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~/~ Changes (Open if you wish) ~/~

Post by AngelRayne on Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:38 pm

Angel sighed as she stepped through the little light purple portal that appeared in her room. That had to have been one of the hardest things she has ever done. What was that? She left her son, her baby boy and one of the only men in her life that hasn't hurt her yet, with her brother for the spring and summer months. Why? He needed a father figure in his life, and what better person in her eyes then her brother. Az, as well as Angel, loved her brother to death and trusted him with her life. Which she literally gave him when she left Az behind. Light blues glanced around her front room, to the black and purple spotted living room set, the wooden desk against the far wall , colored like the sky at midnight. Shes had the same stuff for a long while. All the memories the furniture held, the good, the bad and the totally wonderful. It was time to change her rooms! The first room she'd start with would be the one that held most of her older stuff, the room she was in now.

She thought about going to town and picking out furniture, paint and decorations. But why in the world would she do something like that when it would just be easier to make it all with her magic? Magic was more fun anyway, and besides she had a whole hell of a lot of energy to burn. So why not right?

Booted feet moved to the center of the living room, those light blues closed once she got there picturing what she wanted the room to look like. First the walls, they where going to be a midnight black with dark purple stripes about one inch wide and four feet apart. The floor would be covered in a deep purple plush, wall-to-wall, carpet. The new furniture she pictured, was (big shock here) not purple, it was a deep forest green and the type of furniture that tries to eat you when you sit down in it. One love seat, one couch and two chairs would fit around a midnight, glass top coffee table. The desk, she wouldn't change that much, not this time around it was still fairly new as is. Just now it was made of oak. On the walls, pictures of unicorns and other mythical creatures would hang. Along with one lonely picture of a bunch of purple lilies. The lighting in her room would stay the same, in each corner there would be candle holders, twisted and black, each holding between 10 and 15 dark purple candles. Once the room was pictured, every detail perfect, Angel would focus on that picture. Forcing all her magic and energy into the thought, letting herself become covered in that familure light purple energy that ran through her veins. Once she was satisfied with the amount of energy behind the thought and the spell, Angel released the energy feeling everything around her start to change. Any magic users would more then likely feel the sudden amount of energy being released. Once the energy was gone, those light blues would open and a smile crossed her crimson lips.

"I love it! Time for the rest of the place." Angel had a project now! Yay!

(I'm back .. kinda? o.O)

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