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Decorating the Inn! [Open to All! ]

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Decorating the Inn! [Open to All! ]

Post by Vesta Voui on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:24 pm

All are free to join in!  Let's decorate!

It was red. One of the few colors Aiden could see with perfect clarity and he knew from the moment he had laid eyes on it he must have it. By the time it was all said and done the tree stood well over seven feet high and looked out of place in the middle of the reception area of the inn where Aiden had put it.

"So," said Vesta as she came out of the lounge and saw Aiden there with a large red tree.  "A tree to symbolize the blood of your victims?"  She nodded  and came to lean upon the front desk, looking at the tree.  "I like it.  Kinda morbid though, don't you think?"

"Let me guess, you think it should be green?" Aiden scoffed as his pale hands ghosted over the limbs to straighten them out just so. "Morbid? You're a good one to talk!" He twisted enough to eyeball her over the edge of his rimmed glasses. "I don't see anyone else around this joint decorating. Wanna get in? I saw boxes of this stuff stashed in the hall closet." Saw. . or snooped. .

He was right about the other people.  "It has been a little quite and a green tree isn't all that bad."  Vesta smiled.  "you can put splashes of red on it and say that the tree is bleeding.  What do you think about that!" Ha!  She thought she had made a good point! Getting of the desk and rubbing her hands together she went for the closet and looked in . "There is alot of stuff here!"

"They've left." He called after her, "I saw those elves of my sisters depart some nights ago. Their scent has started to wane, they've not returned." Nor had his sister for that matter, or the she-wolf. With everyone gone it was going to be a quiet Christmas indeed. "Bleeding tree?" Her words had momentarily distracted him from his thoughts. "You must make one! Bring everything! I want to see what we have to work with!"

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