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Basket of pink boxes <open>

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Basket of pink boxes <open>

Post by Inion on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:35 am

The soft footsteps carried her through the hall, down the stairs and into the main area of the Inn. Inion still had a room at the inn though most never saw her. She used it to come and go in order to keep the cottage and her family as safe as she could. It was the time of day when she figured most people would be about thier business, its not that she was avoiding people, well maybe one person, and being that the sun was up he most likely would be asleep or in a dark room.

The sun was out but that didn't mean it was warm so Inion was dressed in jeans and a sweater that was hidden beneath her long white coat. Scarf around her neck and a knitted hat on her head made her look younger then she was. Her winter boots not only looked cute but kept her feet warm.

She stopped at a table and glanced around before setting the basket that was on her arm down. The basket was lined with blue and snowflake material and the handle was decrated with matching ribbon, but it was what was inside that basket that was important. Little pink boxes filled the basket and anyone that knew her knew just what was in those boxes. Fudge, sweet homemade fudge, four pieces to be exact. It may not seem like alot but once tasted it was more then enough. Each piece was a different flavor, a piece of plain chocolate fudge, a piece of chocolate fudge with crushed candy cane mixed in, a piece of chocolate with caramel swirled in and a new flavor she tried that tasted like hot cocoa complete with mini marshmallows. She fussed over the basket for a moment and set a card next to it which read. "Happy Holidays from Inion and Juliet".

She may have not been around much but she still missed and cared for those that she called friends and more here and wanted them to know that she still loved them. She took a step back from the table, glanced around for a moment then pivoted around to head out the door to continue her errands.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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