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Cleansing the Soul

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Cleansing the Soul

Post by Spirits Rising on Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:33 am

The moment he had left his room, he had made a beeline for the front door and from there ... the forest off to the east of the Inn. He felt a pull, strong, unshakable ...

Following this pull, he eventually arrived at the falls within .... Gazing at them in the star and moonlight, a soft smile crept to his lips. He could feel the power this place held - Had he come here so long ago, he would not have been able to do anything but attempt to drain this place to power himself.

That was not much of a problem anymore. His physical shell was no longer in control of that part of him anymore. Yes, it still held to what it knew and could even do so if he truly felt the need to ... But this was not one of those times.

Instead, he began to move in the direction of a small outcropping in the water itself. His feet never dipped below the surface as he made his way there. From his back, twin streamers of light began to unfold ... right where the wings he had once had on his physical shell had been.

As he reached the center of it, the water's flow seemed to redirect to fall directly on him, drenching his clothing before he simply willed it away. His back was to any who may view him ... Not that it mattered as there was now a soft, multicolored light surrounding and partially obscuring his form.

This display caused the background energies of this mystical place to spike to such a degree that anyone sensitive to such a thing would be able to feel it from as far away as the Inn.

No, he was not doing this to make a beacon - To him, this was the same as taking a bath these days.

To see him like this, one would think that a being from one of the Higher Planes had decided to manifest here at the falls.
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