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19 Candles

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19 Candles

Post by -:|[ Titania ]|:- on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:15 am

October 31st. Okay technically October 31st at 12:00:01 am. A second or two earlier and she would of been born on the night before Halloween. But that was not so, so it would not be a surprise to any that on that night, the night before All Hallows Eve, candles were burning in her bathroom. A bubble bath had been drawn, rose petals scattered about, and she was soaking. She no longer had a man to pamper her, and she had to take care of herself, it was after the bath when she returned to her room, that it happened.

The what was not a fire because the candles all but the one she used was blown out. She carried the candle into her room, setting it on the table. Normally she left the big thick old book she had found in the basement but she wanted to do some research on the spell she was using on herself. A way to make sure it wasn't going to have any ill effets. Using a shimmer on someone might have a negative effect and if it was true she would have to postpone using such a thing. It wasn't something she wanted to do.

Before that could happen she decided she needed to have a slice of birthday cake. She had taken the previous day and the day that was just creeping over off of work. She could of worked but with everything going on she didn't want too. She still could not believe what had happened between her and X. Nor the fact her gypsies had left, and now Case was staying here, yet she rarely saw him but knew he was still around due to the fact of things getting done around the house. Cake it made everything better, what she really wanted was a stiff drink but she couldn't do that, or wouldn't do that...either way.

The cake had nineteen small candles pushed into the chocolate frosting. It was a marble cake yellow and chocolate under that chocolate frosting. The candles had been blown out earlier, but she had left the candles in the cake they would stay there until after she ate dinner. She put the cake back she was going to wait. Until the morning, tonight she was going to research until she was tired enough that she could sleep.

~ To be continued.

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