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What the heck is Win up to now..

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What the heck is Win up to now..

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:04 pm

{ As they come to me...if they give me any more, I will update this. But as this has been going on in my head, I thought maybe getting it out would give me a break. ♥ }

“Come on, its not like everyone already doesn’t think it, might as well make them right.” He gave a nod of his head, as if that argument would make his case, he was a shark when he was in his element, Al was not his element. Al was completely out of his realm of element. They had been friends and employer employee for what felt like forever and him trying to cross those lines was wrong, he knew it was wrong, but he was lonely, and like he said everyone already thought that those lines had been crossed. He moved to shrug out of his dark gray suit jacket that matched the dark grey suit pants. Black dockers were on his feet, and when the jacket was removed it left him in a light blue button down shirt, he had not worn a tie today because he had no meetings, just run of the mill business. The top two buttons of his shirt had come undone at some point of the day.

Skipping out of his reach and around the desk she shook her head looking at him, the look she gave him was one he had not gotten since he was a child and was suggesting something that was impossible. “I don’t care that people think that we have already done it, we are not going to do it, no matter what they think.” A gentle shake of her head, her hair barely moved for it was all pulled up into a bun at the back of her head. Her own suit was a dark blue in color with a light blue blouse under the jacket, stockings on her legs and dark blue heels with the peep toe. “Win…it’s not going to happen. Your my boss.”

He let out a small grumble. “I could be your boss with benefits. I mean people have friends with benefits, and we are friends aren’t we?” A charming smile slipped over his features. “Are you saying I am not attractive? Is that it? Do you find me hideous?” He looked almost hurt at the very thought.

“No. I already have benefits that come with my job, like the traveling. You know that we are friends, or I would of never came across realms to bring you a present for a girl for a holiday.” She shook her head, she tried not to but a laugh bubbled up and out. “You know your attractive, don’t go fishing for compliments. But you already have your spot in my life and I don’t want that to change.” She wasn’t exactly tempted, okay so maybe she was but she told him no, and she meant no.

“So it’s just us adding some job perks. Perks that no one else here will get.” Impish grin was flashed before he spoke again. “See you do think I am attractive, so there has to be some chemistry there.” He moved to start going around the desk towards her again. “We can just scratch each other’s itches. Nothing has to change.”

Snort! Yes she actually snorted as she watched him warily but she had not moved yet, her hands were busy organizing some of the papers on her desk, making a nice pile. They had been organized before Winston came in like a whirlwind and asking her to change their business relationship to something different. “Nothing has to change? So it isn’t going to bother you when I spend my free time doing things that I am not going to tell you? When I go out on dates?”

He blinked, pausing when he reached her. “Some things would have to change.” He still had that light in his eyes the one that made him think his idea was brilliant. He wouldn’t mind her doing whatever in her free time but he wasn’t sure about the dating other guys. And what she was doing on those dates. He was not a man that liked to share even if he was operating in a strange new playing field.

It wasn’t that Al was having sex with everyone she went out with, but he didn’t know that, well he might be able to tell a difference in her attitude. When she was going through a dry spell there was something about her that just seemed off. “I am not a fan of change.”
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Re: What the heck is Win up to now..

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:47 am

Al was shaking her head, as she looked at him, she had always been a straight shooter with him. Well except about her age, that was something he found out later on, that she was really two years younger then he thought. But they had worked that out. And it looked like she was going to have to give him some tough love. She did love Winston, but not in that way, he was more of a big brother figure. The guy you went to, if you were going to go to a guy, to complain about the guy you went out with last night. His hand reached out to brush his fingers against her arm, harmless, right? We wouldn’t know because at that same moment she made her way further along the desk, before tilting her head upwards, just a notch. “Winston. You’re my boss. Your one of my best friends. Your like a big brother that pays me.”

Ouch! Stab right to the man’s ego! Your like a big brother. How the hell did he change that? His left hand lifted and ran through his hair, she had him pretty well pegged there. He was frustrated but it wasn’t really at her, he knew how it was going to go. “You wound me!” A pause. “But I can understand that.” He looked over at her, a slow grin forming. “You know that wasn’t even a half assed attempt?” She let out a laugh, her head shaking as she looked over at him. “I know. I appreciate that you didn’t press. I don’t want any weirdness at work.” The papers on the desk were lifted, as she looked up to him. “You need to get out more.” Was that a impish little grin that had formed on her face, yes yes it was. “I will, as soon as I get a few more things settled here. Doing that little sailing trip for the Dirty Girl set us back.” That got a small laugh from Al. Which had him pressing his luck once more. “Are you sure we shouldn’t just kiss and make sure it doesn’t feel all brotherly?” Grin. Now she figured he was just messing with her, and papers in one hand she walked back to behind her desk, where Winston was standing hitting him in the arm, open handed. He was lucky for that the girl had a bit of a arm on her. He laughed as he exited her office to get back to work, can’t blame a man for trying.
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