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Room 111 - Spider -

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Room 111 - Spider -

Post by ~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~ on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:54 pm

Az liked holidays. Az liked holidays that were only on Earth. Az liked holidays that were on Earth that the people that inhabited Earth called Hallmark Holidays. That would be why she was at Spider's door. Now for Sweetest Day, it wasn't the same as some other holidays, but it gave her a reason. A reason to go and visit a few people. She did not have a sweetheart persay, but she had those that she felt near and dear too, and those people would get a visit or rather a missive slid under their doors. Spider was one of these people, and as being such, she would have a letter placed against the base of her door. Az knew better then to try to slid something under the door, for she knew anyone that had such fun tingles probably guarded or warded the door to their rooms. The envelope was rather plain, it was white in color with a scalloped edge where it closed. Upon the front in neat Calligraphy would be her name, Spider, not Az's. If anyone else tried to pick up the letter they would find that it appeared to be glued with some massive gorilla glue.

The letter inside the envelope was a invitation for dinner. Az would cook, the menu was to be decided, by Spider. The when was also up to the other lady. There was a small piece of paper for Spider to return so she knew when to do it. But then again if Spider just showed up at her room, that would be fine as well.
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