describe Archer.  She was glad that, even though he was sobering up, Archer still found amusement in her comments.

After her little giggle fit, she heard Angel ask if they could go to her room.  She smiled and had a bit of a chuckle to her tone as she spoke.  "You two crazy kids go ahead." Never mind that they were probably both older than her.  "I'll be perfectly fine.  I'll finish this fine bottle of scotch and then see if there's someone around here that can get me a room for the night."  She really would be ok.  She had no plans on trying to leave the Inn before she sobered up herself.  And she was most definitely not willing to do it the way Archer did.
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Re: In Good Cheer (( Open ))

Post by Archer Caughey on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:30 am

Archer didn’t look the least bit worried about Angel’s jesting threat.  In fact, he gave it a shrug and a smile.  “That sounds like an invitation to me, Angel.  You know how I like learning new things.”  Who knows, if she ever decided to make good on throwing out some of those other choice words it might be illuminating.  Archer needed a good talking to now and then, same as everyone else.  Or as his Da used to say - likely learned from his Da before him and all the Das before that - Is maith an scáthán súil charad.  A friend’s eye is a good mirror.  Apparently he was humble, though, because he was waving away her comment about his fancy card.  “It’s a clever bit of magic, aye, but not in the least something I can take credit for.”

His smile turned a bit sheepish when Angel rose her brow at him.  Like a kid caught with a handful of candy just before dinner.  “How many times have you come upon me drunk and I haven’t sung a single syllable?”  Gaze lifted thoughtfully up to the ceiling as he was lambasted by his own memory, and he amended his statement.  “Well, besides the occasional mutters of Danny Boy.  But that’s just standard drunk babble for an Irishman.”  

He tried his best not to look amused by Angel’s nervous question about location.  “Angel, that’s really up to you.  We’re certainly about to move beyond my areas of expertise.”  Besides the couple of times that Angel drank from him when they were together, Archer had never opened a vein for anyone.  Including and especially not Arcadia.  He would have been surprised to hear that Angel was fine with feeding anywhere under normal circumstances, so her request to go up to her room was expected and met with an immediate nod.  “Of course.  Whatever you need.”  Probably unexpected for both of them, though, was the fact that Archer reached out to catch Angel’s hand in his own when she went to play with his ring again.  Eyes on her eyes, he added quietly, “because I’m right here.” In his logical mind, she didn’t need to reach for him that way when he was standing right in front of her.  He gave her hand a squeeze before letting it go.

Glancing over at Catrina, he offered the woman an parting smile.  “Glad to hear you’re not going out into the cold again tonight.  But a bit of little known advice - if you don’t finish the bottle, the drink does keep until morning.”  Meaning she was under no obligation to finish it.  His grin, however, suggested that it was not advice that he tended to follow.  With that, Archer turned to Angel with a goof’s attempt at a bow and a grand sweep of his arm.  “M’lady, after you.” This would certainly be interesting.

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Re: In Good Cheer (( Open ))

Post by AngelRayne on Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:35 pm

Of course he didn't look worried. Angel didn't have a bad thing to say about him and her smile could say that a million times over! And who didn't need a good talking to from time to time? Angel needed one from time to time, Silver and her brother had a wonderful time giving her those! She'd let his first comment go, just giving him a knowing smile. Gods only know what might or might not come out of her mouth after or during the feeding! His last comment about the card made her laugh just a bit. " Yeah , you won't touch magic with a ten foot poll. But it's ok I have enough for the both of us." Knowing smile turned into one of her own Angel grins. Yeah just a slight jab at him. Why not? Angel thought a moment. "I only recall Danny Boy. I might have come in at the end of a song or two but I only remember Danny Boy."

Another little smile was offered to his words."Well, you should know and remember that you are in good hands." Little bobble of her head was given. Aww he grabbed her hand! Blink blink. Wait he did what now? That was really a surprise for Angel as was apparent in the quick look of shock that crossed her face. Once again Angel was really glad she had decided to leave those pesky fairy wings off for the evening, they would have been fluttering up a tornado had they been on. And she was also glad, for once in her life, that she was already without a heart beat because Angel was pretty damn sure it would have stopped right there. Only for a moment though! Light blues were caught by his in that moment, quiet words causing her to nod just a bit. " I know." Spoken quietly in return. The squeeze to her hand was returned with one of her own. Awww did they just have a moment?

Light blues looked to Cat, smile given to the lady. " It was wonderful to meet you Cat.  I hope we have a chance to talk again soon." Little nod of her head and a soft Angel smile was given to her. " I also hope you hang around for awhile. It's good to see some life back in this place. " She laughed softly at Archer's goofy bow and arm gesture. Standing up from her stool, the vampire grabbed him by the hand and started to lead him to her room. The whole time, trying her hardest to keep all her emotions in check.

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Re: In Good Cheer (( Open ))

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