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Working The Desk

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Working The Desk

Post by Kyle Sanderson on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:55 pm

Okay so what was a guy to do on a night when he had absolutely nothing to do? Now he could have stayed and bothered Az over and over and over tonight. But instead he thought he would be nice and not do that. After all there would be plenty more days and nights for him to do that to her! But that did leave the question of if he wasn’t there with her, what exactly was he doing. Getting in trouble? Maybe. Staying out of trouble? Maybe. Actually doing something productive? Probably not. Especially now that he had finally gotten in contact with Ravyne so that was taken care of. He really didn’t have much to do tonight. That was of course until he got the great idea of heading down to the reception desk…he wanted to get into something, surprise.

So it was down that way he decided to head, was he even sure that there were people down there? Not really. But like that was going to stop him regardless. Having already changed clothes he was now in a pair of black cargo pants, a red long sleeved thermal that seen one of those sleeves the sleeve that covered his right arm only come down to where that black cast ended that covered his hand. Over that was a black short sleeved shirt. His hair, well finally it wasn’t all black anymore. Now that always seemed so messy hair while most of it was black, the tips were dark red. As normal, the headphones from his MP3 player were over his ears, so that he could listen to some music while he did whatever it was that he did.

Shoes put on and he was all set, so off to the reception desk he was off to. Down those stairs around any corners he had to go, he finally reached the room it was in. “Hey now…hey now I’m the motherfu…of the year.” Yes he was singing and he was censoring himself! Finally he had reached the reception desk and he went behind it. “What to do…” His eyes began to scan around looking for anything around there to get into. “Hmmm I wonder what they have about me down here…” Yep he was curious now and he opened one of the drawers finding some pens and such, pulling on out and beginning to look for something to write on. Now what if someone came in to check in…that would be an adventure in its own right.
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