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Escaping for some quiet maybe. (Open)

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Escaping for some quiet maybe. (Open)

Post by Inion on Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:22 am

As always soft footsteps carried her through the door of the inn.  She wasn’t sneaking in even though it was rather late at night it was just the time that Inion happened to be arriving.  It had been awhile since she was at the inn a very long while.  The girls were all at the cabin and Inion needed an escape from them.  She loved her family but too many young ladies in one house can be a bit much at time.  Croga almost all but begged to go with her and who could blame him, the only male in a house full of females.  So with him in tow Inion headed out to do some business and shopping.  Now, the with a few bags in hand she stopped in the soft lit entrance to the inn.  She could sense the life in the inn and was surprised at how few were there.  Yes she was escaping to find some peace and quiet but she wasn’t expecting this much quiet.  

Soft shrug of her shoulders and her free hand pushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear she headed toward her room on the third floor.  “Well Croga we wanted some peace it seems we will find it here for sure.  It seems there are few within the walls of the inn.  I think after I drop off my things it would be a nice evening to walk in the garden.”  She turned and grinned at the large white tiger at her side and giggled when she felt him rolling his eyes at her. “I know we have had a busy day, you can stay in the room if you want.  I will be safe in the garden and promise to stay within sight of the room’s window. “  Her companion didn’t say anything just shook his head and nudged her lightly as they stopped at the top of the stairs. “I know I know but that is a chance I have to take.  I can’t hide forever.”  They were silent the rest of the way upstairs.

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