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Waiting for......

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Waiting for......

Post by Daniel on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:47 am

Daniel, having departed some weeks ago, had almost immediately begun to feel remorse. Since he knew the way, thanks to Allissya, he made his way back, opening the front door and walking to the desk. There, he would use the patience he had learned in the Presence to combat the new mortal emotions he was assailed with. Would it pay off? Only time would tell, but at least he made an effort.

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Re: Waiting for......

Post by Cocina on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:27 pm

Now that she getting use to filling in for Miss. Aybara when she was away Cocina was feeling slightly more confident when it came to answering the calls at the front desk. However, she didn't have a connection with the desk or anything to let her know that someone was there so, for her to know, a person would have to ring the shiny bell in the corner or she came across them by happenstance of checking the desk. In the case of this man it was the latter.

The young blue haired elf was coming down the staircase, the long lavender robe kicking out from around her feet and her arms laden with fluffy clean towels stacked high enough to nearly cover her face. Not over her eyes though, they were clear so she could see and thus she spotted the man at the desk.

"Oh, oh, oh!" She sounded shocked and slightly unsure at the same in her soft voice. Fingertips tapped on the towels she held and she looked to the desk and then towards the hallway she would have already been traveling on if she hadn't seen him. "Oh. Oh please excuse me for just a moment Sir, I'm terribly sorry if you've been waiting there overly long, I didn't know!"

Not wanting him to be upset if he had been waiting there for hours but then she thought of something and started the small steps to the desk. "Or I.. I could put these here and take care of you first." The elven girl peeked her head around the towels one way and then the other, giving the man a bit of a nervous smile as she attempted to secure her pile of towels on the side of the front desk.

"Welcome to the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn."


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Re: Waiting for......

Post by Marcus De Leymon on Tue May 31, 2011 1:59 am

The breeze picked up just a pit just as he turned the last bend towards the Inn. This would push black dark brown strands from behind ear to cover one of those coals for eyes. Hand would be lifted to safely tuck back those reckless strands allowing his complete view of his goal to fill all of his thoughts for the moment. Was the inn his intention as he set out on this short walk that turned to day walk? Well, no, but the whims he had rarely steered him wrong, so he pretty much never ignored them.

As he drew near to his mind's unknowing demise, those leathers that tugged tightly to legs would flex quite nicely with each stride. Another gust picking up, letting cotton green shirt pad lightly against torso. Dressed to impress? Well...that was a loaded question. In short, yes. Always in fact. Though, considering he pretty much always dressed as such, it wasn't anything special. And finally, up the front steps he would walk. Again, those coals taking in the view that was the Inn. Stopping at the top step, head would turn and body leaned just a bit to take a good look at the gardens around the entrance. A sly grin came to lips for a brief second, thinking back on his previous stay here. But then, right back to the entrance.

Hand to handle and he was stepping in. Instantly, he would be sending looks through the entrance and halls that he could see. Was he looking for people he knew, or looking to make sure he shouldn't run right away? The world may never know. None the less, he saw the man at the front desk, and then trained eyes found the beauty that was behind it. Smirking a bit, slow steps would be made towards the pair. he didn't want to interrupt, so instead of saying a word, he would simply look around a bit more as he stepped towards the wall that the desk protruded from. Looking to the woman, sending a look so she knew he could wait if he had to for her work to be done with the other gentleman. Until then....who knows. His eyes...and mind...was always wandering.
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Re: Waiting for......

Post by E'lara on Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:49 pm

|||| The portly woman bound down the hall with a quickness rarely seen in someone her size. Were this Earth and she wore traditional human garb, she would most likely be a size 28 dress, or even larger. The frock that she wore was a simple cotton piece. One color, off white, long of sleeve, and no decoration or trim to it. It hung from her body to carry half way between her knees and her ankles. Around her robust waist was tied an apron. Again, simple in it's design. A half circle piece of fabric with straps along the flat end to reach around and tie behind the woman. There was no design to it, it simply had two deep pockets.

Her shoes were cloth slippers that covered nothing more than the base of her feet to come up over her toes and up the back. Her feet being as wide as they were, there were no signs of the shoes having sides, as she was walking them down. Her long gray hair was pulled up in a chignon atop her head, high and tight. Little wisps of gray curl fringed her face and neck. She wore no jewelry or make-up, she used no fancy scents in her soaps or otherwise. Her face held a hint of age with her tiny wrinkles here and there. And there was a scowl permanently fixed to her face. All in all she was very plain. She was simply E'lara, and she was the head laundress for The Tel'Ranaemyn Inn.

E'lana's current path was carrying her in a mission. She was on a mission to find that little blue haired helper that had seemed to have wondered off somewhere and had not gotten the clean towels to their destination. "Now where has that child gotten off to?" Asked more of herself than of any other whom might have come into ear shot as she was heading down the hall. She was looking everywhere. But it wasn't until she rounded the corner and could spy the front desk that she saw the hue of the young elf's azure locks. This caused E'lana to move directly towards the young elf with her hands on her hips.

She cleared her throat as she approached the desk. *Ahem* When she stood close enough, she addressed Cocina. "Miss Cocina, if you could please, I would like for you to get those towels delivered post haste. I will assist these gentlemen with their needs. You may go." There was a sternness to her voice that most would never expect to hear. But if they knew enough about others to be able to read faces, they might suspect that the elder woman was a little bothered by the dallying of her little helper.

Cocina would then look to the woman and bow her head slightly. "Yes, forgive me. I will go do that now." She returned her gaze to the two men, the one she had spoken to, and the one she had not had a chance to speak to yet. "Please excuse me. I must return to my task." People needed their towels. And she gathered them back up from where she had placed them and headed off in the direction she had been headed before she got distracted by the desk.

E'lana stepped up to the desk once it was vacated by Cocina. She wiped her clean and dry hands on her apron, it was a habit. "I am sorry gentlemen, I am sure miss Cocina was being very helpful, but I needed her to deliver those towels. So how can I help the two of you?" She pulled the book out from the shelf that held it and began to open it up. She flipped to a page that had a list of rooms and markings to say which ones were empty. She was presuming that at least one, if not both of them, needed a room. But she would not get pushy and start trying to get them to sign the proper papers until she was sure that they did need rooms. Until she knew the facts, she was happy simply flipping through the book, not even truly looking at it. She was simply keeping her hands busy. Idol hands and all.


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Re: Waiting for......

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