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Gwens Delivery Service { leo's gift }

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Gwens Delivery Service { leo's gift }

Post by Gwendolyn Zoi on Mon Mar 07, 2011 9:54 pm

34 hours. She had been stuck in the her used to be favorite chair in the common area for 34 hours. That was a long time for a girl to be stuck in one place, and you better believe as soon as she had gotten herself free from the chair she made a pit stop. But 34 hours of the common area not having activity on the weekend meant 34 hours of being on her own, with no entertainment but her book, when she finally got the chair to change how it was holding her with those wisps bands of energy. If she had only known it wasn’t her logic of talking to the bands but her will that had moved them from holding her arms and legs down, she might of learned earlier on her own how to move to get free.

But while she was there sitting, before Pip gave her an idea on whom would of pulled such a trick, she had time to think. Her sleep had been disrupted by the fear that the fire place would go to sleep, and she would not be able to get it to wake up. Thankfully that had not happened so she wasn’t truly more damaged by the fear of the darkness. She had also come to realize she still had gifts for people, certain people that she had not given them too, and that she wished them to get the items.

Having used Al before as a delivery girl she had tried to get Pip to do such a deed for her. But unlike her sister Al, her sister Pip said she would make up a story, a story that if Leo did not know Pip well he might believe and with Peter you never knew what she would say. So she decided that she would have to handle the delivery’s herself.

A glimpse at her dresser showed her which items she had left. She knew she would feel better once she gave Leo his. Lesson Master’s gift was in her room, she figured he would show up at some point, and if she was done being upset about the 34 hours she would give it to him. Of course, she would of never thought of Lesson Master being the one to have her stuck in the chair, but Peter said it sounded like him, so Gwen trusted in her sister’s insight in this. But she wasn’t upset with Leo, and his gift was sitting there still, and since she couldn’t use the delivery system, even though she had gotten a feeling he didn’t want to see her, girls have funny thoughts sometimes, she decided she would start there.

She really did not want to sit down at the moment anyways, hmm wonder why, so she went into her room. Grabbing up a fresh pair of jeans, black socks, a emerald green tank top and a black jersey hoodie, along with undergarments, she made her way out of her room and into the shower.

After she was showered and dressed in the above mentioned clothing, her long locks had been patted dry by the towel, odd as it was, they curled up when they were wet. She made her way into her room, grabbing the package that was for Leo, and slipped from her room. For all she knew he was not at the Inn, but she had given him gifts this way before, so it really did not hurt anything. Up the flight of stairs she needed to go until she reached the door.

She could of knocked, she really could of, but she knew he shared the room, and she did not want to face the Marques. She had yet to meet the man but on the off chance he was in residence, she figured she would just drop the gift and run.

The package that was left was not overly large, it was a smaller box about 5 inches by 5 inches. Wrapped in white shiny paper with hearts all over it, as most of her valentines day gifts were. A red envelope was balanced on the gift, with Leo’s name written in very feminine script all foofy with little details in the writing. She did not have to worry about leaving the items there, for she had a secret that would allow only the one who’s name the envelope was bearing to lift them.

Starting with the card, if he opened it the front had a small cut outs, hearts and cupids. Those were the symbols for the holiday. It was all done in reds, pinks and whites. On the inside of the card in the same girly foffy script it simply read: Leo, Thinking of You, Gwen. Short and to the point was Gwen’s writing inside the card.

Once the wrapping was off the box, it opened by sliding the top off of the bottom, the box under the wrapping was a simple white in color. Once that was lifted off, would be the white and red tissue paper the gift was nestled inside the paper. If it was lifted from the box he would see a black cord, not overly thick more on the thin side, yet stronger then it looked. It wasn’t the black cord itself for there was a pendent of sorts, not sure what else to call it, silver in color, in the shape of a angel. It was held onto the cord by the halo for it was cut out but it wasn’t overly large, nor was the pendant itself under a inch big in all directions. What she had not told him in the card, that the pendant itself was safe for humans, she checked but it would also offer him protection, keep him safe so to speak.

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