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A talk by the fire. [Closed]

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A talk by the fire. [Closed]

Post by Rodry Pol on Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:58 am

This place ... it was quite different from how he had been living his life. Something that while pleasing, was also disconcerting considering just how much was changed from his norm. Rodry settled into one of the plush chairs near the low fire. The small tray that was on the table beside him had an old piece of vellum upon it. One that he had carefully placed in it's slender steel casing. The casing was built into the bottom of his chest, to one side where it was not in the way but the precious sheet within could be safely placed along with anything else of writing of any import.

His fingers had long since pressed those spectacles that had hung in the breast pocket of his shirt for safekeeping throughout the day. A peculiar pair that were soon nestled in close to his eyes, the opaque lenses of polished stone within directed to the tray and it's burden. The small inkpot, only half full now, was tight stoppered and would remain so as long as possible. The old quill as well rested at the ready.

Now my clever little ones, what do you know of this place that drew you to get me to come here. At least at home it was comfortable. It is too chill here, damp in the ways that aggrevate my sickness. So why this place?

He had to wonder what about it had drawn their eyes or their search for some place to let their ill father spend his days. It wouldn't be forever that he would waste away. One day it would end and they wished his life to not be as hermit spent as it had been.

The tray was drawn into his lap, gloved fingers brushing over the vellum producing a shiver that ran up into his shoulders. With that he was drawing the glass stopper from the ink pot and checking the quills nib before he began to write.

My Precious children, I have found my way safely to the inn thanks to your generous assistance. They gave me a chamber quite to my liking with room to spare. Much larger than I expected. I have also found a few of the other patrons to be friendly.

The ink was a bright metallic gold. Glinting and glittering in the firelight upon the vellum. Even if before he had finished the first few sentences they had begun to ... dissapear. To seemingly run along the sweeping writing that his fingers placed down to race back into the nib of the quill. A most unusual occurance. His eyes closed slowly. Simply breathing in the humid air that the small pot of boiling water produced.

He didn't have to wait long. The faint glow rose to the surface of the vellum again, even if the words were not in his hand writing or the golden ink that he had used. The hue that burned through was a pure serene silver.

Ah, my daughter.

Father! We did not expect to hear from you so soon! I am so glad to know you have gotten there well! You warm my heart to let me know that you've made friends Papa. We thought that you might enjoy it there.

He could only imagine that knowing, secret little smile of hers.

Then your brother is away? I was hoping to know if he could bring me some more things from home. I would also like to entertain you two, if you would care to let me. Please let him know that I would greatly appreciate a small kit with my cutting and finishing tools. As well as some of my furniture. As soon as he can manage to get it here.

You know him, never one to remain home for long Papa. As you were. There is no reason you need to wait for him to stop back by, I would gladly bring your things by. You can expect me tomorrow or the day after depending on the weather. I find our home lonesome without you here.

There was his daughter, playfully teasing him as well as making it clear she wanted to check up. She was going to be the bane of her children one day if this were any indication!

Thank you, I would appreciate that my dear. I will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for you hm? I'm on the bottom floor, room B, in case I am not here or handy. Just let yourself in. While this place is nice, doesn't seemed to have helped my chest any. It still feels tight as a drum at times.

Unfortunately, after Epiphany had left his breathing had been far from easy. While he had been able to catch a nap and get some rest, he had woken coughing and the bucket that he kept tucked beneath one edge of the bed for nights rather than getting more hankerchiefs dirty, was in the bathroom, full of hot water to clean it to be replaced later.

You know how I'll creep up on you, you always said I loved to do that when I was little. I'll see you soon Daddy and I'll bring some other things for you too. I know you don't like to ask. Love you, I need to start getting things together!

I love you as well dear, I will look forward to sharing a meal and a bit of chat with you. I know that you will help me arrange furniture as well. You are too good to your father. I will give you some peace, I have a bit of work to do still before the morrow.

Which he knew she would never admit, the fact that she was too good to him. It was simply her way of showing appreciation for him. Besides, he knew that she wouldn't give him any peace at all until she was contented with how he had settled in!

Though now that his deed was done, he stoppered the ink pot only after carefully tapping the remainder of that golden fluid back into the pot. Setting the tray back on the table and settling back into the chair a bit more comfortably. To enjoy the heat of the fire warm upon his face and tired body for a while longer.

Rodry Pol

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