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The Platinum Coin

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The Platinum Coin

Post by Telguest on Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:19 am

It should never be a question as to 'how' something got somewhere, the more important question that should be asked is 'why' the something is at that somewhere. Why can be a very important question that many people fail to ask themselves and, in the forgetting, they often miss something of importance.

At this point in time: this day, this hour, this very moment there would be an addition added to the surface of De'Ryanna's desk. It wasn't big or flashy, it didn't demand attention from any that happened to be in the room, this item simply was there. when it hadn't been one moment before.

A single, solitary, platinum coin lay separated from the other things on De'Ryanna's desk. No special markings aside from what any coin of its type already would. It was simply a coin. A recently acquired coin that, like all monetary forms, had belonged to someone else.

How did the platinum coin get there? Perhaps, if she comes across the coin, the question to be asked would be 'why' was the coin there.


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