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Treats for specail people

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Treats for specail people

Post by Inion on Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:42 am

After finishing with the boxes downstairs Inion made her way to the third floor with the other bag.  She had a couple of special gifts to hand out.  

Her first stop was Leo's room.  She wasn't sure if he was in town and if he was she was sure he was busy at the shop getting things done before the holiday, so she figured she would just leave the box by his door.  With that thought in her head she pulled out a big red box with shimmery white ribbon and bow from the bag and set it down.  A card went with it, slipped underneath the ribbon to hold it in place. Of course she almost forgot the flower, a sweet pink and white tulip.  Inside the box was of course fudge and one of the cute little cakes and a bottle of wine.  The card was cute with hearts and the such.  It read...

Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope you enjoy the treats.  The wine was made from Logenberries and is a bit sweet.  Oh and since its a fairy wine it might just have a little spell.
Love Inion

The next stop was Aiden's room.  Given that it was still daytime she figured he was still sleeping so again she left the box outside his door.  His box was white with red ribbon and the tulip was a deep purple.  The box had the fudge and a box of brownies instead of a cake.  There was also a bottle of fine Irish Whiskey.  She added a beautifully wrapped leather sketch book.  The sweet card held a simple note of well wishes and love. She wasn't sure just what to say without getting to mushy and lovestruck, though she did still have much love in her heart for him.

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Re: Treats for specail people

Post by Leo on Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:01 am

Leo was coming back to the Inn after a day of long working. He was tried and worn, but his appearance was polished and put together in his dark jeans and tailored suit jacket. If there was one at the front desk when he entered Leo gave them a wave in acknowledgement as he made his way to the staircase and up to his room.

Catching a yawn in his left hand his other dug around for the rooms' key in his pocket. "Oh? What's this then?" Leo said to himself as he looked down and saw the bundle that was left at the door.

Skirting around it he inserted the key in the lock and unlocked the door, easing it open with his hand. Leo then bent down to pick up what was left, thinking at first that it may perhaps be for the Marquιs. He was surprised to see it was addressed to him; by Inion at that.

Carrying it in his hands Leo read the note as he entered his room and used his foot to close it after he was in. What Inion wrote made him smile and once he put the package down on wooden end table in the hallway. "Fairy wine?" Leo was amused and he put the card down to open the package.

He pulled out the wine bottle first. Wines were a part of his specialty being that it is the Marquιs made the finest around. He gave the bottle a swirl and ran the tip of his thumb around the top. This would be good. The little cake is what caught his attention next. "Blessed be, she knew I was hungry."

Leo plucked it from it's holding and put it half out of his mouth. Such manners. With the wine bottle in one hand and the cake holding between his teeth, Leo went to get a glass so he could enjoy the treats properly. Something this good was worthy of a deserving return.

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