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The Knock That Wasn't At Room 203 -:{ Open ? }:-

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The Knock That Wasn't At Room 203 -:{ Open ? }:-

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Sat Jan 22, 2011 5:14 pm

Thoughts. She had a lot of those lately. Her visit with Airtia had gone well. As well as one could expect at least? The visit with Maddie, was a bit harder, because she saw that look, the look she didn’t want to see in Maddie’s eyes. Way to expressive. It was after she was leaving Starbucks that she didn’t even realize she had driven straight to the Inn. The Tel’Ranaemyn Inn. She sat in her suv outside for a few moments, blinking, before giving in. She drove here on auto pilot might as well go inside.

After grabbing her rather large black purse, she slung it over her shoulder, she didn’t want to just leave it in the car, never knew what sort of riff raff was looming around. Clicking the lock button on her key dodad she made her way up to the front door, crossing over the threshold easily enough.

Even though she had tried to forget Xavier’s room, she knew where it was, unless he had changed rooms. She herself had taken a few nights of sleeping in a different room at home, before she could go back to the room that she had shared with him for a bit. But he surly wouldn’t of had such trouble, right? Automatically she went to the steps and pausing when she reached the floor of his room. Deep breath was taken, and she began to walk down the hallway, she wondered if this is what prisoner’s on death row felt like. She paused, once she reached his door, turning she lifted her hand, as if to knock. Her hand paused in mid air. She couldn’t do it, her hand moved to caress the wood of the door, lightly, making no real noise.

She couldn’t do that to him, she remembered what he said, she had to honor his wishes. A soft sigh slipped past her lips which had suddenly parted, as she turned and made her way back down the hallway that she had came down.

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