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Located in the northeast section of Rhydin in the city of New Haven, a city that has no regulated law enforcement, and no ruling government, the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn seeks to be a refuge to those in need, or those in need of a place to lie low.

Rhydin is the name of the country and the name of the continent. It is a unique place and exists in a Nexus. This means that all manner of creatures, from the year 2285 or 10,000 BC could potentially find their way here. Perhaps they were driving their car in modern-day Manhattan, made a wrong turn, and suddenly found themselves in a very different place? Or maybe a caveman ran inside a cave to hide from T-Rex and found himself in this strange new world. A sailors ship is tossed about in the seas and he finds himself here. The possibilities are endless.

Not all the inhabitants of Rhydin get along, no place is as peaceful as that. Different races and cultures make for a vast myriad of belief systems and political views. It's possible that some may have ideas to another, as people learn to find comparisons and compromises. Everyday life in Rhydin can be not so ordinary.

With a forest to the North and the ocean and docks bordering the East,  New Haven is a steadily growing city that is ripe for almost anything.

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