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|Leaving a Message Open . . . |

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|Leaving a Message Open . . . |

Post by Mael Feu on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:48 am

|For fun, we're leaving this open. In case anyone wanted to add to it.|

The point of the knife was sharp, and the holder's hand was steady as lines were drawn in the top of the wooden table he currently occupied. They were not simple random lines made with no pretense save for the action, but these would come together in the end to make something legible. Steady hand working on the knife, and his head bent in focus and concentration, causing his light colored hair to fall in front of his face.

What was this? Armandeus had been heading through from the lounge area with a tray full of dirty dishes when the sitting man and his knife made the elf pause near the doorway with a raised eyebrow. Was he really doing what Armandeus thought he was? Surely he wasn't foolish enough to be carving into the top of that table... From where he stood the elf didn't recognize the man so for now he stayed where he was and watched.

In deed he was carving into the top of the table. Better it than the wall is where he would place his argument. With every few stroke of the knife's tip on the wood, he would give a quick and sharp blow to remove any peels and chips that rose up as a resulting action. Unless the newcomer to the area was quiet, he had been heard but nothing stated in ways of acknowledging it. This man simply continued.

"You shouldn't carve in the table tops. The management will not like it." Management? There was actually management in this place? At least the elf certainly didn't look the part of it with his stained apron on overtop his clothes. Feeling a bit bolder in approaching the elf moved in closer to the table.

Getting closer would start to reveal what was being carved into the wood. So far it was only two words: Your time. "And you should mind your own business." The third word was being started. He didn't bother to look at the one who spoke to him.

"It is my business when someone is defacing inn property." The elf stopped about a foot away from the table all the while tilting his head to get a better look at what was being carved into the table. Your time? What kind of message was that?

Next word done : Is. So far the note was: Your Time Is. The writer of this message on the table still didn't bother to look towards the person who was talking to him but, out of the corner of his eye, when he shifted back in his seat by a shred, he was able to see what the other was holding. "Your dishes need tending." Man of few words wasn't he?

Cue Armandeus' curiosity streak which had gotten him far into more trouble than out of as late, was about to rear it's ugly head again. On one hand he knew if De'Ryanna saw the carved in table she would be less than pleased but on the other side he couldn't help but want to see what the rest of the note was. Which was why he'd nearly forgotten those dishes until they were mentioned. "So they do. They will keep. Mind explaining the message?"

The written words were big enough for someone to see without the need of getting to close. Each letter the length of a man's hand from finger tip to base of palm. The last word was written and the cravings blown away before the knife was sheathed and a small vile taking its place. The word was: Up. Together the message read: Your Time Is Up. With a twist of fingers and a resounded 'plop' the corker on vial was gone. "The message explains itself to the intended." The vial held black ink with a needle inside. the needle was plucked out and a few drop of black ink made to drop over the first letter of the first word .

"Who says the note will remain there after you leave?" Being carved into a table in a public inn, there was no telling how long the note would remain before it was covered up by someone else or destroyed completly. Taking into consideration Armandeus' trigger finger was still twitching with the urge to burn something after singing Elessar's hair the other day, destorying was probably the safer bet there. Though the elf had a feeling that if De'Ryanna had the chance to see this note then the table would be gone alltogether.

Keeping a steady hand he listenedand continued on with what he was doing - with the point of the needle he drew the ink along the carving of the letter. Setting it there. After the first he would do the same to the next letter in line. "If the message is not delivered hen I can only assume that you're responsible." Here there was a pause in his doing. Whole body staying still the only thing that moved were his eyes, to look - with those startling blue eyes of his - to the elf. "And then I shall have to come after you."

That had to be the most shocking blue color the elf had ever seen of anyone's eyes and for a split second he stopped listening only to kick back in gear when he heard the man say he would come after him. "I do not control the other patrons." Case in point, the elf was still trying to figure out where in the world one of the tables had disappeared to.

The needle started moving again, dipping into the ink in the vile and marking the carved letters. The message was clearer now than it had been. "Quite unfortunate, then, that I've already made you responsible." This man certainly held no pity in that at all and wasn't going to concern himself with finding one who could make sure it stayed. He considered it done, at least for a while. When the letters were inked he blew over them to help the ink dry, even if it wasn't needed.

The elf snorted as he hefted his tray of dishes and turned to go. "Too bad that I am not easily swayed by idle threats." With that the elf turned with his tray and headed back towards the bar area with it. Let the man guard his own message on the table.

A crack in the corner of the man's mouth would be the indication of a small smile. That was all the indication it was, and it was partially hidden as his focus was on the work. He wasn't going to guard the message, he saw no reason to, but he knew it would get delivered in some fashion whether it be by the physical table, or that elf mentioning it to someone. And if not, he had gotten a look at the fella and he would come after him. To bad his threats were not idle. The elf was leaving and so this man pushed up from the table, the feet of the chair grating against the wooden floor as the chair moved back to allow him to stand. He turned from the table and took a few steps towards the door but turned in an afterthought and headed to the bar. Not sitting, he leaned against it and waited.

Despite having entered into the kitchen by the time the man had stood and attempted to leave before planting himself by the door Armandeus hadn't fooled himself into thinking the man had simply left. It would have been too easy so the tray of dishes was simply deposited on the counter by the sink to be washed later before the elf was heading back out of the kitchen again and lookie there, he was right! The man was still there by the bar and so the elf leaned up against the doorjam between the kitchen and bar area to regard the man with a slightly raised eyebrow. "can I get you something?"

Between the thumb and forefinger on his right hand was a silver coin. He lifted it up and placed his elbow on the counter top and showed the coin. "This" the coin was set down then with a plunk. "is for you." on one side there was a crown, and a dagger on the other side of the coin. After it was down he started away from the bar.

"I don't take coins." Armandeus had watched the coin being set down but had made no move towards it, not even when the man had turned to go. The elf never had any use for coinage since he traded for everything he could possibly want or need, but there was a small wooden box on the bar for tips and if the man didn't come back for the coin then that was where it would end up.

He smiled, even though his back was turned. Moving more to the door he raised a hand and gave a slight wave. "Then leave it for another." He was secretly delighted as he kept heading out.

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