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Room 315 ♥ Jade

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Room 315 ♥ Jade

Post by ♥Allissya♥ on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:41 pm

Once she and Winston arrived at the Inn, she went straight to her room, for she had a job to do. Grabbing out the stationary that she used when writing personal letters for Winston, she took that and sat down at the desk in her room. The letter was written with his specific wording. He had been very precise in what he wanted it to say. Once it was fully written, she would sign in with his name, she had gotten very good at signing his name just the way he did. Before she folded it in half and put it in the black envelope, the woman's name would be written on the front of the envelope in a light blue color. Said envelope would then be taken to room 315, which wasn't to far from her own room, the envelope was pushed under the door, a knock was given, and away she went. Unless she was stopped, the possibility was always there.

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