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Discussing Flutterbys

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Discussing Flutterbys

Post by Leo on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:35 pm

(Gracias, Marqués for helping me.)


“Flutterbys?” The Marqués questioned though his pronunciation of the word was not as smooth as Leo’s who was better at the common tongue as well as other languages. “What are these Flutterbys?”

Leo took up the filled glass that was on the table in the suit they had at the Tel’Ranaemyn Inn. He had been slightly pacing since before the Marqués arrived and now that he had the pace, it was still there but more slow. Now with his cup being held he did take to a lean on that table. “I had thought that she was meaning butterflies. How the people, they do get that flutter feeling inside.”

“Nervousness? Why would she want to feel nervous?” It was clear that he wasn’t understanding what his partner was telling him. Or it could be that the Spaniard was tired. He had arrive in only a couple hours ago and was still sprawled across the lounger, his tie loose and jacket across the back. Coming here was easier than going to the Manor; he also had no need to sooth over Ama’s worry over where he had been.

“If she wants them they can’t be bad.” Leo said as he finished his glass and set it back down. Hands free he scratched his chin. “Another gave them to her.”

Marqués looked over at his partner, then with a quirk in his brow and considered the man’s position. “Are you jealous? I did tell you that ---“

Leo cut in with a gruff and a wave of his hand as he left the table to flop down one of the other chairs. “Not jealous,” saying with a spread of his hands, “she’s still mi Gaitto and I would do those things for her besides.” He knew that he would, he did give her one of his rings. If it was that the Flutterbys were what he thought that they were he would have a hard time remembering the last time he had them. Or if he ever had them at all in his life.

Still, it was that the Marqués was right – it wasn’t easy for them to get involved with a person which is why he tried to make sure any female knew what they were in for and he could not be against them if it was something they did not want. He looked to his friend. “How was it that you and your Lady worked out?” The Marqués had been married, he had to have some advice.

The reply first came as silence s the Marqués was taking a moment to look down at his loosened tie. “You remember her: assertive and prideful. I did not need her and she did not need me but we were for each other when there was the need; that is what mattered to us.” His Lady would have bested Alma in the workings of the household.

“Did you ever tell her about what happened to your hand?”

The last time he came here his hand was wrapped, he knew that’s what his friend was referring. Once again he replied with a no as he shook his head.

The Marqués saw the shake of the head and put his arm over his eyes to block out the light as he settled down more on the lounger. “You have more answer than I can give you.”

Leo thought about that while still looking at his hand, cured and fine now there was nothing to see but what he could remember from before. Maybe he would go walk? Yes.. That is what he would do. So while the Marqués was resting up from his trip Leo got up and left out of their room on the third floor and started down the stairs. Maybe time outside in the garden would be well.


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