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Musings of the Wanderer (Room 104) [Open]

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Musings of the Wanderer (Room 104) [Open]

Post by Spirits Rising on Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:01 am

It was with a soft sigh that he made his way into the room he had been given a key to. Having been told about the waterfall, he resolved to find out exactly where it was as soon as he could. For now however, he could make do.

Once the door was closed behind him he set the key down on a nearby end table, looking over the accommodations within the room. The bed looked inviting enough ... But he knew he could not rest just yet. With a shrug, the cloak came off of his body, revealing that under the cloak he wore a rather tight looking suit of black armor. This suit did not cover everything - the joint areas showed a black material that seemed to hug his body and shine just a bit in the light. It was a specially made inner suit made up of normal cloth interwoven with fibers of a flexible metal which existed on a world where the Elements imbued some of the veins with their power. folded flat against his back was a pair of wings which matched the coloring of his hair - alternating white and black feathers.

The cloak was folded and placed in a chair before he moved to look outside, crossing his arms behind his back. "Do you really think to find old friends here?" The question asked by the ever present Shade "I do. some who knew me well ... They will know I am here shortly."

Indeed, even as he said this he closed his eyes. regulating his breathing he opened himself up to the flow of energies within this place. As he did so he allowed a rather unusual trait of his to come forth. The energy in the room surrounding his form began to tighten and swirl around his midsection - forming into what looked like an accretion Disk. Indeed, that was exactly what it was. He was absorbing a bit of the energy around him. as more energy began to be pulled in he concentrated, turning away from the window and forming a nearly visible (to normal eyes) ball of light. He poured more energy into this ball, making it shine a bit brighter before his eyes snapped open and the ball detonated. The resulting sphere of once again invisible energy cascading through the building as if it were simply some sort of pulse to announce his presence.

Yes, that was exactly what it really was. A simple pulse of energy designed to alert those who knew him well enough that he was here. It did have its drawbacks however ... It would also draw the attention of most magic users as well as those who are simply sensitive to the ebb and flow of such energies.

with this done, he turned again to look outside, the disk continuing to draw in background energy for now. His eyes became distant as he began to lose himself to his own thoughts.
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