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Special Delivery! ... Vesta and Jade

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Special Delivery! ... Vesta and Jade

Post by Winston Charles Bakersfie on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:05 am

Winston might not be back from his trip over seas, but that didn't mean he hadn't pulled a few strings, in case something like this happened. One of those strings was the phone that was left at Vesta's door. The phone would be a in a box, wrapped in a pink and purple patterned wrapping paper with a bow. The small card that was attached simply said To: Vesta, From: Winston. When she opened the inside she would see that the phone had instructions and it was hers to use as she wished. There was a pre-paid card inside that would give her a good five trips back and forth, not to mention a bunch of calls. There was nothing else in that package.

There was another package that was delivered to the Inn as well. This particular package was left down at the desk, though a note would be sent around to the person it was left for. This package was wrapped in a wrapping paper that changed colors by which way the light hit it, much like a pearl. A pink ribbon wrapped around the package and curled down on the sides. A small tag on the outside of the box tapped to the package simply read: Jade. The writing was not Winston's it was actually Al's writing. She was his gofer of sorts. She knew he was gone and she had set his wishes in motion. When and if Jade picked up her package she would see inside the wrapping was a plain brown box. Once opening the brown box inside was a smaller black jewelry box. If she opened the jewelry box there was a ruby and diamond bracelet set in white gold. The rubies were in the shape of crescent moons, the diamonds were twinkly like little stars. Upon the softness that the bracelet wrapped around the bracelet was a small piece of paper that read happy sweetest day- W. It went with the necklace he had gotten her a while ago. He had seen the bracelet in the store and had debated getting it for her or not. In the end the thought of giving the bracelet to Jade to go with the necklace won. He would of put his full name somewhere or rather had Al but he figured when she got the gift she would realize it was part of a set, and she would know it came from him.

If she took the gift to the jewelry store they would tell her that the jewels were real, no imitation's here. The three c's were in full effect. Winston did not buy cheap jewels. As close to perfection as one could get, was what she would get.
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Re: Special Delivery! ... Vesta and Jade

Post by Jade Stone on Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:54 pm

since the day xavier had helped her with her bags and she'd moved out of here, jade had been really slacking when it came to spending a couple nights here a week to keep up appearances to fool the Three. at first she'd come here for a day max two, and she always made sure to keep to her room and to come and go in the really late hours of the night when she wouldn't bother anyone - particularly the people who were the reason she'd left. but then something changed, and a day had just turned into new day into another new day, and…well, jade was feeling like she had the semblance of a life again and that had become so important to her that she wasn't really paying attention to anything else.

it was after a short trip away from rhy'din that jade came back to the tel'ranaemyn after a pretty long absence. it was the simple fact that she was leaving earth and coming back to this planet that reminded her why she had to come here in the first place, what for, and who for. thinking back on it, it was kind of a miracle that she hadn't been caught. that she hadn't heard a peep from St. Louis since she moved out. she considered herself almost too lucky, and that's why she went straight to the tel'ranaemyn when she got back to town instead of old saybrook down the road.

just like her other visits here, it was really late at night. she went upstairs first, and that's when she found the note that had been slipped under the door which notified her there was a package waiting for her downstairs. silent as the grave is how she crept down and back up the stairs, package in hand after she'd located it hopefully without disturbing anything else. she didn't open it right away. first she got settled in her room. while she didn't turn the lights on, she did go to the fridge to open up a bottle of blood and pour herself a glass. glass in hand, as she sipped she walked around the ridiculously big suite that she'd insisted she take for no reason other than just to spend the Three's money. as she wandered the rooms, she took her time. to make sure nothing was out of place. that no one had been here. and maybe, she was trying to make sure there wasn't a st. louis ambush waiting.

sitting in front of the television, with a second glass of blood sitting on the coffee table, that's when jade turned her attention to the box and its card. if she wasn't a little paranoid that it might contain a smack on the wrist from the coven, she would have opened the box first. but instead, she looked at the card. "happy sweetest day?" brow knit, she flipped the card over but there was nothing else on it but an initial. at least there was no one in the coven whose name started with a 'w', that put her somewhat at ease. it was time to open the box. when she did, and pulled the bracelet with its familiar stones and pattern from it, now she understood.

winston. she wasn't totally sure what the occasion was, because she hadn't ever heard of sweetest day. and she knew it wasn't a flirtation attempt, not after that mortifying night where he'd batted her back washing offer aside for a girl who looked to be his girlfriend. the girl had certainly acted like it, at least.

jade sat back in the couch, bracelet still held between her cool fingers, thinking. maybe this was the universe pointing out to her again that there had been more reasons not to leave than she had thought, that she was more than just the tiny disliked blip on the radar screen that she'd felt like while she was living here. but she couldn't come back to stay here exclusively again, not after…

the bracelet gave her something to think about.
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Re: Special Delivery! ... Vesta and Jade

Post by Vesta Voui on Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:58 pm

Blink was the one who found the package first, but that was only because he had jumped down from off her shoulder and reached the door before she had. Vesta wasn't too far behind and she got to the squirrel as he was turning the package over in his little squirrel hands.

"Not yours squirrel-ly boy and I doubt it's anything edible." Plucking it from his hands she didn't hear anything shifting around and she paid not attention to Blink as he jumped up on her waist and climbed his way back up to his familiar perch upon her shoulder. The package was from Winston, and that caused a curious tip of her head as she opened the door to her room and entered in, letting it close behind her.

Vesta had done a lot of thinking about the trip back home since that day she asked him and had the conversation - if it could be called that - with her parents on the phone. Even now, as she thought about it, she frowned. They were worried about her and Winston had a life and a reputation to uphold. If he came back with her. . . There was always the possibility that no one would know who he was.

There was always that.

Her animal companion jumped off her shoulder and skittered over to her dresser to push open the top drawer - that was where he stayed and had various nuts, seeds, and dried fruits stored in separate section of the drawer - and dissapeared into it. Vesta flopped down on her bed and then shrugged out of her jean jacket before slouching down on the bed more. Opening up the box she saw what it was and paused. The phone.

Picking out the paper she read through the instruction and tapped her finger against the phone. Perhaps she should go, by herself, and save him any type of media circus that might play around her trip home. Or maybe if she left without saying goodbye, that could be taken the wrong way. He was gone, yes, but she figured he had good reason and it wasn't like she was good on the vanishing thing either with the various odd jobs she had around town. It meant a lot that he was willing to give her the phone like this, it also said - to her - that he considered her feelings of going home and wasn't going ot hinder that.

How very thoughtful of him.

Vesta laid back fully on the bed and balanced the phone on her nose and lips. Looking at the device she contemplated how to go about this as Blink tossed nuts around in the drawer.
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Re: Special Delivery! ... Vesta and Jade

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