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Mixing Timelines and Crossing Inter-Dimensional Bridges

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Mixing Timelines and Crossing Inter-Dimensional Bridges

Post by Vesta Voui on Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:02 pm

This is the story of a girl who took a local bus into another world. And when she found a way home via a cell phone the only time that lapsed there was two weeks.

"It's so crazy that I don't even understand it......(pause) Tell me about it! I've been in Rhydin for a year, maybe even two -who knows- and I go home and hear I hadn't even been missing a month! (pause) You really think I did something wrong? I had to 'cause otherwise it wouldn't make sense for him to handle business. Then again..."

Then again why was she even surprised! Everything her brother told her about fantastical creatures has been true - that they existed; not necessarily their actions - and she was sitting cross-legged on her bed talking to a non-talking squirrel! Ha!

Nothing should be surprising and yet it was.

Blink the Squirrel pushed aside the empty shells of his recently devoured nuts and reached for more to eat in his collected pile.

"Then I fall out of the sky, land on Gilligan and he tells me that I've been gone for months!" She picked up a nut shell and shucked it at her wall. Despite the length of time gone she still had her room! She was going to have to give some propers to the people who ran this place. Seriously.

"Mixing timelines and crossing inter-dimensional bridges is most certainly not my forte."

She did bring a bag back with her but where it was she didn't have the foggiest of clues. It was with her when she dialed back and after she landed it was gone. Was there someone to contact when your luggage got lost during dimensional crossings? That wasn't the only thing she didn't know, she also didn't know how she got back in her room! One moment she was bantering with Gilligan while he pointed her in the right direction and now she was in her room?

Talk about memory gaps!

She didn't any stranger than usual, was wearing clothes, and hadn't felt any hadn't found any cuts, bruises or broken bones so that meant that everything was a-okay! Life needed it's mysterious and when she told her folks that she was off living a bohemian lifestyle to further her artistic career (mostly true) they only asked a few questions and she was able to dodge those as she always did when dealing with them. Over the years they had grown use to her varied lifestyle. Besides! It was still Summer there and she had a couple more months before her last year of college! She did promise she'd write... better get on to finding a post office that delivered between worlds or something.

So that's how it goes! Vesta Voui was back in Rhy'din, now to see what happens next.

Vesta Voui

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