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A Fitting Beginning [closed.]

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A Fitting Beginning [closed.]

Post by Elessar on Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:18 pm

[Hello all! Due to the time that has passed since the original thread this one is labeled closed as I attempt to bridge the gap between A Fitting End and the events of A Knock at the Pointy-Ears Door Thank you all for your continued support and interest! I hope you enjoy the read!]

Hours had passed since Armandeus' surgery and with the leave of Venis and the others the bedroom had been plunged into relative silence save for the quiet sounds of breath as the elves slept and the hypnotic cadence of rain falling outside the open window. As night changed into morning and the day wore on the rain gradually came to an end and it was the startling absence of sound that finally caused the bluish gray eyes of Elessar Minyatur to open once again.

Sweet Eru- what had hit him?? Elessar stared blearily up at the ceiling through watery eyes as he struggled to remember what had happened. Pain was etched into his memory yet his body felt detached from the rest of him. It was disconcerting- something perhaps he should have been worried about and yet he couldn't seem to muster up the necessary energy to be overly concerned. The stabbing, the surgery, Venis and the others- it all seemed to be something from an illusion and for a while he simply just lay there, floating somewhere between the waking world and the one of dreams.

Just how much time passed by he had no idea but eventually a thought trickled down through the fog blanketing his mind. . 'Cold. . It was cold. . . ' Indeed the air coming through the open window felt cool against Elessar's fevered skin and his long fingers twitched in response, feeling for the edges of his blanket. Still, despite the goose bumps and chills that were spreading as the cool air tickled and burned against exposed flesh the coldness did wonders to help ground Elessar back into reality. Already the swirled design embedded in the ceiling that he had been staring at for hours now was becoming clearer to his eyes and the sweet sound of birdsong and insects outside came clear to his ears. Elation rose with these sensations for he had done it! He had endured in the face of torture and had managed to survive it!

Armandeus!? Panic flared down sluggish nerves and Elessar bolted upright and was reaching towards the sleeping form of Armandeus before he realized it. Sleeping. . Seconds ticked by as Elessar simply watched the rise and fall of the other elf's chest under the thick bandages. Dear Eru above, he was alive! He was alive- they both were despite it all and the tears were running hot down Elessar's face even as his outreached arm was falling back into his lap. They were alive! Laughter was bubbling up in his chest even as Elessar found himself sliding back down towards the floor. Elation held no match for exhaustion but nothing could ruin his mood as he pulled his covers up over his body. . only to freeze in place at the sight of his blood splattered arm glowing softly before him. . .

No. No, No, No, NO! Oh no, this couldn't be happening! Armandeus was alive- he'd just seen it with his own eyes! How could he be dying!? There as no reason for his faer to be glowing as it was! Panic clawed it's way up Elessar's backbone as he brought his hands up closer before his eyes as if somehow that would help dispel the beautifully horrible sight of them glowing with unshed immortality. Sadly the glow did not magically vanish before Elessar's eye and panicking was not helping; Piggybacking on the edge of it was memories of agony unlike any he'd felt before and suffocation; cruel and heartless in it's design which lit a fire in the elf's belly that burned it's way up towards the center of his chest. Elessar was doomed then as the flame of white-hot agony ripped his chest asunder and he fell back into the safe haven of black unconsciousness screaming once again. . .

When Elessar woke again it was to the startling sensation of wind blowing directly in his face and to find the world had completely tilted on its axis while he slept! It took longer than it should but finally he realized he was standing, or rather hanging onto, the window seal and the wind blowing on his face was considerably warmer than it had been before. Tilting his head away from the direct assault of the wind Elessar peered out at the world beyond only to be taken by surprise at the fiery sky as the sun dipped behind the mountains. Good Eru, the sun was setting already? It had just barely risen when he'd awaken last! Had he truly slept all day? Heh, well, there was really no denying what was before his eyes and as the elf stood there and watched the brilliant colors burn their way across the sky he couldn't help the smile that twitched upon his lips. There was so much beauty in the natural workings of the world and the sight of the sunset, combined with the warm air was so comforting Elessar found himself drowsing once more.

He must have sunken back into slumber for the third time the elf struggled to the waking world he found himself entangled in a rather peculiar situation! The world had changed again around him, but unlike the first time he was not overly perturbed to find that he was still standing. What was disturbing was the sound of rushing water against porcelain and how LOUD it was! Hands came up to clap over his delicate ears even as he struggled to focus on the source of this new torture.

The immediate source of his new torture came in the form of the bathroom sink although as he stared down this new enemy through blearily eyes a sudden, raging thirst gripped him. The hands covering his ears were temporally abandoned as he stuck his head down into the sink and began greedily sucking down the water pouring from the faucet.

When he had finally drunk his fill he pulled his head back and simply stood there as water dripped from his head onto the floor. Blessed Eru the water had helped- though his mind still felt blanketed it was not nearly as thick as it had once been. Why he felt he might manage to live after all! Hoarse chuckles escaped him and for a time that ragged sound echoed around the room, eclipsing the gushing sound of the faucet through his covered ears.

What a sight he surely made; standing there in front of the sink with his hands tightly pressed over his ears, bedraggled and dripping water as he laughed like a madman! Time blurred and just how long passed he could not say suffice at the end his laughter was little more than a croak and he found himself dipping his head back under the deluge once more.

When he came up for breath for the second time he felt vast improved, so much so he finally had the presence of mind to turn off the still-running faucet. The last drop of water had barely slipped down the drain when Elessar slowly released the iron grip upon his ears and sighed in relief at the radiating silence. Curse be upon the Seer's curse! He should have known it'd happen; with the limitations of the bond left wide open from their very near shared death it was hardly a surprise that Elessar had taken on some of Armandeus finer traits including his sensitivity to hearing.

It seemed the hysterics, the sensitivity, and a long day of walking around half dead (and waking in strange places) had completely wiped Elessar out. He stumbled out of the bathroom in a daze only to make a beeline for the little stand beside Armandeus' bed and the squat turquoise colored glass jar upon it. In an effort to stem the tide of pain that came from his visions Armandeus kept the jar full of a special herbal blend of honey coated capsules and this is what Elessar found himself digging out now. The blonde elf had never held a need to try them before but perhaps they would help to sooth the ache still left in his chest and by proxy help Armandeus as well. Thus two of the small roundish capsules were dug out and swallowed even as Elessar was moving to lay on the floor. Pain and exhaustion swirled up around him like a great wave and with a swallow he was gone to the world once more. . .


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Re: A Fitting Beginning [closed.]

Post by Elessar on Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:51 am

It's nearly two weeks to the day after he awakens that Elessar finds himself struck with a potentially dangerous thought: he could help Armandeus heal faster.

While boasting no magical abilities of his own, and allergic to that of most others, Elessar does have an ace in the hole thanks to his unending bond with the green-haired Seer. Within the mystical power that binds the two lies the ability to transfer their life energy. It's potentially dangerous-- their near shared death only proves it, but Elessar is not to be deterred. He's no stranger to seeing his friend weakened but there is something . . unsettling about watching Armandeus lurk around the inn worn and wan that sets his teeth on edge.

In the end it's the eerie ghost-like wandering of Armandeus that settles Elessar's mind on the matter despite knowing Armandeus will never agree to the healing transfer. It's nearly pitiful in how easy it is to drug the younger elf considering how many times he's pulled it off before but finally Elessar has Armandeus where he wants him.

Settling himself comfortably upon his bed, for he knows he'll need it later, Elessar reaches out and lays his hands upon the sleeping form of Armandeus and begins to hum. It's a low sound, deep and ancient and Elessar closes his eyes as he gives himself to it. A warm glowing light emits from his hand; a tangible sight as the healing transfer begins.

Hours pass and it's all Elessar can do to hold his head up. He's drained to the point of his endurance so it's hardly a surprise that he doesn't even notice when his hands slip numbly away from Armandeus. There's a satisfied smile on his face, however, as he slips back down into the comforting softness of his bed. When Armandeus wakes again he'll feel like he's slept the best night of his life and that makes it all worth it as Elessar allows himself to drift off into slumber. .

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