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Alone with her thoughts...

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Alone with her thoughts...

Post by Angel Eyes on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:06 am

At school the week that just passed they were learning about Earth holidays. She did not understand why they were learning about them, it wasn't like Earth was taking over here, so why did they have to learn and have a test on such things. It did actually fascinate her, though she wasn't one that anyone would guess as much, for she looked rather bored during class. It wasn't Christmas or Easter that got her attention, it wasn't even really Halloween, it was more of the day before Halloween. Oh they said that people were trying to change it but Devils Night called out to her. She had wanted to run amuck in the Inn but she had held that in check, trying to stay low key for a non low key person was not easy at all.

-{ Okay that wanted out of my head...will add to it...when it comes to me. Wee}
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