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A Visit to Dad {a log}

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A Visit to Dad {a log}

Post by Epiphany on Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:42 pm

It was time to get some other answers, the type that she could probably only get from her Dad. The problem with that is that she had only been to see him once since she found out who he was and that was years ago. Epiphany had no idea where to find him now but she knew someone who may. Taking Damon's advice to 'get a tan' and stuff Epiphany dressed in short brown denim shorts and a white halter that left plenty of room for her back.. Oddly she was wearing hiking boots with socks coming out the top, and her hair was in two pig tails. Her belt had a small pouch on it but what was inside... Anyway! She went to Aiden's door and knocked.

Aiden wasn't an overly violent type of guy but when someone goes knocking on his door early in the day when he's obviously in bed, well then it was time to reconsider the whole violent thing. Opening the door Epiphany got treated to the sight of her brother scowling at her from underneath a case of bed-head wearing only a pair of green sweat pants. "Calling a little early, aren't we?"

"Aiden!" She wasn't going to be threatened by a case of bed-head form her brother. Besides last time she saw him he told her that she better pounce him. Wasn't her fault - fully - that she called in the AM. So now…she leaped at him. "Hello! Get up get dressed we have to go somewhere."

Ack!" She lept and he tried to catch and stay in an upright position at the same time. Oy, why'd he have to go and tell her that she better pounce him next time he saw her? He was laughing though because even though he had his arms fully he was glad she seemed to be acting more like she usually did. "What do I owe this pleasure? And just where are you wanting to go so early?"

To bad he was able to catch her.. she would have found it really funny if he had fallen. Since he didn't fall she compensated by poking him on the chest. She was still just as cool as the last time he saw her, so nothing had changed in that regard. "I've talked with Damon and decided on what I needed to do. But first.. I need your help." She backed up a bit and tapped her boot on the ground "I need you to take me to Dad. I don't know where he lives."

She may have found it funny but he'd learn to catch! Too many Pip-pounces made a guy learn that the hard way! Besides she got to poke him, which in turn made him let go of her with one arm to try capturing the hand that was poking her. That was, until she mentioned their father. "What? No way! I'm not going back there!"

"Oh come on Aiden!" she said that while grabbing for his hand to tug at it. That's right she was going to tug on his arm and, if she had to, start dragging him out of his room. She did believe that he was stronger than she was... she wouldn't be fooled to think she could drag him anywhere against his will. "What can be so bad about going to see Dad? I need to ask him something important. "

"No! No no no no!" Aiden was stronger than her so while she may have gotten a hold of his arm to tug on he wasn't going anywhere. Besides he was still missing a shirt and that was too much skin to be flashing in a hallway full of daytime light. "What in the world could you possibly have to ask him?"

Right.. she had forgotten about his shirt and that he needed one. Call it a momentary slip. "I wanna ask him about my mother." That was a good reason to go and see him right? I just have to know about their situation to help handle my own." She let go of his shirt since it wasn't going to do any good anyway.

She could call it a momentary slip. To Aiden it was more the fact she just wanted to see him without a shirt. How's that a crazy thought considering she was his sister? What she said made him pause however. He may not get along with his father but he did know what it was like to want to know more about his mother. He eyeballed her for a moment or so before finally sighing. "Okay I'll take you there."

Score one for her! It was her luck that Aiden decided to take her - or perhaps it was due to her giving him a sweet look as he was looking her over, because he was her brother and therefore she couldn't do a lot of things to get him to agree with her. Either way, they were going to go and she bounced on her heels a time or two and let go of his hand. "Yes! Okay! Get your shirt and off we go-go. Which way? Is it far from here? which brought another question. "How long has it been since you've been back? I don't need to bring anything do I?"

Oy... what was he getting himself into? It was that darned sweet look she was giving him! When it came to family Aiden was probably the biggest sap in town and somehow Epiphany was able to manipulate it into dragging him the one place he didn't really want to go: home. She owned him. Turning back around he headed into the darkness of his room. "Last time I was there was with you." How was that for an answer?

Taking that into consideration Epiphany scratched her neck. "That...was some time ago..." And it was! At least four years ago if she was remembering right. "Is Dad that bad? You two like, have a spat?" she was waiting for him to get dressed and leaning on the door. Which was odd since that was their way out.

All she got in response to her questions was a grunt from Aiden somewhere in the darkened room. Four years was a long time depending on how you looked at it. If you asked Aiden it wasn't long enough. The s-called spat had been more than that. "You got along with him fine. Don't worry about it."

It was a long time to her. Even though to a vampire something like that was the same as a day - more or less - she didn't see time in the same way. Now she was slouching against the door. "I was younger then. And different. " Well, she was different now too.. so.. maybe it was the same. "How far is it?"


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Re: A Visit to Dad {a log}

Post by Epiphany on Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:10 pm

"Different huh? Ya look the same to me." Aiden had slipped back up to the door, leaning up against the frame from the inside. He had changed into a pair of black pants and a black long sleeved shirt that said 'Got Blood?' in dripping red letters across the front of it. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her. "About four days if you're walking."

"You know different how!," said she reached over to swack him with her hand to his folded arms. She told him about the vampire thing but maybe it was that he liked her that way cause it made her almost like the rest of the family. Never know. "Then lets' start walking unless we're taking another way."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Mention taking another way. A slow smirk crossed Aiden's face until it morphed into a full-fledged grin. In the meantime one hand was reaching into his pants pocket only to retract a moment later with a little jingle as he held up a set of black car keys. "How about a faster ride?"

Now she looked at him skeptically... or really she looked at the keys. He couldn't be talking about one of those things. You know, those things that she saw moving around on the street. She had even been in one once. Once. A car? Right? "You have one of those metal moving things?"

If it was possible he smirked even wider. "You could say I "borrowed" it." Now Aiden wasn't much for modern things like the television or a cell phone, but cars? Cars he liked. Especially if said car happened to be the sleek black sports car he was currently in possession of. "Ya scared?"

"Go, go, go," And Epiphany started to shoo him towards his own door. "At least if there's a crash I don't have to worry about saving you." he was already dead. at least for the most part, right? But if she happened to die in the current state she was in... well. that would be a different story.

He snickered at her but allowed himself to be shooed out his own door. See being a vampire had it's redeeming qualities after all! "Who's going to save you then? And I haven't crashed yet!" There was a touch of a haughty tone in his voice at her insinuating that he would crash them.

Epiphany merely stuck her tongue out at him and ventured a step or two down the hall.. He could close his own door and do whatever he did to it when he left. From here she would have to follow his lead because, for one, she didn't know where the car was, and two, even if she did she didn't have the ability to drive it. "I've saved myself before."

Once she was clear of the door he would shut it, lock it, and mentally dare anyone who was foolish enough to come near it. So the guy was a touch on the paranoid side.. After all that he was heading off down the hall after her with that big 'ol grin. "Relax. You'll enjoy it! And we'll get there in half the time since you're so eager to see dad." Rolling his eyes as he went past and towards the stairs.

"Two days… I should have packed a snack." Then she look at him and form there straight ahead. "Are you bringing anything to eat or are we getting food on the road?" By Food she meant blood…if they were going to bring someone along so that he wouldn't have to hunt or how that was going to work. She was family and she had already touched on that issue with him before. Then again, that was of her taking from him and not the other way around.

He stopped on the stair, looking back at her with a raised eyebrow. "I keep a supply in the car." Aiden was nothing if not organized and besides, ya never knew when you'd need an emergency supply. Sure it wasn't as good as getting it fresh but it was a helluva lot easier to cart around a couple of bottles than hog tying someone in the trunk. "We should get you something though. Can't have ya starving half way there."

She muttered internally about how she could borrow one of his bottles and that would do her just fine, but she had told herself that she would try to not give in to those urges that catered to the vampire in her. She would have hard enough time when he was drinking. "I'm sure I'll be okay." They could always stop.. "Besides… you'll need gas.."

Who said he was sharing? It wasn't like she'd left much in that bottle behind the bar! Sharing was supposed to be caring after all though when you really got down to it if it came to it Aiden would share without a second thought. "I didn't say it was a debate. We can stop at the bar and get a couple of sandwiches or whatever. It's not like the old coot is going anywhere."

Epiphany wrinkled her nose at the thought of sandwiches, Not because it wouldn't be good but because of how much food it would be. "I'll just grab a bagel or two and a handful of fruit..." Since this was something she'd have to get she went on past to go to the kitchen. "Go get your fast moving thingy…I'll meet you outside the front."


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