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Hope they gots plenty a hot water. ((Open))

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Hope they gots plenty a hot water. ((Open))

Post by Speedy ~n~ Gonzales on Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:31 am

((Ok, I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted t continue this, or where, then I got a PM, from a dude even. So I guess this would be a requested thread an I am leaving it open just t see what happens.))

Speedy said his good byes to Kyra an headed off in the direction he was sent in. Gonzales was in tow. He went up the stairs (?) an headed down to the end of the hall. Blueberry Kitchen had given him room 116. An as he was headed to the bathroom he saw his door. So he used his key an peeked inside. He nodded an then closed the door, locking it. "Looks good t me Gonz." An they continued.

He saw a door that looked like it could be t the bathroom thingy. He knocked, just in case he was in the wrong place or somethin. Then he tried the handle, it was open. He popped his head in t see if it was the bathroom. And low and behold, it was. So he opened the door wider an walked in. Gonz came in with him. No one had actually said he couldn't bring his pup in there for a bath.

He didn't see anyone else in there. That didn't necessarily mean that there wasn't anyone else in there, just that he didn't see anyone else. He was too worn out t notice anyone off hand. He went over t the urinals and took care of that issue. It was one he didn't even realize he'd had until that point. Then he looked 'round for soaps and towels and stuff.

He found a bar of soap, and it didn't smell too frufy, it actually smelled kinda nice an clean. Then he found a bottle of shampoo plus conditioner. It was some green bottle, looked like the Pert they had back home. It was good enough for his hair. Plus, not too bad for the pup either. And the convenient pump bottle would keep him from dropping it all over the place. Then he found some towels.

Looking around, the place seemed very clean. That was cool, 'specially given he was 'bout t get all nekked in there an stuff an didn't have no shower shoes. So he saw the hamper, Blueberry Kitchen said put em in the hamper. So off went his hoodie. He shook his head while he tossed it in the hamper. Then it was off with his t-shirt. The crap had soaked through his hoodie, which sucked, 'cause his moms kept his t's crisp. It was a good thing she wasn't here t see how bloody an nasty it was. He undid his belt and pulled it outta his shorts, it was all crusty with crap too. So he tossed it in the hamper. But then he thought about it pulled it back out. He could wash it off in the shower, it was leather. All he had t do was make sure that he didn't soak it, just wipe it down good with a rag an it shouldn't shrink too bad.

Then he knelt down t take off his Jordans. They were leather too, so he figured he could clean em up with no worries. So he set em aside with his belt in em. He unbuttoned his shorts an let em fall. Steppin out of em he noticed that his socks were ruined too. So the shorts an the socks went into the hamper. That left his boxers. Lookin around again, an still not noticing anyone, he dropped his boxers t the floor. He stepped out of em and tossed em into the hamper too. Gonz was wearin a leather collar, so it went int' the leather pile t be washed in the shower.

Then the pair headed t the shower. He checked where he'd found the towels an found a wash cloth. So he took one in with him. He set the towels right outside the reach of the water. Same with the leather stuff. He didn't wanna soak the leather stuff. It would shrink for sure that way. Gonz stopped where the towels had been set. He was planing on avoidin the water as much as possible. Speedy set the water and the stood under it for a while. It felt good.
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Re: Hope they gots plenty a hot water. ((Open))

Post by Speedy ~n~ Gonzales on Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:40 am

After a few minutes in the shower, Speedy figured he had bettered get washed up. He looked over at his pup an chuckled. "Get yer butt over here. You need a bath too. An hurry, we have a date t keep. Well, not a date date, but it's an appointment, so it's like the same thing." He laughed as he slapped his leg a couple of times t call over the pup. Gonz was reluctant, but he eventually moved over there, the little stump he had for a tail waggin as he did.

Speedy moved to get him under the spray of the water. He tried to move to go back out of the water, but Speedy stopped him. He got the shampoo with the conditioner that he had brought in with them and he squirted some onto Gonz directly. Then he began to rub him down. Most of the colored yuck that was coming off in the water was mud an some horse pucky. Some of it was blood though. Not guts, just blood. Once Speedy had his pup clean and the water was runnin clear, he let him go so he could shake off and maybe get a little dry.

Then Speedy moved t get the stuff he'd brought in with him. His Jordan's, Gonz's collar. And he put some soap on the wash rag. He used the rag t wash the stuff off. It worked great on Gonz's collar, it wasn't all that bad. But the Jordan's, now those were a different story. They came pretty close to white. A little sneaker polish should fix em up right. Then Speedy stopped to think about that. Would he even be able t find sneaker polish around here? He let it go fer now.

Once he was done with everythin else, he got back under the water. It was still warm. He was kinda shocked 'bout that. He stepped out of the spray of the water and squirted some of the shampoo in his hair. He scrubbed at his head and then stepped back under to rinse. The water was running dark, so he did it again. More shampoo, more lather, another rinse. This time, the water ran red. Third time was a charm. He washed his hair again, and this time, the water ran clear. But he did notice another of the dudes teeth was caught up in there. It fell out on the second wash. Which kinda grossed Speedy out.

With his hair clean, he moved on t his body. He used some of the bar of soap on the wash rag. He rubbed the rag over his shoulders an chest first. Then he made his way down his abs t . . . t his legs. He made sure that his boys were clean an everythin else while he was at it. When it came time t wash his back he wrinkled his face like he was thinkin er somethin for a moment. Then he slapped he rag over his shoulder, holdin one corner of it, an reached b'hind himself with his other hand. He held ont' the other corner of the rag and rubbed it back and forth over his back. That was the only way he could think t wash it. His Boo usually washed it fer him.

Then when he felt good an clean, he rinsed off. He turned off the water and dripped for a sec. Then he grabbed up the towel and wiped down with it. Then he tied it around his waist. Size 28 if anyone cared t notice. Though he usually put on a 32 or 34 so they would sag. He picked up the bar of soap, the bottle of shampoo, and the wash rag an took them out o the shower with him. He tossed the wash rag in the hamper. Then he put the shampoo up so the next person could use it. But he held ont' the soap. It was unsanitary for the soap to be used by someone else. That was why he had grabbed a fresh bar to begin with.

Then he began to hit the cabinets again. He found a plastic bag, so he dropped the soap into it. Then he found some toothbrushes in plastic, so he knew they was new and clean. He grabbed up a blue one. Then he saw some little tubes of toothpaste. He picked up one of them too. There were some small deodorants, they looked like travel sized, like the toothpastes. He sniffed a few different ones until he found one he could stand. And then he saw some disposable razors. And there were small cans of shaving cream too. So he helped himself. No one had told him to stay out of that stuff. In fact, he had been told that there was some stuff in here that he could use. So he planned on usin it.

He moved t the sinks and mirrors. Standin there in a towel, he brushed his teeth first. Gonz laid down at his feet and fell asleep. Once he was done brushin, he shaved. He added deoderant and then started to look fer some clothes. After all, he couldn't go grab a bite with Kyra in a towel, now could he?
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