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Catch Up. -[ open to Serf]-

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Catch Up. -[ open to Serf]-

Post by ~*~ Azlin Zoi ~*~ on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:07 pm

It had been a bit, and she knew that Serfius was still at the Inn, which meant he was in for getting a visit. The last time they had talked she hadn't know everything she knew now. Time kept moving and threw things at her, and probably at him, she wasn't naive enough to think that nothing would of changed. Dressed as she was for the most part, a white gown that hung loosely yet not to loosely over her form, tighter in the waist area, long bell sleeves. Silver ropes wrapped around her waist as a belt. Feet were bare, even when the weather turned cool, and snow fell upon the ground, she did not wear shoes. Her hair was worn loosely around her. Her hand lifted and gave a knock on the door.

She sensed that he was home, but that didn't mean he was awake or that he would answer the door, though why he wouldn't she had not a clue. She rocked upon her bare feet as she awaited an answer of some sort.
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