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Local Points of Interest

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Local Points of Interest

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:00 am

Located in the northeast section of Rhydin in the city of New Haven, a city that has no regulated law enforcement, and no ruling government, the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn seeks to be a refuge to those in need, or those in need of a place to lie low.

With a forest to the North and the ocean and docks bordering the East, New Haven is a steadily growing city that is ripe for almost anything.

The Inn isn't the only store in New Haven, here are a few other points of interest: (The list is ever-expanding with the onset of new businesses. If you're interested in playing a character from one of the places listed, please contact the Admin first.)

  • Mary's Shoppe - Located not to far from the Inn is a specialty grocery store. Known for it's wide variety of grocery items, this store has a few things that are hard to find anywhere else in Rhydin.

  • N.H. Nautical Port - Six blocks from the Inn is New Havens very own port. Not only is the port used to trade between New Haven and the other sea ports around Rhydin, but it's also been used for ferries and anchorage for traveling ships.

  • Good Karma - A 24 hour medical clinic located on the opposite end of New Haven, Dr. Nikolas Sanare and his staff are at your service. Bullet through the chest? Trampled by a Centaur? Head buzzing from constant nagging? Good Karma has a remedy!


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